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Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion Design a Cover Competition


Recently I ran a competition through the public libraries in Newcastle where kids could design an alternative cover for Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. I had a tough time deciding on the winning entries. I was so impressed that I ended up choosing four, rather than three as I had outlined in the competition rules. Check out the winning designs below. Each winner received a signed copy of Extinction 2.

By Iris age 12
By Genie age 12
By Siane age 12
By Tess age 10

 Well done, everyone. I’ll be speaking to Scholastic about getting you girls a job as their cover designers!


Announcing the Winners of the “Give Me Four Reasons” competition.

ISBN 978-1-921541-82-7

Hi guys

Thank you for taking the time to enter this competition. I have read all of your responses carefully and I have decided on the three winners. If you are not one of them, then perhaps you can buy the book anyway or find it at your local library. Each winner will receive a signed copy of “Give Me Four Reasons.”  The winning entries, and my reasons for picking them, are :

From Teyjah

* I LOVE READING, there is nothing better than reading before catching a few Z’s or while laying in a hot bath.

* EXTINCTION, my dad keeps telling me books will be extinct soon due to technology, so I bet to stash as many as I can now.

* FAMOUS, I think it is cool that I know a world famous author. How much will a signed copy be worth in years to come.

* EXCITED, Because I have read some of your other books I think ‘ Give Me Four Reasons’ will be just as good or even better.

 Congratulations Teyjah,
What I loved about your answer was your number 2 reason, EXTINCTION. That your dad says books will be extinct soon due to technology and you’d better stash some away. This was a clever reference to my Extinction Series. It impressed me. I also loved your first answer, about reading being a great thing to do before catching a few Zs or whilst laying in a hot bath. These are my two favourite times to read, too.  Lizzie
From Hannah
Reason One: Looking at this book, I can’t help think what Paige and I have in common. I use to be shy when I was younger because I thought all the big girls were pretty and more mature and I’m small with no importance to them so I felt that if I tried I would alway mess up and make a fool of myself. But now my friends and family I realised that I play myself in the big chessboard game of life and no one can change that.
Reason Two: I have no sisters, only two triplet brothers and a younger one. Reading books about girls who go through problems entirely different from mine makes me think about their life problems and this helps me because I am trying to get a book published soon. Reading about girls ordinary problems helps me to gather criteria for my next book to make it more realistic.
Reason Three: When I go to the Library I look at their range of books and my favourites are always out. I can’t get all my favourite books at bookstores because all the local ones are either too old or closing down. Winning books helps keep me interested in the holidays when my Mum is at work and my Dad also working while my friends aren’t allowed inside or they’re away.
Reason Four: Getting a note in the mail or an email when I’ve won a competition gives me sense of accomplishment. The only time I won a competition worth while I was away for the award ceremony. To know that I have won something makes me know that I can do it even when all the other times I just missed it.
Congratulations Hannah,
I liked that fact that you identified with my lead character, Paige, in how she feels insignificant, shy, small and not pretty. I like how you understand that reading books about kids with problems can help you with your own problems sometimes. And I love the fact that you are trying to get a book published yourself! I wish I was more dedicated to writing when I was younger. Good luck with it. The part of your answer that I liked the best was “I play myself in the chessboard game of life.” What a great way of putting it. This is exactly what my character, Paige, comes to realise. Lizzie

From Siobhan

The same birthday we share by law
The same novels we both care for
You and my dad both teach art
And if I don’t win I’ll get it from K-mart

Congratulations Siobhan. What I liked most about your answer was that you were the only person to submit your responses as a rhyme and I thought that was very clever. It was the last line that got me too. Your determination to buy the book from K-mart, even if you don’t win. That is the sign of a true fan. Lizzie

You can see the other responses to this competition on my website shortly.

Thanks again for entering!


Win A Free Copy of “Give Me Four Reasons”


ISBN 978-1-921541-82-7

Give Me Four Reasons – Competition.

I have three signed copies of my latest book, Give Me Four Reasons, to give away.
All you have to do is give me four reasons why you would like to win one. Be creative, clever, witty and entertaining. That’s the sort of answers I’ll be looking for.
Think carefully about your responses then click on the speech bubble beside the heading. It should open a reply box for you to type your answers in. I will be reading all responses carefully, but I won’t be posting your replies until the end of the competition. That way you can’t see what everyone else has written.
The closing date for the competition is July 30th. Winners will be notified by email on July 31st. Please make sure you have your parents’ permission to enter this competition.
So get thinking and writing. Perhaps you might even find some clues on my website to help you with your responses.
Give Me Four Reasons  is suitable for ages 8-14 and beyond. If you can’t wait for the end of July to read it, then Give Me Four Reasons is available in all good bookstores and online bookstores.