Finally, my new novel.


thirst 2It’s been a long time between novels and I know (or at least hope), that my fans are thirsty for the latest Lizzie Wilcock story. Here it is!!!

Karanda Hooke doesn’t need anybody or anything.

On her way to her sixth foster home, a crash leaves her stranded in the outback with only a backpack, a bottle of water and a faded picture of the mother she hasn’t seen in years.

This is her chance to escape her old life.

There’s only one thing in her way … eight-year-old Solomon.

Thirst is a survival story, set in the Central Australian desert, but it is a survival story with a difference, because my two lead characters, Karanda (14) and Solomon (8), don’t want to be found. They are runaways, trying to escape their future, but also running from their past.

Thirst will be released on May 1st and should be available in book stores and online stores around the country. I am planning to have an official launch in my home city of Newcastle toward the end of the May. I will post details on my blog. I hope you can make it.


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  1. Congratulations Lizzie – I can’t wait! The new books sounds divinely intriguing – as always. Love the setting – that’s a character in itself. And the title is inspired. Can’t wait to read it.

    If humanly possible, I’ll be at your launch – just get me those deets! I’m away the last weekend in May -giving workshops at a retreat in the Gold Coast Hinterland (dirty work but someone has to do it, right? 🙂 ) so will have everything crossed that it’s not that weekend. If it is, then I’ll suck it up and hope we can catch up soon after.

    New books are always so exciting – enjoy the rush. I wish you loads of sales and star studded reviews. Much love.

    • Hi Kaz
      Thanks for your support. I was hoping for May the 30th and was hoping you could be my special guest to launch my book (????) I am a bit slow at getting this organised as I spent the last two months organising the Northern Territory trip that I just went on (family fun, no work). I have Macleans organised to sell, but I am still trying to find the perfect venue. Will know that soon. Dates in May are tricky due to the Sydney Writers Festival (which I go to as a spectator and lover of books). Macleans were also busy and unavailable the weekend before the SWF. The first weekend in June is the long weekend and that’s no good, so unless I decide not to go to the Writers Festival, I could have my launch on May 23. If I chose that date, would you be able to launch my book? I know that’s not much time for you to read it, but I would dearly love you to be there and talk on my behalf about the book, if you felt OK about that. Please let me know asap, otherwise I will continue with my date of May 30th.
      Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • please write a new book that goes on from thirst please make it a series


        P.S. Loved your books

      • Hi Stephanie
        I totally love your idea. What would you like to see happen in Thirsty? Would Karanda and Solomon be living together? Where? What would make them thirsty? Thirsty for freedom and independence? Thirsty to return to the desert? Or is Karanda thirsty to find her mother? I think I’ll ask my publishers if they want a sequel.
        Thanks for the idea. Let me know your ideas. If my publishers go with it, I will mention you in the book in my acknowledgements, or name a character after you.

        Lizzie xxxxxx

  2. Hi Liz,

    I personally thank you for inspiring my daughter. Youka cant wait to read this.

    Best wishes in your work!

  3. Hi Lizzie! I’m Evelina and I’m in Year 3 at Merewether Public. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book, Thirst. I enjoyed it because there was always action and focused on survival which i really liked!

    • Hi Evelina
      Thanks for taking the time to find my blog and let me that you liked Thirst. I hope you are enjoying your school holidays. Isla is available for a play these holidays until Monday, 28th, but after that we are going away. If you are around, Isla would love to come down or you could come up here for a play.

      love Lizzie

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