September 21st. Will you be ready?


Tomorrow is September 21st, and for all my Extinction fans, you know what that means. Yes, the world, as we know it, is going to end. Octavian – the eighth moon from the eighth planet from the Sun (Neptune) is going to explode, emitting an enormous flash that will interfere with the human heart, thus killing everyone.

But do not be alarmed, fans. Because of the amazing powers and time travelling abilities of Annie and Mac (and the other twins), the chemical makeup of your body has been changed forever. You will survive, as will the rest of the world. Thank you Annie and Mac!

For those of you have not read Extinction, sorry about the spoiler.

Extinction: The Day The World Ended

Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion

Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion


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  1. I love the books. I am 12 years old and I thought both books where excellent. When I first read book number one I almost cried at the end thinking Annie was dead, and the same with the second book. I feel you write the books very well and get the reader emotional about it as if the characters are family. 10/10

    • Hi Jacques
      You are the first to respond to my recent blog post. Thanks! I cried when writing the ending to both books so I’m guess that helped me put the emotion into it that it needed to effect readers like you. I think you are the first to say that you almost cried too. That shows how much you were able to relate to the characters. All of my characters live inside my head and on my computer screen with me for 2-3 years whilst the book is being written and edited so they do become like family to me. I think you are also the first person to say that they are like family. So thank you for your wonderful comments. It sounds as though you really “got” Extinction.

      warm regards

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