The Release of Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion

Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion

It’s out now!

Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion is out in the stores now. It’s pretty popular so you might have to order yourself a copy. And after this first review of the book, I think you’d better hurry! Thanks to Vicki Griffin at Bug Reviews for this glowing review. Please let me know what you think of the book!

Lizzie Wilcock

Scholastic Australia

Publication date; August 2011.

RRP. $16.99

ISBN. 9781741690094.


Ages 10+.

A Bug in a Book review by Vicki Griffin.

 Having not read the first book I still found it quite easy to get carried away with this one, from the first page readers are drawn into the ‘Chosen Ones’ epic quest. The quest to save human existence. 

Twisting and turning back through time, the four pairs of twins must dodge their arch enemy Rufus Keller and use their powers to find the purest of Earthly elements. Can the eight succeed in the mission? Can they save all their parents? Themselves? All of mankind? 

A fast paced journey that will have young readers, white knuckled and gripping the book. The writing throughout is superb and Lizzie Wilcock has the craft down pat – the dialogue is exceptional and the characters are strong.  As I continued reading I felt empathy especially with Annie when all she wanted to do was ‘wake up in her own bed then eat toast and cornflakes’. She wanted normality back in her life but she was on a ride that one believes will never end. 

Extinction 2 will have children biting their nails and not wanting to read on but curiosity will get the better of them. A Great read for ages 10+ and this author is a must to look out for!


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  1. Dear Mrs Wilcock,

    I totally love your books! Especially ‘Extinction The Day The World Ended’. I just wanna say that you’re stories are totally awesome and that I hope you would write more books in the future. I am now going to the bookshop to find your next book: Extinction The Explosive Conclusion

    You’re totally great,
    Januz from Singapore

    • Hi Januz
      You are my first fan from overseas! What store sells my books? I didn’t know they were available in other countries yet. Thanks for loving them. Singapore is a special place for me. I lived in there for a year in 1999 (way before you were born, I’m sure). I taught at an international school and I lived at Eunos Green. It was a great time. I hope you enjoy Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.

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  3. Hi Lizzie,
    I thought I’d write to you after you came and gave me the book that I’d won from the poster competition. I finished it when I was up the coast, and I absolutely LOVED it. Many of the nights I was laying in bed, thinking about what Mac and Annie did, after their parents gave them the phone! I think you’re a fantastic writer. Thank-you for writing such a great series!

  4. Also, my friend rang me about one of your workshops, and I was really looking forwards to going! But unfortunately, I got the message too late, as I was on holidays, and when i went to book a spot, they were all gone. 😦 Do you do workshops regularly?

  5. Hey, I just finished reading Extinction II. I love it soooooo much! I was just wondering, did you get the name, Rufus Keller, using his personality, Ruthless Killer?
    Anyway, great book, I was thinking you should write a third one,mdont know how though.


    • Also, my Nan bought the first book and is giving it to my cousin from Ireland! Hey, fancy that, isn’t some one from the book from Ireland? 😀

      • Does your cousin still live in Ireland, or is she/he now in Australia? Tell them about this website and to let me know what they think of it. I love fan mail.

    • Hi Jimmyjet
      I was wondering when my first Extinction fan would get around to reading Extinction 2! I guess you have a lot of homework in your class. I see the wait was worth it, though! Thanks for loving it. Yeah, Rufus Keller is a play on words of his personality. The third book, which I wrote last year, fitted in between 1 and 2, where the kids had more difficulty gathering the elements and getting to Ireland. It included a time travel trip forward into post-extinction day Los Angeles, one year on, where Rufus Keller was enjoying the solitude of the lonely world he had created. I might release chapters of it on this site one day. My publishers thought the series would be tighter and work better as a twin-set instead of a trilogy, because of the twin elements throughout. Pity.

      • Makes sense about the whole two books thing.
        Anyway, I reckon I’m the only one to figure out the whole Rufus Keller thing. Also, my cousin still lives in Ireland and my Nan comes from England too. There on a holiday here. My cousin has quite a lot of similarities to me so I’m pretty sure he’ll be reading this book non-stop! Nan bought it for him for a Christmas present, so he won’t know what’s coming for him! And I’ll be sure to tell the website.
        One more thing, when school starts again, I hope you wouldn’t mind to sign it for him?
        I said too much so a better stop now. Thanks for writing such a good book, I looked up on the Internet 21st of September just to make sure I wasn’t one of the chosen ones! XD

  6. Hi Jimmyjet
    I hope your cousin likes the book and had a great holiday here. I bet he had a really cool Irish accent. Did you have trouble understanding him?
    I will definitely sign the book for him when I come to school this week. Bring it to the art room, on Wed or Thurs cause I don’t have you guys until next week.

    • Hi Phoebe
      $10 is an absolute bargain, but I hope you are enjoying both E1 and E2. I am very proud of them and I love the whole story and the characters I created. Let me know what you think when you’ve finished.

  7. Omg I just read extinction 2 and it is so action-packed!! But I don’t get what Annie and Macs (adopted) mother carried, It’s really annoying, please someone reply as I really want to know.
    By the way anyone who hasent read it, READ IT!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Bella
      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have been a bit busy writing school reports. OK, Rebecca Sword came in at the end of the book carrying two things, The first was the novel written by Aiden Mead (Annie and Mac’s ancestor who helped them in Ireland to explode the comet with a rocket that contained the four earthly elements. It was a novel that told of Annie and Mac and the other children’s struggle to save the world. The other thing she held in her hand was a telephone, which she tearfully handed to Annie and Mac, knowing that they were about to call their real parents (Beathan and Zoe Mead) in New York.
      Thanks for telling everyone to read it. I do love this series so much and I’m glad when my fans do too.


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