Author Visit to Shelley Public School


Hi guys

I recently did a Book Fair author visit to Shelley Public School in Blacktown, NSW. It was the first school visit  I’ve done and I was a bit nervous about it. Would the kids care about my books? Had they read them? Would they be interested enough to ask questions?

Well, I needn’t have been worried. The kids were amazing. Almost half of them had already read Extinction: The Day The World Ended, and a few had read Give Me Four Reasons. The questions they asked showed that the kids were passionate about books and literature, and I think this is due, in big part, to their wonderful librarian. Of course I had a couple of the “How much money do you make?” questions. Kids are always interested in that side of things when deciding on a career path. But the most interesting questions were the ones about the plot.

“Why didn’t I introduce the American twins earlier?”

“Why did I decide to have twins at all?”

“Did I travel all over the world to research the book?”

“Is the purest source of air really in Tasmania?”

“What’s under Rufus Keller’s mask?”

“Why did the kid’s powers keep running out?”

These questions showed that the kids really knew and loved my books. I was so impressed and made to feel so welcome. I will come back anytime you ask, Shelley Public School!


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  1. Hello
    ‘what’s under Rufus keller s mask???’ here’s an idea. READ THE BOOK
    would love for u too visit my school but its high school next year and the year is almost up 😦
    Anyway hope u had fun
    Luke madkraze

  2. hi lizzie,
    i went to the workshop at new lambton on thursday 12. it was great fun with all the games oh and give me four reasons is pretty good so far. I hope to see you at another work shop.

    P.S. is there going to be another book like four reasons?

    • Hi Camryn
      I really loved the group at that workshop last week. You guys were so talented!!! It was the first time I had had Year 3 students at one of my workshops but I definitely will lower the age group to 8 in future as you and your friend were so great with the questions and with the writing. I’m glad you’re enjoying “Give Me Four Reasons”. Let me know when you finish it and give it a score out of ten. I usually do workshops every second school holiday period and I change them every time, just in case any kids from past ones turn up, so YES, look out for me in the January school holidays.

      P.S. There may be another book like GIve Me Four Reasons in a couple of years time. But when you get to high school, you might like to check out “Losing It” and “Grieve”. They are my first two books.

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