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I didn’t realise my website had risen in the google ranks and is now able to be found until I got a lovely message from a girl named Jane. She had already read Extinction and enjoyed it so much that she sought me out on the internet to tell me! Now I understand the purpose of a blog, and how rewarding it can be to keep in touch with your fan base. So Jane, thanks for spurring me into action.

I was actually surprised that Jane had already read Extinction, as I wasn’t aware that it was already out in the shops. I thought it was due to be released in March, but I guess we’re only a few days off that now and she must have a great local book store. I only received my complimentary copies from my wonderful publishers, Scholastic, yesterday, so my husband hasn’t even read Extinction yet!

When the box of books arrived yesterday, I was so excited. I tore open the box as though it was Christmas and I was ten years old. I certainly wasn’t disappointed that all it contained was books. As a kid I loved receiving books. I’d never before got 12 of the same title before, though! I felt the shiny cover. I smelled the pages. I looked inside for the dedication to my 4 year old daughter, Isla. And then I gave one to my husband, Phil. He had not read any part of the unpublished manuscript before. I am funny like that. I don’t share my ideas or sentences or chapters with anyone (except my editors of course) until the book is published. Phil started reading it and was still reading it late into the night. Normally it’s him asking me to turn the light off, as I am the one with my head in a book, but last night I allowed him to read to his heart’s content whilst I slept. He’s not much of a reader of fiction, so the fact that he couldn’t put it down meant so much to me.

So, to all my old fans, and my new, leave me messages to let me know what you think of Extinction. And in return, I will keep you posted on my new books due out later this year. Plus I will soon have some great competitions on this site, where you can win copies of my earlier books.

So here’s my first real “blog”, dedicated to you, Jane.



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  1. all i can say is wow, wow and WOW! i love the book so much. i just picked it up because it looked interesting but then i couldn’t put it down. i tried but i just couldn’t. i can’t wait for the next one. please please i wan’t to read the next one soooooo bad.

    • Hi Kelly
      I’m glad you liked Extinction 1. The next is due out in August. Check the link to the book trailer on my home page, or on the Extinction series page. ANd send it to all your friends. I am really proud of this series.

  2. The book is great. Can I please play Mac or something if it goes into a movie.
    Go Lizzie!!!

    Can’t wait for second book.

    Alex H

  3. Thanks Lizzie for posting my message on your site!!
    I found this site while searching for Extinction Book 2 reviews and I was soo surprised!
    I am totally going to get book 2 of Extinction!
    I’ll cheer for you to write more of those really action packed stories!
    *go go go*
    Oh, and I actually got the book from my school scholastic but I actually found another of the same copy : Extinction the day the world ended- in my local book stall so, your book is really popular!!!
    cya- good luck!

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