Getting Bored In the School Holidays??


Hey guys,

If the holidays are dragging on a bit too long – you’ve played with all your Christmas presents, read all your Christmas books, been on your family holiday, had your cousins over to stay – and you feel like a bit of brain exercise, then come to my creative writing workshop.

I will be at Toronto Library (that’s the Toronto in Lake Macquarie NSW, not the Toronto in Canada, unfortunately) on Friday January 20th. I will be reading snippets of my novels, playing fun literature quizzes and games, and giving you writing activities like:

1. Write a catchy beginning to a story (I will give you the story elements here)

2. Create a unique, memorable character that readers will love

3. Map out the bones to a great plot

Lollies, bookmarks and posters will be given as rewards, plus there will be the opportunity to have your books signed, and buy any new ones of mine that you don’t already have.

The workshop begins at 10:00 am and finishes at 11:30 am. The cost to be paid to the library is $10.

Phone to make a booking. Places are filling up fast. Lake Macquarie City Library. PHONE: 4921 0047

I hope to see you there.



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    • Hi Alicia
      Why the name change? And what does this one mean to you? This workshop will have different questions, and different writing activities. I will use the dice and the charts again to stimulate a story and we are going to focus more on writing beginnings, and characterisation. So some things will be similar. Let me know if you are definitely going to go and I will make sure I repeat nothing from last time. It will also be an opportunity to buy griEVE, or did you already get one from me? You can always send a message and money to school with Noah or Kyra. Hope your hols are not too boring.

      • i am writing a book kind of like your book extinction. I love the book and could you please come to Lambton Public School?

  1. Hi lizze wilcock! we havent talked for awhile due to technical difficulties. Ive started year 7 just recently and i love it! anyway, im writing a new book. sadly its not fantasy. its a detective murder book. Got any tips? Anyway sorry i missed your workshop 😦 hope you will have another!!!
    luke antoun

    • Hi Luke
      A detective murder book??? Sounds intriguing! Good luck with that. My tips are to plan each chapter in point form the whole way through until so you know your ending before you start. Then flesh out your characters so they can be authentic from the start too. Enjoy Year 7!!

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