Kids’ Lit Quiz


Kids Lit Quiz LogoI have just returned from the beautiful NSW town of Orange after watching my students compete in the Orange Heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature competition for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the stage and lets them compete, in teams of four, by answering trivia-type questions about classic and contemporary children’s literature. Australia has only been involved in the competition since 2012, thanks to the fabulous work of Nicole Deans, but Kids’ Lit Quiz has been operating for more than 20 years around the world in countries such as New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa, China, South Korea and England.

My two teams answered unique and cleverly worded questions (written by Wayne Mills- the NZ founder of Kids’ Lit Quiz) on topics such as Fish, Body Parts, Cutlery, Myths and Legends and Clothing. As always, it was a fun and entertaining day, and I came away with a full list of books I must read before the next quiz.

So kids, if you love reading, read widely, and you remember details about what you read, ask your teacher or librarian to hold some lunchtime quizzes (past quizzes are available on the Kids’ Lit Quiz website and there are plenty of literature trivia website out there) and sign your school up for next year’s Kids’ Lit Quiz. The heats are currently held in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Ipswich, but the word is spreading and there may be heats closer to you planned for 2016. Check out the website link below. I hope to see more schools involved for next year.


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