Thirsty For A Great Book Launch?


thirst 2

You are invited to the Book Launch of “Thirst”,

Lizzie Wilcock’s sixth novel for young people

When: Saturday, May 30th, from 12 noon until 1:30 pm

Where: Ray’s Outdoor World, Northcott Drive Kotara, NSW

Why: Because this is an awesome book and I have a great program of activities planned for you – my fans.

RSVP: Let me know if you are coming by leaving me a message. This will ensure I have enough goodies for everyone.


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  1. Hello Mrs Beck, I am going to the book launch! Jennifer S
    Possibly 3-5 people are coming. not too sure…

  2. Hi Lizzie, i don’t know if you remember me but i used to go to New Lambton Public (think back to extinction). My name is Callum Davies and i have a twin Riordan. currently i am in Yr 9 at Merewether High school and for a project i am writing a novel. I was wondering if you had any ideas for publishing/writing. Thanks, my email is

    • Hi Callum
      Of course I remember you and all of your brothers, and your mum. How are they all? There are so many writing and publishing websites out there that give awesome information. Choose the Australian ones for publishing, but for writing tips, any of them are great. They pretty much say similar things. The best thing you can do if you want to write is to read, read, read in the genre that you want to write. See what’s already out there, what your audience likes, and what is needed in this field. Your manuscript will need to stand out from the others in order for a publisher to pick it up off the slush pile. My Year 5s are writing novels at the moment and I hope I am giving them a few tips that will help them. I use websites I find for helpful tips. Good lukc with your novel. Let me know it goes for you.


  3. Hi Lizzie! I’m Evelina and I’m in Year 3 at Merewether Public. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book, Thirst. I enjoyed it because there was always action and focused on survival which i really liked!

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