Give Me Four Reasons

ISBN 978-1-921541-82-7

GIVE ME FOUR REASONS is my new novel, due for release in July 2011. It is hugely different from the Extinction Series, so for those of you who prefer your stories to be about real kids doing real things in the real world, then this book is for you!

It is published by Little Hare Books ( and is available in book shops and online bookstores. I was actually working on “Give Me Four Reasons” at the same time as I was writing the Extinction Series. One day I’d be travelling backwards through time with Annie and Mac, trying to stop the human race from becoming extinct, and the next day I’d be at high school with Paige, trying to sort out her problems with her friends! It was certainly a busy year for me.

I absolutely love “Give Me Four Reasons.” Even though I have written it and re-written it and read and reread it dozens of times now, I still laugh and cry and get excited and scared with Paige, my lead character, every time. I hope you will too.

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book. Let me know what you think.

 Can you be yourself when everything changes?A mix-up . . .A wrong impression . . .A complete new set of rules . . .

Paige has been best friends with Elfi and Rochelle ever since she can remember. On the last day of the school year they make a vow to stay friends forever. But when Paige gets back to school after the summer, she accidentally falls in with the popular crowd and things start to get complicated. Can Paige stay true to her old friends when her new friends don’t like them? And can she stay true to herself when she isn’t sure who she is anymore?

GIVE ME FOUR REASONS is a powerful new novel by Lizzie Wilcock, the acclaimed author of Losing It.


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  1. Hi Lizzie
    I work with your friend Kerry from WA. She was so please to hear that I had some of your books in our school library. I have “Losing it”, “Give me four reasons” and “Extinction”. I still have to purchase the 2nd book in the extinction series.
    It’s exciting to “know” an author, even if it is through another person.
    I hope you do well in your writing and maybe we’ll meet someday soon.

    Pauline Schutz

    • Hi Pauline
      It’s so great to hear from you! And you already have most of my books. My second, “Grieve” is out of print, unfortunately. I can’t believe you already have “Give Me Four Reasons”! It’s not officialyy released until tomorrow. Awesome. Extinction2: The Explosive Conclusion will be out in August. I don’t even have a copy of it yet.
      Kerry is an absolutely wonderful friend. We have maintained a great friendship over the last 14 years, despite living on opposite sides of the country. It is definitely my turn to visit her next, so who knows, maybe I’ll incorporate a “library talk” when I do come. Tell your kids about my website if you have a spare moment. I answer all comments posteda nd I love to hear from my fans.


  2. Hello Mrs Beck

    it is me Radhika from school and you told us in art to write down four reason why we would like this book and here are my four reasons.

    1. I enjoy reading your fantastic books.
    2. you are a great author and art teacher
    3. i really enjoy reading books
    4. i think your books will be some of the best books i have ever read in my life

  3. Hi Lizzie
    in my class at school we are reading your book ‘Give me Four Reasons’.
    It is a fantastic book so far and the whole class is loving it.
    I wish I could read ahead of the class because I’m enjoying the book so much!!
    From Kiana W

    • Hi Kiana
      Thanks for writing to me. That’s great that your whole class is reading ‘Give Me Four Reasons.’ I wrote the book, hoping that it would be a good discussion tool for use with Year 6 or Year 7 kids. What year are you in and what state is your school in? Did your teacher find the teacher’s notes that I wrote to go with the book? They are on the internet. There are some really cool activities for classes and kids to do. Just google ‘Give Me Four Reasons Teachers Notes’.
      I hope you like the ending. I always cry, even though I have read and written the book over and over.

  4. I have read this book and it can be said that it is based on what does happen to kids from primary to high school. I was just wondering what the contemporary issue would be if there is one?

    • Hi Skye
      Sorry I have not responded sooner but I have been on holidays and I vow not to answer emails and fan mail when I am meant to be spending time with my family. Give Me Four Reasons was based on discussions with a high school counsellor about her biggest concern with Year 7 kids (ie: the battle between keeping old friends and wanting new friends). I guess the contemporary issue is about being yourself, being honest, and talking with your parents about things so as to avoid misunderstandings (like Paige had with her father’s “girlfriend”).


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