Extinction: The Day The World Ended

The Day The World Ended – Book 1 in the Extinction Series.

‘The world is going to end of September 21st. We know this because we’ve seen it. We were there.’

Mac and Annie Sword are the only survivors when humanity is wiped out, or so they think. A mysterious website reveals they are not alone – and that they have the ability to undo the mass-extinction. But there is someone who will do anything to stop them . . .

A thrilling new series from acclaimed author Lizzie Wilcock.

Published by Scholastic Press 2011.


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  1. Hi, My name is Jane Huang and i’m in grade 6/year 6 and I just want you to know that i loved the book ‘Extinction’. I read it in 4 days (the whole book) and I just loved it!!! Could you pleasssssse write the second book in the series because i just love reading adventure books and all that! I’ll be cheering you if you get some lazy times at home cus i just heard you have a baby! Well i hope you receive this message!!

    • Hi Jane
      Wow! I didn’t even know that Extinction was out in the shops yet! How did you hear about it or why did you buy it? I’m always interested to know what attracts my audience to my books, especially this one, as it is my first aimed at pre-teens. Read my blog today, where I give you credit for getting me going. Thanks for the support. Yes, the second book in the Extinction series will be out in August. We have to rescue Annie from the jaws of that lioness! I am currently working on the final edit. Tell all your friends about Extinction!


      • hiii, it’s Jane!
        about the book, it was in my book fair a few weeks ago and i’m always interested in unfamiliar books. My librarian was talking about this book and i was fascinated to read it, so i bought a copy and read it! i have told my friends about it and i was so busting about that book that i told the whole class. Especially my friends were interested and one of my friends read it just in one day, she was pretty disappointed about the ending and determined to read the next.
        i just can’t wait until the next book comes out!!!
        hopefully it will be wayyyy better than the first!

        ps: you’re a really great novel writer!!!

      • hey Lizzie big fan of your book reading number 1 and its so interesting and cant wait to find out what happens in number 2!!!

      • Hi Ashleigh
        Thanks for your message. I hope you have read Extinction 2 by now. Let me know what you think. It’s pretty exciting, if I do say so myself!


      • Hey Lizzie
        My Name is Tanner i live in australia and i am in year 6 and i Absolutey LOVE your book i will share the trailer as much as possible to try and get it into a movie

      • Hi Tanner
        What a beautiful name! I might use it in a future novel. Thanks for sharing the trailer of Extinction. The more people who see it, the more it goes viral and movie producers sit up and take notice. Many kids want the books to be made into a movie and I think it would make an awesome movie, complete with all of the travelling to different locations, and the special effects.
        I don’t have the power to turn books into movies, unfortunately. And neither do my publishers. But I am always looking out for movie production companies who are looking for new ideas for their next project. So if you know anyone in the business, let’s get this project happening! Thanks for being such a great fan. I have a new book called “Thirst” coming out in May this year. I hope you will like it.

      • Lizzie, i think i might know someone who is in the business, and can i please be ”Mackay’ if this gets made and i have a friend who would love to be mackay’s sister, by the way i live in a town called mackay, What a coincidence.


        Lizzie Wilcock commented: “Hi Tanner What a beautiful name! I might use it in a future novel. Thanks for sharing the trailer of Extinction. The more people who see it, the more it goes viral and movie producers sit up and take notice. Many kids want the books to be made into a movi”

      • Hi this is Mitchell
        I read both books in 2 day for the third time in 6 months I really love this book and I was hoping if you had any other books to read or I was wondering if you were ever going to make a movie for this series

      • Hi Phoebe
        I actually wrote a number 3 for Extinction, which actually fitted in between halfway through Book 2 and the end of book 2, where the kids went into the future to see the world two years on. My publishers did not like it so it never got published, so instead we turned the series into 2 books. But hey, thanks for writing to me, Phoebe.

        warm regards


    • Hi, I’m gabby, I just wanted to say that extinction my very favourite book. I was not in a good place a couple of months ago but I keep reading these books and it helps me, I love the world you created and I just wanted to say thank you for getting me through 🙂

      • Hi Gabby
        I am sorry to hear that you have been through a tough time. I am glad that my Extinction series got you through. I agree with you that reading a great book can take your mind off things and transport you into another world, and when you finish the book, sometimes things are just a little bit better. Books are so much better than TV/movies for this, because you really have to concentrate on a book and that gets your mind off your troubles. I hope you are doing well now, Gabby.
        Lizzie xxxx

  2. Hey!
    First things first I reckon this book is pretty good! Definitely one of those more exciting books I’ve read in the past few months! Fabulous job! keep up the good work!
    I have to admit this website is pretty hard to find, buried under those book selling websites, u might like to do something about that 🙂
    Ok so I’m in year 8, and I Managed to read ‘Extinction’ in a couple of hours! Well I really wish there was more! What attracted me to the book in the first place is the cover, it looks pretty cool, and the thing is that I love series like H.I.V.E, Artemis fowl, rangers apprentice cause I just don’t want the story to end 🙂
    Ok so I just want to tell you that this is a really cool book, and I’m excited to read the next book! I just hope its really thick and takes a long time to read !!
    Oh and congratulation on ur baby! Have a good day 🙂
    OH BTW could you please put them fighting with all their powers in the next book! Cause that will be so exciting!

    • Hi James
      Thanks for loving Extinction – The Day The World Ended, and for telling me important things, like that it was the cover that attracted you to the book. I know my website is hard to find. I did it myself and I am not very techy, so I soon gave up. I know I have to find someone to help me do all the things to make it findable on Google, especially when I get great emails from people like you. Makes it all worth it. Book 2 is just going through the final editing process and I can ensure you that the kids really start to use their powers a lot more, so I hope you love it. It should be out in August.

    • Hi! I luv your book so much, all the girls in my class are so jealous because they want to read it! Everyone’s borrowing it from the library. I first heard about it when one of my friends told me all about it. I read the blurb and the back and, after the first paragraph, I could tell it had all my favourite genres in it. Can’t wait till August until the next book comes out, in the meantime I’m gonna check out some of your other books.
      -Katie, just another fan of one of my fave books.

      • Hi Katie
        Thanks for loving my Extinction series. I enjoy getting messages like yours because I think it is a great read. I hope you have found the second one somewhere because it is even better than the first. Let me know what you think.


  3. i loved the book so much i couldn’t put it down. i just wish that it was longer, i can’t wait for the next book. please please hurry up with it.
    i’m in year 9 i read a book a day just about and when i picked your book up i read it all then i read it again it was just that good. i’ve also read your other books now and i love them but extinction is my favourite i’ve recommended it to all my friends and everyone in my class. this book is probably my 3 favourite out of the hundreds of books i’ve read so again please hurry up with the next one.


  4. Hey coming from one of your students! I am so lucky to have you as a part teacher. I can not wait to have the second book in my clutches!! Good luck it comes out in August!
    Replying to the other comments I read it in about 2hrs (I jumped up to were you had already read which was chapter 7).
    (Could I read the book first and maybe get a comment on the back of the book or inside back cover?)

    Good Luck for the new series!

  5. Same here citprincess, i’m one of lizzie wilcock’s students.
    I only just began reading the book today (26th march 2011) but anyway because you have already read up to chapter 6 to my class so i do know the basic idea of the beginning.
    Anyway I can’t wait till extiction 2 comes out AND your other book that I will be in the credits YAY.
    p.s just an idea, as an art lesson we could paint a picture of the cover. So i’ll say this in english: When you teach yr 6 in art. The lesson could be us drawing the buildings on fire and the X over that.
    Hope you understand that.

    • Hi JimmyJet
      Thanks for all your great comments about Extinction. I hope you love the book. Your idea about an art lesson is brilliant! My publishers are sending me up some posters of the cover soon, so when I get those we’ll have a larger size to look at and work from. Do you think we should use paint, watercolour pencils, crayons? The X can be done on a separate piece of paper and glued over the top. Fantastic idea, JimmyJet. I’ll schedule it for Term 2.


      • YEAH! Great idea! I think we could use, paints AND water colour pencils! But maybe not crayons because I am not exactly as great fan of crayons. Anyway I like the idea that we can use a template of the X and cover over the picture.
        Thanks for using my idea for an art lesson, CAN’T WAIT!

      • Oh my God love the idea Jimmy Jet now I now what we are doing when we do it. I would like to use crayons and maybe paint but that can get real messy (I know I like to whinge about mess)

      • Hehe nice citprincess I just can’t get over the fact that I came up with the idea! This is never going to get out over my head.

  6. Hi, i loved the book extinction but when i got to the end and found out that it wasnt exactly finished yet i was a bit upset. I really cant wait for the next book to come out, so if you could please make it come out soon. Thanx and I loved the book.

    • Hi Jamie
      I’m glad you liked the book. Sorry that you thought it was a stand-alone book. But don’t worry, the second and final part comes out in August. It will be called “Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.” And I assure you that the wait will be worth it!
      Lizzie Wilcock

  7. Me too Jimmy Jet and citprincess, I am one of lizzie wilcock’s students. I am yet to read the book because everytime I go to the shops, they say the books have been sold out! Extinction must be pretty popular. It is awesome how I actually know the famous author lizzie wilcock. I love the idea of the artwork too jimmy jet.
    Can’t wait to read the book as I loved what we read in art class.
    Thanks, Camembert

    • Hi Camembert
      I can’t recognise you by your on-line name. Give me a hint when we’re back at school. maybe sign your artwork with ‘Camembert’. Speaking of art work, maybe you could help me decide on how we’ll do the cover of Extinction. What materials, etc. Happy holidays!

  8. Hi Lizzie
    I own a small independant bookshop in Woodvale, WA. I went with our scholastics rep who told me to get in Extinction for the kids, telling me it would be as good as the Conspiracy 365 series – I went with it ordered a heap of copies. Tested the book on my 13yo son and he loved it. It has become one of our best sellers. I am now having the kids ask when the next book is due out and after reading your blog I can now tell them August 2011.
    We have currently sold out and waiting for restock.
    Good luck.
    We have also listed your book on our website recommendations for kids.

    Book Express – Woodvale

    • Hi Karen
      Thank you for your comment and for bothering to find my very poor webpage. I am so excited to hear that my book is doing well in WA. I never get any figures or feedback so that is fantastic to hear that your son loved the book and that it is one of your best sellers. I am a relatively new author, so to hear news like this is so exciting. And I love to hear that I have hit the mark with early teen boys. It is a difficult age to write for. Thanks for listing my book on your recommended list for kids.

  9. I just finished this book 10 minutes ago and I was interested in the existence of Neptunes’s eighth moon “Octavian”, so I popped online to do some research but I couldn’t find any information about it so I eventually resorted to googling the book, and that’s when I stumbled across your website 🙂
    I’m in year 8 and the reason I read your book was because we had to chose a futuristic book and do a project on it. I read the blurb of Extinction and I thought that it might be a good choice. I liked the idea of the houses burning on the cover but I just thought that it might be better if the whole page was covered instead of being blacked out. That’s just my opinion though.
    It was creative how eveything connected up and was well thought out- their names spelling out Madcraze while also referring to the earthly elements and the consistency with the number eight.
    If you’ve bothered reading this far, thanks for wasting 5 minutes of your life on this, I really appreciate it and I know it’s quite a lengthy entry but once I’m started, it’s hard to stop. I just wanted to say that I loved this book, and I’m looking forward to the sequel!! 🙂

    • Thanks MizAbercrombii, for your comment. Octavian is fictitious, although I did find a website that said there used to be another moon in front of Nereid (Neptune’s eight moon) that exploded, so that’s where I got the idea from. Thanks for your thoughts on the cover. I don’t have any control over things like that, but I will pass your suggestions on. I’m glad you liked the connections between the kids’ names and the earthly elements. I really thought everything out carefully, and I love it when my readers enjoy these little things. The sequel comes out in August.

      • Is the purest source of the elements mentioned in the book are they the places the are really at?

      • Hi Ben
        Great question! I did a lot of research and no one really can define the purest source of anything, but the water in Egypt was actually the oldest water in the world. The air in Tasmania has been recognised as some of the purest. The diamond is definitely the most precious form of earth and as for fire, the sun would be the purest, so therefore the sun that comes through the hole in the ozone layer would be the best source. And Antarctica has the hole in the ozone layer above it.

  10. Hi Lizzie,

    I was really happy with the book as i thought it was totally worth the buy. So thanks for the great book. And Also My birthday is in august and i was wondering what the exact release date is for number two. But anyways i couldn’t stop reading the book so thanks!

    • Hi Bio Rapture
      I’m glad you like my book. Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion is scheduled for release on August 1, but it just depends when your bookshop gets it in. Happy Birthday for August!


  11. As you asked last week in art. Would you like me to make your web page look all pretty with glitter text and animations? If you would like I could come around tomorrow morning before class and decorate this very informatic blog.

  12. Hi Citiprincess
    Wow! Do you know how to do all that???? Yes, I would love you to jazz up my very plain website. Meet me in the library at 9:00. That would be soooo coool! Are you sure you can do that stuff with a WordPress blog?


  13. Guess so as you just use HTML! I love to add glitter to things to make things look sparkly! Is 9:00am the earliest you can do?

    • I have to drop Isla at pre-school first and I am always running late, so 9:00 is the best I can promise but I try my best to get there earlier. I will also be in the library second half of lunch tomorrow with Jimmy Jet who is helping me embed the book trailer on my site. So you can come up then too if it suits you. Thanks so much. You guys are so clever with technology!!

  14. Our teacher taught us many of the things we know about technology because we have a class blog.
    So I can help along with Jimmy Jet at second half lunch with your site?
    It is okay that 9 is the earliest, I can only get to school just before 9.

  15. Hello again!
    Jazzing up this website is a great idea citprincess and lizzie! Even though I don’t know that much about technology and computers hehe……… I would be happy to give ideas or input if you need any!
    Lizzie:I have started Extinction today and am hooked to it! You are a great author and inspiration to me!

    • Hi Camembert
      Thanks for the offer of assistance. I need all the help I can get. I’m a writer, not a computer technician, although you kids can do everything these days, can’t you?! I’m glad you’re enjoying Extinction.

  16. i loved extinction the day the world ended but at the start it was kind of boring but as i read on i found that this is one on the best books ever please tell us when th next book comes out

    • Hi Harrison
      Thanks for reading Extinction and persevering to the exciting parts. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion, comes out in August. Check out the book trailer on the Extinction Page. It’s pretty cool. Send it to all your friends.

  17. Hi my name is Lachie and I’m in grade 8.Not only did I love this book but I’m dying to know what the second one is called.Please reply Lizzie.

    • Hi Lachie
      I’m glad you loved my book. Check out the rest of my website and you’ll find out what the second one is called and what the cover looks like. And you’ll see that it’s not too long to wait until you can find it in bookshops! Where are you from Lachie? I’m always interested to know where my fans come from.

  18. My 11yr old son just finished Extinction last night and the first thing I got this morning is “when’s the next one???”. He said it was VERY exciting but was not very happy with the cliffhanger ending as he wanted more NOW. I will be able to tell him when he gets home from school that he will have to wait until August for the next one. Hope it does not take very long to reach us here in NZ. Plan on reading it myself nezt.

    • Hi Mike
      I am so glad to hear thaat your son loved Extinction: The Day The World Ended. I know how difficult it is to get boys of that age away from the playstation! I think he might be my first NZ fan. Book 2 comes out in August, yes, so spread the word!

    • Hi Ronan.
      I’m so glad you loved my book. You must be a very good reader if you are only 9. It’s a long and sometimes challenging read. Well done! Where are you from, Ronan? I like to know where my fans are from.

    • Hi Ronan
      I know where Wodonga is. I used to live in the country myself, on a dairy farm. Great life but I really needed to get to the city when I left school. Country life was a little too quiet for me. The library I am going to is my school library at a school in Newcastle NSW. I am a primary school teacher (I teach art to most of the classes) and some of my Year 6 students have been helping me with my website. You kids know a lot more about computers than me!

  19. Hi it is me Lachie again. I’m so happy you replied. Because your one of my favorite authors who inspired me to make a short book of my own. And I also gave bought Extinction for, I think 4 of my friends for their birthdays. Oh and I’m from all the way down under in Australia, Queensland. Where are you from Lizzie?

  20. Hi Lachie
    Thanks for buying my book for your friends. It’s people like you that start a craze. Who knows, they may make my book into a movie yet! I am froim even further down under than you. Newcastle, NSW Australia. I thought you would have known that from the fact that most of Extinction: The Day The World Ended was set in Australia. Where in QLD? I have family on the Gold Coast and in Gladstone.

    • Hi Ronan
      I’m not sure how many fans I have. I guess I could count the people who have found this website. Only 6 people have subscribed to my blog, which you do on this site to get updates from me. Maybe you’d want to subscribe. It’s free of course. Have you really read my other books, Losing It and Grieve? They’re YA books and totally different from the Extinction series.

  21. I live in the Sunshine Coast, though we don’t get much sunshine lately. But I suppose you don’t get gold on the Gold Coast right?! Anyway I was actually born in a place called Penrith in NSW and my grandparents used to live in Newcastle. Oh and also thank you so much for replying to my last two messages, that is really kind of you. Anyway reply back I’d love to hear more of what you have got to say and I’m going to get my friend Ayisha to come on this website and talk to you. Because she reads heaps of books, and I really mean heaps and this was one of her favourites. So she would jjust adore talking to you. So talk to you soon Lizzie.

    • Hi Lachie
      Thanks for being a fan. Sunshine Coast is lovely, but yeah, no one on the east coast of Oz is getting much sunshine at the moment. If you want to get regular updates from me, you can subscribe to my blog on this site (it’s free of course). I’m glad your friend Ayisha loved my book. Yeah, get her on here. I love to hear from my fans.

  22. Hi Ronan
    I am at work at the moment so I haven’t been able to get to a computer. Sorry. I will respond to your messages later when I get home. Very busy at the moment. Don’t be sad with me. 😦

    • Hi Ronan
      I am home now but I need to spend time with my daughter so I won’t be on the computer again until she goes to bed. How were you able to send me all those messages today? Do you have an iphone or were you at home and not at school? Just wondering . . .

    • Hi Dylan
      Thanks for liking my book. The second one is even better. It comes out in August, so not too long to wait now. Where are you from, Dylan? I like to know the state my fans come from. Thanks.

  23. HI Lizzie Damian and I are twins so thats why we love the book so much

    p.s Mr Yeo is now reading the book to my friends who have not read and everyone loves it so far

    thanks again,from Aidan

  24. You wouldn’t believe what I saw on the T.V today!
    I was watching this kids show and at the end they showed the prizes of what the kids won.
    I know you did tell me about that but it was amazing to see it on the T.V!
    I hope the winners of the show love the book!

    • Hi Aiden
      Not long now til Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion comes out. I am anxiously waiting for my advance copies to arrive in the post. Everything is still at the printers. It’s a very exciting wait for all of us.

  25. Dear Lizzie

    Just read your book. I couldn’t put it down. When is the next one out? I can’t wait to find out what happens next… poor Annie!!!

    • Hi Dinah
      Extinction 2: The explosive Conclusion, will be out in August, but it might be a good idea to pre-order it. I’m glad she liked it. I’m very proud of this series too.

  26. Finally. Australia’s very own Stephanie Meyer. But a much more talented author I believe! This book is going to be walking off the shelves, Lizzie.

    Thank you for such an exciting read.

    • Stephanie Meyer?? Wow, that’s a huge compliment. If only my books were selling around the world like hers are. I think Extinction would definitely make a great movie.
      Thanks Jo.

  27. Hey Lizzie,
    Hi I’m Sophie and I thought if you are replying to all your other fans, I thought you’d reply to mine! I loved Extinction and I can’t wait for the sequel! I hope the sets of twins can save Annie although I remember the last line of the book said: That was the last the others ever heard or saw of Annie after the lioness took her into the grove of the tree. See I loved it so much I even remembered the lines in it! You are an awesome adventure writer Lizzie. By the way, I’m from Ballarat in Victoria, as you said you always love hearing from where your fans come from!

    • Hi Sophie
      I’m glad to hear I have a fan in Ballarat! Must be awfully cold down there at the moment. Thanks for the compliments about me being a great adventure writer. The Extinction Series was my first foray into writing adventure novels. My others have been “social realism” stories. But I really loved writing the series and I am so thrilled to have a whole new set of fans. You certainly do remember the last lines of E1. I will tell you that the first line of Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion is “Annie!”. I hope that doesn’t spoil things too much. The book is already out at some bookstores and at K-Mart. K-Mart will sell it for around $13, but the RRP (recommended retail price) is $16.99. Online bookstore will give cheaper prices too, but some charge for postage. Check out the ones I have listed on my website at the top of the page under “Where To Buy?”. Thanks again for writing to me. I try to always answer my fans.

  28. Dear Lizzie,
    It’s great to hear from a famous writer! You’re right, it is really cold down here, what sort of weather is it up there? $13 is actually a really good price-that will give me something to buy with my pocket money. No, you didn’t spoil anything for me but I’m just so excited about it! I think Extinction will make a great movie, especially for your fans! Do you know I’m in Grade 6 at school and I’m a big reader. We were doing Literature Circles in class and I really wanted to read Extinction? Turns out my group wasn’t reading it, but my lovely teacher Fiona let me have it for the holidays. Isn’t that nice? Well for the moment, so long!

  29. Hi Sophie
    I teach at a primary school three days a week and look after my 4 year old daughter the rest of the week. I try to check my emails and website whenever I can, but there is no definite time that I am on. To enter the Give Me Four Reasons Competition, just go to that page, or my Home page and leave a reply in the reply box, listing your 4 reasons. If the reply box is not there, just click on the speech bubble at the top of that page beside the heading and the box will appear. Good luck. I look forward to reading your responses. Be creative and clever and funny.

  30. Dear Lizzie,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Do you think they would sell E2 at Target yet? If you anything about it, please let me know. I’ll be sure to enter the competition, it sounds awesome as! I see how you’re not always online-sorry to bother you. Do you think that the Extinction would make a great movie? I think it would. What would you rate it? Would you make it just like the book? Would you be the Director?

    • In E1, towards the end, when the kids see Rufus Keller on the computer in Spencer’s hidden chamber, he is wearing a mask to hide his face. The mask I described in E1 was a rubber mask, rather than the hard-faced masquerade mask in the video clip. But the person who made the clip could only find that sort of mask on the available clip and image sites that she used to make the video. So the mask represents the children’s enemy, Rufus Keller.

  31. Oh thank you for letting me know. I was wondering why that was there. I couldn’t find E2 in Kmart anywhere. Would it be in childrens/teens books and would it be in alphebetical order? Do you think that Extinction would make a great movie? Would you be the Director? Would you make it just like the book? What would you rate it?

    • Hi Sophie
      Ballarat is a country K-Mart so they may not have their stock in yet. I hope there are other book shops in your town. Try one of your independent bookshops. Newcastle (where I live) has lost Angus and Robertson and Borders, so there are not many book shops around. Everyone buys books online these days. K-Mart should have it in soon.
      Extinction would make a great movie, by combining both books. I can’t be the director because I have no experience in that area. I think the movie would probably be rated PG. And I would give it two thumbs up or 10 out of 10. Definitely.

  32. Hi Lizzie,

    My son Jordan has seen this book at his school library and would like to get his own copy to keep. I’m trying to buy him his own copy (to encourage his love of books) – but can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it online. Can you please provide me with the ISBN (or the name of a bookstore where I could buy it in Newcastle, NSW, Australia).

    Many Thanks,


    • Hi Shaun
      It is a sad state of affairs when you can’t find a good book shop these days, isn’t it? Macleans in Beaumont Street is excellent. They should still have copies of Extinction: The Day the World Ended, and they also have the follow up, Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. Extinction 2 officially comes out on August 1st, but I know Macleans has it already. Just in case they’re sold out, you can order it through them, or any online store. The ISBN for Extinction 1 is 978-1-74169-646-2. The ISBN for Extinction 2 is 978-1-74283-009-4. Good luck. Let me know if he enjoys them.

  33. Dear Lizzie,
    Thank you for your post. In Ballarat we actually don’t have any Country Kmart’s, just the normal big store. I probably should wait for the stock to come in, because you did say that the book wasn’t out until August. Thanks anyway.
    I think you’d be an awsome director of the movie, pity you said you couldn’t but it will be wondeful if they make the movie!
    Well once again, so long! Sophie.

    • Hi Sophie
      Tuesday is my Mummy-daughter day, and we’re not home much as she does ballet in the morning and gymnastics in the afternoon. But if you have a burning question about my books, you can always leave a message and I’ll reply when I’m able. Life is pretty hectic with a four year old.

    • Hi Milos
      Yes! Extinction 2 is out! You can get it at K-Mart or your local bookstore. Online bookstores will have it too. I know you will love it, Milos. Thanks for being a fan!

      • ok thank you iam going tomorrow with my friend to get it i got the first one at my school for book fair were having another one and the book will be their but i cant wait 2 weeks so ill get it tomorrow 🙂

  34. Thanks for your email Lizzie,
    In Ballarat we actually don’t have Country Kmart, just the normal one-ours is pretty big you know. I should just wait for it to come in to stock because it wasn’t there anyway I don’t think. I think you’d be an awesome director for the movie-if there is one and I just can’t wait to think if there will be!
    well for now, so long!

    • Hi Sophie
      I have been working on a new novel. I have to do a proposal first and then see if my publishers like it. Fingers crossed they will. Then it will take about two years before the novel will be finished, edited and printed. It is a long, slow process, but I have to keep delivering the goods to my fans like you! I will keep you all posted on my website. Yes, I must update my blog. Thanks for the prompt, Sophie.

  35. OMG! Lizzie that’s so exciting for you and all your fans! What is your novel called-or is it a surprise? I can’t wait to find out. Good luck on writing it!

  36. Dear Lizzie,
    I Got Extinction 2! It’s fantastic already and I’m so glad you . . . . . . . .. I got it at a shop called Book City and it was $16.99 but who cares about the price? It’s the book that’s worth it don’t you agree? Well I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve got it and I love it so far.

    • Hi Sophie
      Yeah! There are still some book stores around! Thanks for seeking it out. You are my greatest fan at the moment! I know you will enjoy it. Don’t spoil the story for anyone who reads my website, though. Hush hush. OK?

  37. Hi Lizzie,
    sorry about mentioning that. My lips are sealed for the rest of it. I love how you make it so real. It makes it really special. I can’t wait to keep reading it and find out what happens!

  38. I finished the book Lizzie. I thought it was wonderful! How are you such an amazing writer? You put a lot of interesting words in there that I wouldn’t even know what the meaning was! I loved it and I felt like I was in the story I was so into it! Thanks for making it so wonderful!

  39. Hi,I have just recently read the 1st book of extincion and i found it really good! I have to write a book review about it because i have a school project anyways do you or anybody have any ideas about what i should put in it because i not quite sure and please tell me before Monday the 19th?

    P.S I thought your book was really good and did not want to put the book down!Also getting the book 2 tomorrow

    • Hi Rebecca
      I’m glad you liked my book. In a book review you talk about the basic plot of the story, the characters, and the writing style of the author. You might say my book is fast paced, with a snealy sense of humour. Words like nail-biting, page turning, on the edge of your seat or your bed are always good in reviews. But most importantly your teacher wants to know what you thought and what age group the book is suited for. If you got chills when you read a particular section, or cried in another, or was blown away when something else happened, then say these things. It’s all about your own personal reaction to the book and whether you’d recommend it to others. Good luck.

  40. Hi Lizzie,
    Long time no talk ha? I finished E2, thought it was amazing. I loved the new characters and how you made the reader (me) feel like I was a part of the action! Thanks for an a mazing adventure. Do you know I’ve got my school concert coming up? Our grade has to do Romeo and Juliet! In November, I found out that my family and I are going to Perth to visit my uncle before he moves back here to Ballarat because him and his wife a having a baby! How exciting. Can’t wait to have a new little cousin!
    Bye for now!

  41. Hi Lizzie,
    Long time no talk ha? I finished E2, thought it was amazing. I loved the new characters and how you made the reader (me) feel like I was a part of the action! Thanks for an amazing adventure. Do you know I’ve got my school concert coming up? Our grade has to do Romeo and Juliet! In November, I found out that my family and I are going to Perth to visit my uncle before he moves back here to Ballarat because him and his wife a having a baby! How exciting. Can’t wait to have a new little cousin!
    Bye for now!

    • Hi Christopher
      Did everyone in the whole class read it, or just you? That would be really exciting if your whole class read it! You must have a really cool teacher. What Australian state are you from?
      Sorry i didn’t reply earlier, but I just found your messages on my website.

  42. Hey Lizzie,
    Did you finish your new novel? I finished E2 and I thought it was amazing! I literally felt like I was in the book. It wouldn’t leave my hands! I loved it so much I only read it in one week! Keep writing because I love you and your books!
    Love Sophie.

    • Hi Sophie
      Thanks so much for your glowing review of Extinction 2. I really love to hear that my fans are enjoying my work. No, I haven’t finished my new novel. I takes much longer than that, unfortunately, especially since I work three days a week. But I’ll get onto the job soon so that I can keep you and my other fans happy.


  43. Hey Lizzie,

    I love your book. I started reading it because I am a Library moniter for my school and we had to do a book review on one of the newer books in the school. Our librarian told us to get a book, and by the time I got to the new books there was only one left which was Extinction. I must say I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t choose your book because the cover is amazing. I read it in 2 1/2 hours and couldn’t stop. Can’t wait to read Extinction 2. Could you please tell me some good things to right on the review? I am horrible at writing reviews and I want this one to be extra special!


    • Sorry to bother you Lizzie but I really need you to reply! The review is due in two days and if i don’t get it written it won’t be saved in the school register!

    • Hi Lovey Dovey
      Thanks for choosing my book, and I am surprised it was the only one left!! Maybe the idea of the human race becoming extinct is a little scary for some people.
      In a book review, you give a basic overview of the plot (which you can get from the blurb on the back of the book) but the rest is about your own opinions about it. You can use words like, “I was chewing my fingernails when Annie and Mac were. . .” and give an example. Or “The story, although thrilling and sometimes frightening, has lots of lighter moments in it where you laugh out loud,” eg: the clumsy attempts of Mac to woo Verity Whelan, even though he should be focussing on his mission of saving the human race. This sort of stuff reminds the reader that the characters are just ordinary kids who have been thrust into a very extraordinary situation.
      Other stuff you can say is “The novel ends on a real cliff hanger where the lead character is literally in the jaws of a wild beast. Will she survive? Will she save the human race from Extinction? This is the sort of novel you can’t put down until the breathless end, whene you’ll have to get your hands on the sequel immediately, Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.
      The story combines the author’s(my) childhood love of stories about time travel, the end of the world, kids with super powers, and kids working together to defeat evil. The idea for the novel came when the author (I) was on a camping trip. I went for a 20 km walk with my husband along a lonely stretch of beach on the north coast of NSW. It was a glorious day, spent swimming, sunbaking and enjoying the sights. As we approached our campsite that night, I realised we had not encountered another person all day! I started to wonder if something had happened to the human race whilst we were out swimming in the water and that we had been spared for some reason. I wrote all this down by torchlight when I got back to my tent and the seeds for the novel were sown.
      Hope this is of some help. Be sure to write from the heart – your heart.

      • Thank you so much Lizzie. This is more than I could ask. It’s killing me that i havent read the second book. I REALLY want to know what happens next!

    • Hi Loveydovey
      I can’t wait to read your review. You were very lucky to catch me on a Monday, as it is the only day I get to sit at home and write my novels (and check emails). I am from Newcastle, NSW. I looove Brisband. I go up there for the writer’s festival each year. So far I have only been in the audience, but one day . . . people might be coming to hear me talk.

      • Hi Lizzie,

        Well I have moved a LOT these past five years, but I was born in Sydney. My mum has a friend who lives in Newcastle; his name is Gus and he is a firefighter. Do u know him? What am I saying of course you wouldn’t know him, it’s not as if you know everyone in Newcastle. Do you? LOL :-).
        By the way I am in year 7 which is year 6 in NSW. Aaaaaaaaaargh. Going to highschool next year! What is it like? Should I be in for a shock? Sorry, I shouldn’t really be asking these questions; you don’t even know me!
        Anyway, about your book I love it so much I can’t even describe how much I love it ><. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh, the end is soooooo tense and then you ended it how you did and, OMG it was unbelievable. I LOVE IT!
        OK well I better go I have a heap of homework to catch up on!


        P.S Aaaaaaaaaaaargh I love your books soooooooooooooo much! I am absolutley your BIGGEST fan. Bigger even than "Sophie". LOL

      • Hi Loveydovey.
        That’s a terrific review! Can I quote you on the back of the book when it goes into reprint? lol. I don’t know who is my biggest fan. It’s tough to measure something like that. But thanks for writing to me.

      • Hey,

        My mum works for the Brisnane City Council so she practically organises it. Has she done a good job?


      • Hi Loveydovey
        Tell your mum that I love the Brisbane Writers Frestival and I love how it is on at the same time as the river festival. Awesome job, Mum!

  44. Hey Lizzie,
    At school, wehave to read books in class and I may have to read Extinction again! Wouldn’t that be weird? But I actually wouldn’t mind reading it again – as you know I love adventure books! Luckily I didn’t have to just ‘borrow’ E2, I brought it from the book store so I can read it anytime. I looked on Ebay and it was actually more expensive than I got it for. It was $21.95! Well, get back to me as soon as you can and good luck on your novel!

    • Hi Sophie
      You might have to read Extinction in class? Does that mean every child has a copy and that the school has bought bulk? I’m just asking because I like to know these things. My publishers don’t know stuff like this. That would be so cool if your class did. Tell them to write to me and I promise to answer every post. I can’t believe ebay were charging that price. Was that a book store or a private seller trying to make a profit? Thanks for your update, Sophie.

  45. Hey Lizzie,
    We have three groups at school that are reading different books and my group of 8 may have to read Extinction again. I have told many people about your Blog but I’m not sure if they have posted to you yet. But I’ll be sure to keep reminding them because I know a lot of them liked you book when they read it. On Ebay it was just someone’s account that they were trying to sell E2 but they probably won’t sell it if people know that it’s cheaper in store! See ya!

  46. Hey Lizzie,
    We have three groups at school that are reading different books and my group of 8 may have to read Extinction. I have told many people about your Blog but I’m not sure if they have posted to you yet. But I’ll be sure to keep reminding them because I know a lot of them liked your book when they read it. On Ebay it was just someone who had an account who was trying to sell E2 but they probably won’t sell it if other people know it’s cheaper in store! Bye for now.

      • Why would you say “LoveyDovey” that you are a bigger fan than I am. That’s just mean. And I am probably a bigger fan as I have read every book of Lizzie’s and you haven’t. 😛

  47. Hey Lizzie,
    We have three groups at school that are reading different books and my group of 8 may have to read Extinction. I have told many people about your Blog but I’m not sure if they have posted to you yet. I’ll be sure to keep reminding them because I know they liked your book when they read it. On Ebay it was just someone who had an account who was trying to sell E2 but they probably won’t sell it if other people know it’s cheaper in store! And today (22/10/11) I had my High School testing day! It wasn’t that hard and I had lots of friends with me and met lots of new people! It was so fun! Bye for now!

    • Hi Sophie
      How did your high school testing go? What school are you applying for? I hope you get in. I’m surprised that the ebay seller was charging so much, when you can get E2 from online book stores so much cheaper. Oh well, everyone is trying to make money in some way. Let me know how you go with your high school placement.

  48. i found this book in my book fair at my school. i read both books and i loved them!!! i
    also have a question: is there going to bea movie of these books?

  49. Hi Lizzie,
    My testing went great! Thanks for your comment. My High School name is Damascus College and I got in! The tests were really fun and the teachers are so friendly. I’m also lucky that my two best friends are going there! I agree with you about the ebay seller, they charged so much! Talk to you soon.

  50. Hi Lizzie…
    I’m Sabina and I’m in Year 3. I’m just here to say that I REALLY loved reading Extinction. I liked how you sort of ended the story on a cliffhanger, and how Annie tries to work out what the Earth kids’ names are at the office. I liked the strategy. 🙂

    I finished the book in 2-3 days (well, the third day didn’t count- I kind of missed out some reading time because I was kind of busy). I just finished it today.

    Right now, this weekend, I’m itching (no really, I have some red blotches on my legs. :P) to go to the library on Monday just to get Extinction 2 off the shelf.

    You’re a really great author, Lizzie! I want to write stories like you do! I hope you write some more stories like Extinction!


    • Hi Sabina
      I am amazed that you are only in Year 3. Your email was so well written and I loved how you liked the strategy I used to name the twins. I like to give my readers a challenge too. I hope your red blotches are not driving you too crazy. Let me know what you think of Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.

  51. Hey Lizzie,
    My testing went great! Thanks for your comment. My High School’s name is Damascus College and I got in! The testing was really fun and the teachers are so friendly. I’m also lucky that my two best friends are going there. I agree with you about the ebay seller, they charged so much! Talk to you soon!

    • Hi Sophie
      Oops. I thought I had replied to you. Sorry. Sounds like you’re looking forward to high school. You are lucky that your two best buds are going there too. High school can be a bit daunting at first. Let me know how your end of year celebrations go. Tears and all.

  52. hello umm i am currently reading your book extinction and i have to fill out a sheet about the author.
    i just wanted to know what type of books you like to read. it would be great if you reply. thanks

    • Hi Mish Mash
      I really love reading children’s and young adult books. I read these so I know what my audience is into, and what other authors are writing about for this age group. Plus, I just love them. Books for young people are faster paced and have less description and unnecessary bits, which suits me. My favourites this year have been Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, Uglies by Scott Westerfield, Holes by Louis Sachar, The Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. When I wrote my first two novels I was heavily into reading teenage girl stuff, about girls and their problems, but since I wrote Extinction 1 & 2 I go for action/adventure/speculative fiction stuff. Good luck with your homework.

  53. Hey Lizzie,
    Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time – how exciting! Have you got all of your decorations up? I have! I just love Christmas so much and I think I’m getting ‘Give Me Four Reasons’ from my grandma! How exciting. How have you been? How is your novel going? Great I hope. I’ve been on a holiday to Perth in Western Australia. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to get back to you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Hi Sophie
      I am so sorry, I did not see this one. It must have got lost in the Christmas madness. Please forgive me. Did you get Give ME Four Reasons from your grandma? Did you like it? Perth is a wonderful city. You are so lucky to have been there. What have you been doing for the rest of your holidays? I have been having a break from writing as I prepare for returning to full time teaching. Lots of things have changed since I last taught a class, so I have to get my head around that. Then I will get back into my writing. Thanks for your good wishes. Enjoy the last bit of your school hols.

      • Dear Lizzie,
        For Chrissy, I didn’t manage to get ‘Give me four Reasons’ from my family. But I have seen it in a secondhand book shop in very good condition, so I was thinking about buying it from there. Yes I had a beautiful time in Perth. On my holidays, I have has sleepovers once a week with my best friend and we went to the beach together-to a place named Lorne. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it. We’ve been having lots of fun. I’ve been shopping heaps as well. What have you been up to?

  54. Hi Lizzie,
    im in year 8 now and i just want to say i love extinction ive never really found a book that i get hooked on but these ones i am!!

    love your writing to the hole way through both books are great no boring bits !!!! which i always seem to get when i pick books but not this time

    thank you so much for writing these books


    • Hi John
      Welcome to my fan club! Thanks for your message. I really love it when kids, especially boys who tend to be reluctant readers, tell me that they loved the Extinction series. I’m glad you didn’t find any boring bits. I had such fun writing the series, and I was always on the edge of my seat with excitement too. Have you checked out the book trailer. Find it on this site or go to youtube and type in “Extinction Trailer Lizzie Wilcock” . It’s awesome. If it gets anough hits, movie producers will sit up and take notice and turn the series into a movie. So send it to all you friends too.
      Thanks John!

  55. Hi Lizzie,
    Umm, first things first i think i should introduce myself. I am Elise, I’m in year 8 this year. I like reading fantasy, action, drama, teenage novels, looong detailed fairy tails, ancient civilazations (eg. Dragon Keeper, by Carol Wilkinson or the My Story series (they are hard back and different authors) ) books, especialy ones that have a lot of action a fair amount of pages and get me stucked in on the first page. Yours was even better, it sucked me in when i read the first 6 sentences.

    The way i first heard about this book was when my mum bought my brother Nathan a book (Extinction) to read (he isn’t really a big fan of books as much as i am). He read it a little bit but then stopped. I have no idea why but he did. At the time i was reading the second book in the Dragon Keeper series for the second time. So i thought that i could read it after i finished the series of the current book i was reading, coz i can’t read 2 books at once. And it’s mighty annoying when i have 1 book to bring back and forth every day from school…. im getting off topic. Well after a while (when school ended) mum brought out the book again. She recommened that i read it. I was unsure coz the last book she gave me i only read 40 pages and lost interest in it, which is really weird for me. So on a very hot sticky day i sat by the air con and read a few pages, then i read a few more and a few more and a few more and….. yeah i probably get the point. I enjoyed it and the suspence nearly killed me! numerous times i had the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I really felt like i was in the book. Before i knew it, it was done and i couldnt believe that my favourite character was gonna die or something in africa by a lioness!!

    Well now im desperately trying to get the second book…. and save Annie. I loved the 8 stuff u put in it and made everything so awesome. This is definately my new top recommened book.

    Oh and the person that can get ur website up more on google did a good job and so did u for putting in the time to make this website ages ago…. this was the first link when i searched the book up! 🙂

    Keep writing
    Elise Esslinger

    • Hi Elise
      Thanks for taking the time to find this website, and for writing such a detailed response. I think you take the prize for the longest messgae, but don’t worry, I loooove fan mail and I answer all of it, especially when the person has said so many great things about my book. I loved the detail you gave me in your writing – about reading Extinction on a hot sticky day in the air-con. Have you thought about being a writer yourself? It is this sort of little detail that draws a reader into a story, and into the character’s world.
      I really love Annie, too. She is my favourite character and she tends to take the focus more and more, though I try hard to give the other kids a fair go too. I hope you have got hold of Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. I had so much fun writing this series and book 2 is even more suspenseful than book 1. It’s a shame that your brother gave up after only a few chapters. Maybe you need to tell him a little bit about what he’ll miss out on if he doesn’t ever read it. I am so glad that parents still buy books for kids for their birthdays and Christmas. It is definitely my favourite sort of present. My book shelves are overflowing and I am constantly lending out my books to friends and vice versa.
      Anyway Elise, good luck in Year 8. Tell all your friends about my books and especially check out the book trailer. It’s on this site, but you can also go to youtube and type “Extinction Series by Lizzie Wilcock” . I am hoping that if the trialer gets enough hits and goes “viral” that movie makers will take notice. I think the books would make an awesome movei. Write to me after you’ve read Book 2. I am really interested to know if it met your exceptionally high expectations.
      Enjoy the rest of your holidays.


      • Thank-you Lizzie,

        I’ve made a few attempts in writing stories. I’ve gone to a couple of writing workshops, and enjoyed them quite a lot. Have you heard of G.A.T.E.W.A.Y.S.? It’s a childrens writing workshop program run in Victoria. I signed up and got some days off school to do a hobby that I’ve liked for a while. But for the past year in Year 7 I haven’t been doing that much of it. I also enjoy making jewellery. I have this massive beading kit, and over Christmas it has nearly doubled. Maybe some time I could show you some of my pieces of work. I also enjoy drawing and am handy with my hands! ;D

        As for writing sometimes I feel like it’s much easier than talking. It’s takes longer and sometimes my mind thinks to quickly and I miss things. And when I send the message on your blog I realised that I made so many spelling mistakes.

        Are you planning on writing more books? I’d love to read more of them. As for the second Extintion I’m still trying to buy one. But I can’t wait to see what will happen to Annie. I will post a comment once I’ve read it. They should totally make a movie of it!! It would be just brilliant if they would.

        Well keep up the good work!

        PS. I do get off the topic heaps and a can blabber on and on about things forever. I think thats probably why I write very long messages. I like to write big not small, and not have to write lots of little messages when something comes to my mind.

  56. Lizzie, why are you still replying to everyone else and not me. You must have seen my previous message 4 messages up. PLease read that.

    • wow sophie, u must be a great big fan of lizzie. did u realise that u have reposted most of ur comments?? i think lizzie has read all of ur comments but just replies to one copy of them. well hope u have a great new year! r u in year 2 now?

  57. Elise, I’m in year 7 now and Lizzie didn’t reply to my posts from 2 months ago, it’s ridiculous. oh have a good new year to you as well.

    • opps, im so sorry! i thought u were younger from ur posts with u talking about the grade 1’s. I thought u were one of them. so ur in year 7? thats good. 🙂 but im sure that lizzie reads ur comments. 🙂

    • Hi Sophie
      So my post from January 14 is visible? I see your repoly above but I can’t reply up there, only down here. I really don’t understand wordpress. But good to see that you’re not cross with me anymore. Sounds like you had a great holiday. I spent mine in Newcastle, going to the beach and out in our little boat on the lake. The weather was pretty awful except for a few glorious days, but looks like we’ve got rain for Australia Day. I hope it’s nicer where you are and you can see the fireworks and do lots of good Aussie things.

    • Hi Sophie
      I am worried that you are not seeing my replies, or that wordpress does something different when I reply to your address. Did you see my reply above on January 14th? I can see it on my website. Can you see it on yours? If not, then maybe there is something in your address that is being blocked. Please let me know. But then if you can’t see this reply, you’ll just write again to say I never reply.

      • Hi Sophie
        I think I have discovered the problem. I don’t understand the technical reason, but when your comments come through, they come through twice in two different forms. I respond to one of the forms and it shows up on my website, but if I reply to the other form it shows up on this website. This is weird. The comment I wrote on January 14th is visible on my version, but not on this one. I don’t know why. But I think there must be a whole bunch of people like you whose comments come through twice in the two different forms and are angry at me for not replying because I’m not sure which one I replied through. I will have to remember to respond through the right form. Weird, so please forgive me. I’m not very savvy with technology.

  58. Dear Lizzie,
    I got your reply on January 21. I’m sorry but I don’t see the post on Jan 14th-it’s not on the web page. Only the posts the day before from Elise. I hope you get this post. Sophie.

  59. To Lizzie,
    Guess What? I borrowed ‘Grieve’ from my school Library. I read the blurb and it sounds like a terrific story. I forgot to ask, what is your new novel called and how is it going?

    • Hi Sophie
      How are you going with grieve? It’s very dark, I know, but I hope you enjoy it. My new novel doesn’t have a name yet, it doesn’t even have a first sentence. I’m too busy getting organised at school. But hopefully in a few weeks I’ll get stuck into my writing again.

      PS. What’s the +Mac on your name????

  60. To Lizzie,
    I’ve only just started Grieve, the first few pages actually. It’s already is very mysterious. How come you put some swear words in it? Good luck starting your novel. By the way, who won the ‘ Give me Four Reasons’ competition. I haven’t been told. Also, the +Max on my name you asked- Max is just a very good friend of mine and he likes your books too.

    • Hi Sophie
      The Give Me Four Reasons Competition was won by a girl named Teyjah, and a girl called Siobahn. They had very clever answers. I think I put them on this site.
      Sorry about the swear words in Grieve. I use them to show my character’s frustration. Her father is a truckie, so we can assume she may have heard them around home from time to time.


    • Hi Sophie
      Sorry for not replying. I am soooo busy getting back into the routine of full time teaching, and getting my daughter off to kindergarten each day, that I barely have time to checky my website. I have been away at school camp this week and I was in Orange last week for the Kids’ Literature Quiz. I hope things will settle down soon and I’ll update my blog. I hope you are enjoying school.


  61. Oh Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for the comment about school. I’m now in Year 7 and it’s so fun. It’s so good that you don’t have little kids coming up to you and telling you that their friends are doing this and that. There’s some cute boys around too!! 😀 How is your school teaching going. BTW, what do students think about having a famous writer teaching them?


    • Hi Sophie
      School teaching is manic at the moment, but thanks for asking. As for what my students think about being taught by a writer . . . I don’t know, I’ve ne ver asked them. Hopefully they think it is cool. I must tell you that when I took Year 5 on school camp recently, a few kids brought my books along as reading material and strategically placed them on their pillows when they knew I was doing a room inspection, hoping to get bonus points! And I did give them bonus points for having a well-organised camp room.


  62. Hi Lizzie, I just finished the book and I wanted to say, I couldn’t put it down. I started at Lunch and stayed up nearly all night to finish it. I want to congratulate you on being a perfect and awesome book writer. I was really sad at the end of the book when Annie was taken away. I thought it was the end of the Book! I am waiting to purchase it from my local bookstore. I was 12 when the second book came out. It was so popular, I dont know how I didn’t know a thing about it!

    Congrats and I hope everything goes well for the future

    • Hi Alex
      Wow! Thanks for your wonderful comment. I am always thrilled to open my website and find messages from new fans. I especially like it when they tell me details of when they read it and how it made them feel. This gives me a peek into their lives and I like thinking I know a little bit more about my readers, especially since they know so much about me. Let me know what you think of part 2. And tell all your friends. I am always looking for new fans!


    • Hi Azza
      I won’t give away the ending. Maybe the kids find another way to save the world from extinction. You’ll just have to find it somewhere. If your library had E1 then they should have E2, and if not, try your local bookstore. You might have to get them to order it though.


  63. Hi im in year 6 and loved this book.
    I stayed up all night to finish it. So great storyline.
    I hope that if they ever make a movie its as good as this but sadly
    I dont thiink it could be.
    But still best book ever.
    Happy Writing

    • Hi Taliesin
      Thanks for loving my book. I think they could really do a great movie of it if they had a huge Hollywood Style budget for the special effects of the kids using their powers. Check out the book trailer on youtube and send the link to all your friends. If it goes “viral” then it might just become a movie!!


  64. Hi my name is sam and the I loved the book extinction:the day the world ended I read in 3hours I’m already halfway through the second one I’m sad that there isnt a movie.i lI’ve your books

    • Hey
      Will there be a movie cause it will make a great one and I don’t understand why there traveling backwards in time?

      • Hi Sam
        The twins are travelling backwards in time because Earth was struck by the explosion of Octavian, and Octavian had a retrograde Orbit, which means it spins backwards, and the twins have different DNA in their bodies, as you’ll discover in book 2, which has been made unstable by the eruption of Octavian, thus thrusting them backwards in time. It all gets explained in book 2 so stick with it please. I hope you love it!


    • Hi Sam
      Thanks for loving my Extinction series. I really wish it could be made into a movie. Perhaps you could help me. It needs to go viral! Tell all your friends to check out the trailer on youtube (go to youtube and type in “Lizzie Wilcock Extinction Series”). The more hits it gets, the more movie producers will sit up and take notice.
      Thanks Sam


      • Hi Lizzie,

        Also an answer for Sam’s question is that The Chosen Ones are traveling back in time to Octavains eruptions.

  65. hi, lizzie
    i am in year 6 this year and i loved both the books they are obsessive!!!
    i finished reading the books and cryed after it it was AWESOME i didn’t want it to stop
    i am very, very curious to know if you are making a movie about it and also if you are
    can i please have a shot at being in one of the rolls i am in love with Annie
    please e-mail me if you want i would love to get in touch hhehheheh
    please respond!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Roseella
      What a beautiful name you have. I might have to write a story with a character with that name!
      There are no movie plans just yet, but you can help by making the book trailer for Extinction go viral. That means send it or tell or your friends about it (go to youtube and type in “Lizzie Wilcock Extinction Series”). The more hits it gets, the more movie producers will sit up and take notice. And if they do, I’ll send them a list of all my fans who helped get the trailer out there and they can be the first ones to audition for roles in the movie. So let’s see what we can do!!


      • Hi ,
        Roseella isn’t my real name it is my online name but my real name is Ella Rose.
        I will make sure that I tell all my friends about the movie trailer and tell them to keep watching it
        The funny thing is all my friends are booked in to borrow the books off me
        ( because I own them) because we all want to read them before our teacher reads it to us
        I will tell my class to watch the trailer so it can hopefully become a movie

  66. Hi lizzie,
    Just quickly I have wrote a comment and it hasn’t been put on the website yet

    But every year at school my teacher no matter what grade she is teaching ( primary) she will read extinction 1 and 2 to her class she did it last year and this year ( probabally next year as well ) heheh.
    Anyway I adore your book I am in year 6 and I read both of them in 2 days

    I really want to be in the movie as Annie who is my fav I wish I was her in real life and each day I go to school I wear the infinity symbol on my right wrist I ador this book and hope you get back to me

    Pp.ss I have brownish hair a tiny bit lighter though
    I have a few shades lighter than olive skin
    And I have blueberry blue eyes
    Hope this helps

    • Hi Roseella
      I have been so busy but your comment is up there now on my website. Who is that awesome teacher of yours who reads my books to her class? I would like to thank her. Tell her I will be reading them to my own year 5 class next term and I am in the process of writing teacher’s notes for them, so she should check on this website in a few weeks as I’ll post a link to the notes here. The teacher’s notes will give you an insight into how I wrote the books and some of the background info, as well as things to consider as you read the books. I really love these books and I think they would make an awesome movie. Can you imagine seeing the kids using their powers onthe big screen? Wow! Fire, water, earth and air. It’s a Hollywood blockbuster just waiting to happen.
      OMG. Do you really have blueberry eyes? They are so rare! And so beautiful. I think I have found my Annie!

      • Hi Lizzie
        That awesome teacher is Tracey Caban.
        I am not certain that I have blueberry eyes but mum has called that since I can remember and I have looked at pictures online and they arethe same and t took a photo of one of my eyees and I looks exactly the same as the one on the trailer ( not sure if it’s blueberry though) but I will try and find out for you 🙂

      • Hi Roseella
        Tracey Caban is a fantastic teacher. You are so lucky to be in her class. Say hi to her for me. You must know that she is an old friend of mine from Teacher’s College. I haven’t seen her since the book launch of Extinction last April.
        Blueberry eyes! You must get lots of comments from people because they are beautiful and rare.

  67. Ive seen the trailer and it is really good I’ve mentioned the books too all my and they bought the books at our school book fair I bought both of them as soon as I read the back

    • Hi Sam
      Thanks for spreading the word about Extinction. I hope you have had a great holiday. I spent mine writing teacher’s notes for Extinction, as I’m going to be reading it with my class this term. I’ll put the notes up on this site if your own teacher is interested.

  68. Hey Lizze,

    Your books are just awesome !! I also think that they should be made in a movie and it will surely break all the records and others will get the opportunity to watch/read a fantastic series. Any way I am in Year 7 and Give Me Four Reasons is my english text study book and that was great. Since I liked GMFR, I started to read all your other books and started to recommend it to all my other friends. How did you balance your mind between Sci – Fi and Drama/Young Adult ????


    • Hi Gemma
      Thanks for loving my books. You say that GMFR was your English study book. Did the whole class do it, or you were allowed to choose your own individual books?
      You asked a great question about balancing my mind between Sci-Fi and Drama/YA. Those two years when I was working on GMFR and the Extinction series were very hectic, and because both were published with different publishers, neither company knew about the deadlines I had with the other publisher, so sometimes I was working on both in the same week! It was pretty crazy, but it also was exciting and stopped me from getting tired with the editorial process, cause I was able to switch to totally different stories and characters. It was like catching up with old friends each time I worked on one of the novels, ie: spending time with Paige, then spending time with Annie and Mac.


      • Hey Lizzie

        All the Y7 in our school did text study on Give me four reasons not extinction.

        Also are you going to right anymore books ?


      • Hi Gemma
        That’s great that all the year 7s did my book! I hope your teacher found the teacher’s notes on the Little Hare website.
        I plan to write lots more books, but I’m taking a break for a few months. So you won’t find a new release from me for a couple of years yet. Try my other ones – Losing It and Grieve. They are aimed at Year 8 and above, so perhaps wait until then. Enjoy!

  69. Hi Lizzie
    I just want to let you know that on YouTube you have 2,535 hits for ‘ Extinction’ and about 30 of them are from me and my friends

  70. Dear Lizzie,

    Thank you for writing this series. I am primary school teacher in NSW and have just started reading this book with my class. I have 5 students n my class who refused to read however have not wanted to put Extinction down. We are lucky enough to be reading this as a class and the students are loving every moment of it. We are trying to see if our school can buy the second series as a class set. I was wondering if you thought of putting together an activities book to go with both books to assist teachers with teaching different english skills using your novel.

    • Hi Kirsty
      I am so happy that teachers are using my books. I have returned to full time teaching this year and I have Year 5. After NAPLAN I am doing Extinction with my own class so I am actually in the final stages of tweaking my teachers notes/activities! I was hoping to test them on my own class first before making them publicy available, but if you wanted to give me your departmental email address I am happy to send them to you and you can let me know of any problems as you work through them. They should be finished this weekend. They are based on E1 at this stage, and I plan to extend this to E2 in Term 3.

  71. Hey Lizzie!,
    Long time no talk huh? How are you? How is your novel going? Wow, I’m right into high school now, a lot of homework though. Some great people and teachers around (and there’s even somw cute boys around!). Everything is going really well. How about you? Ttys (Talk to you soon)
    Sophie. xxx

    • Hi Sophie
      Nice to hear from you. I know how school must be busy at the moment for you – it’s the same for me, hence no novel writing at the moment. But I went to the Sydney Writers’ Festival on the weekend and I have been inspired to get back into it. I just have to finish my class’s school reports first, then get through the parent-teacehr interviews, and I might have some time on my hands.
      P.S. Thanks for liking Grieve.

      • Hey Lizzie,
        No novel writing yet hay? Good luck when you start it. How was the Writer’s Festival? Yes, grieve is a great book. I’m still going on it as it is a book I have to read in class. What do you think of all of this One Direction biz that’s going around? I absolutely love them. Get back to me ASAP.
        Sophie. xxx

    • Hi Oscar
      Thanks for your comment. It would make a great movie, wouldn’t it? Let’s make moive producers sit up and take notice. Do this by checking out the youtube book trailer for extinction (search for “Lizzie Wilcock Extinction Series”) and watching ti heaps of times and sending the link to all your friends and telling them to send the link to all their friends. Let’s make it GO VIRAL!!!!

  72. Hi, My name is Adam. I’m a year 7 in primary school. I just wanted you to know, Lizzie that your series of Extinction is a thriller! When I picked it up in my school library, I picked up both series; book 1 and book 2. I started reading it and ever since, I read it and read it at home, at school. Even at night I read it for an hour and a half. Love if you could continue the series. That would be great since this is a unique and attractive book! I read the whole series in just a few days. Thanks so much for these books. Your’re a great author, Lizzie!:)

    • Hi Adam
      Thanks for your comment! You must have really loved the series. I would love to continue the series but my publishers only wanted two parts ( fits in with the whole twin thing). I did write a third and I might put some of the chapters on this website later. not just yet, though. I am teaching the book to my class and I don’t want to spoil things for them by having the third part (which really slots in between the two books, so I’ll call it part 1B) available just yet. Maybe towards the end of the year. . . .

  73. hi Lizzie, are you making an extinction 3 because i have just finished number 2 and it was epic! a movie would be great!!! sincerely Tom P.S you make the best books!!!

    • Hi Tom
      Unfortunately there will not be an extinction 3 published, but I actually wrote a third book that fits in between book 1 and 2. I will be posting chapters of that on this site later in the year, so look out for them. I can’t do it yet, as I am teaching the book with my class and we are only halfway through book 1. But thanks for saying I write the best books!!!


  74. YOur books are awesome and i love them all.
    i read extinction and extinction2 late at night and it was fascinating.

    p.s. i got grounded because of staying up too late
    pps. books are awesome!

    • Hi Anant
      Sorry to hear you got grounded. That’s tough. It’s not as though you were playing online games. You were reading! Your parents should be proud, but how late is too late? I hope it wasn’t past midnight because then you would have troubles keeping awake in class the next day. Thanks for saying my books are awesome. Tell your friends to read them. Spread the word!


  75. Hi, my names Rimsha. The second I saw the blurb for the book I fell in love with it, and now i want to buy it so badly, but the only problem is that i cant find any sellers here in America who sell it.(i live in america).
    Do you know anyplace i could get it here?

    • Hi Rimsha
      Where in America do you live??? You are my first visitor to this site from USA, so welcome. Where did you see the blurb?? On this site?? Extinction 1 and 2 are awesome, as you can see if you read some of my fan’s comments on this site. My books are not available through bookshops in USA but you should be able to buy them online, maybe through Amazon, but if not, you might need to try an Aussie site, like fishpond.com.au or any of the others that I listed on this website in the section at the top of the homepage under “Where to Buy”. I hope you can get hold of a copy. Let me know what you think of the two-book series. And then spread the word through America for me!!!

      • Hey 🙂
        Thank You soooooooo much!!! I haven’t read it yet but I am going to order it, I can’t wait. I live in California 😀
        I was just searching up books that i might like, and in the comments it said that if you like these books try Extinction. Best decision ever!! The blurb was on ur site 🙂
        Once again a million thanks
        P.S. your website is awesome!!!!

      • Hi Rimsha
        Did you find a copy of Extinction? Did you like it? You are my first Californian fan. I look forward to hearing from you again.


  76. This book …. Extinction (1 and 2) combined could really make a good movie because adventure novels attract me lots, i would really like you to make a deal with a director and some actors for a great movie and i recommend you write the script coz i wouldnt want someone to ruin the story so please reply and P.S please release the movie in melbourne

    • Hi Sam
      Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I have been busy working on my new novel. Thanks for your post. I agree that the Extinction series would make an awesome movie, especially with all that time travel and adventures in exotic places like Antarctica. If it was made into a movie, I’ll see what I can do about it being released in Melbourne. Would you like free popcorn too??

  77. Hey Lizzie, I havent posted in a while :3
    But my wish came true today- I got an English assignment and we have to do a literary panel on the book of our choice, so of course, I chose Extinction!
    Im super duper excited to do this and to share this awesome book with my friends! Can you by any chance give us (Me, Bree and Felicity) any tips on how to do the literary panel and main things to talk about? it would be much appreciated 🙂
    Yours sincerely,
    Sinead xoxo 🙂
    P.S, thanks for the wonderful book you wrote for us! ❤

    • Hi Sinead
      Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I have been busy working on my new novel. Thanks for your post. I am probably too late to help you with this assignment now. How did it go? I am not even sure what a literary panel is. Does it mean that you have to pretend that you are the author and being asked questions by an audience? Let me know if I can still help you. SOrry I didn;t get onto this sooner for you.

  78. Hey Lizzie,
    Good grief it’s been a long time since we’ve posted to eachother!! I finshed Grieve at school – amazing book!!! And you wouldn’t believe it! I got a poster of the book Extinction!!! I was so excited when I saw it in my magazine!! That went straight on my wall!!! I love you and your books so much Lizzie. How is your other novel going?

    From Sophie. 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Sophie
      Good grief it has been a long time since I heard from you. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I have been busy working on my new novel. Where did you get the Extinction poster from? WHat magazine? I’m glad you liked griEVE. It’s definitely a change of pace from Extinction and GMFR, but I love it as it is probably the closest book to my personal experience of my childhood. Not the whole book of course, but just the loss of my mother and the feeling of isolation and aimlessness that followed. Oh, that’s too deep for a Sunday morning. Enjoy your school holidays. I know I will enjoy mine!

      • Hi Lizzie,
        Sorry I didn’t realise you had replied to this message. The magazine I got it from was called “Teenage Fan Fiction”. It’s all about new Fiction novels and other exciting books. It’s a magazine that’s only published in Victoria though. Sorry. But I thought you might be excited when I told you that the front of your book was on a poster! Anyway, talk to you soon.
        From Sophie 😐

    • Hi Joe
      Have you finished E1 and E2? I hope you love them. I do have another book on the way but it is vastly different from the Extinction series. It won;t be published for a couple of years yet as I have only just started it. I can’t say anything more at the moment as I like to keep the plot a secret. Enjoy your school holidays.

  79. hi lizzie
    i absoulutely love your book Extinction 1! it’s such an awesome read! i have been reading it day and night…even though i haven’t finished it (it’s only been 2 days since i got it) i am loving it so far and can’t wait to read the second book. i have also read ‘give me 4 reasons'(i liked it but liked extinction more). you are a great authour and your books are amazing. Keep up the good work.
    and also i really want to find out what the book that you are talking about to joe ellis is about.
    please reply

    • Hi Jane
      Sorry for my late reply. Term 4 is always so busy for me as a school teacher. Thanks for loving Extinction 1 and 2. You must have really ploughed through them in a short space of time. I’m not sure what book I was talking about to Joe Ellis. Possibly the unpublished novel that comes in betweeen Extinction 1 and 2. My pubishers didn’t like it so reduced Extinction from the planned trilogy to a two part series. This book is only a first draft and I have always meant to put it on this site in installments but I have never got around to it. I guess I’m hoping that one day the series might be reprinted and turned back into a trilogy.
      Anyway, Merry Christmas


  80. Took Me 4 Days to Read I borrowed it from school libary and im gonna buy 1 and to so i have my own set i love mysteries like this!

    • Hey Awesome Dude
      You must be an awesome dude to love my book and read it in just four days. Good on you! I love this series and I had so much fun writing the mysteries and all the little clues. It was a big puzzle that I think works really well together and provides a satisfying, logical, exciting read. Did you manage to buy your own copy? You can probably only buy it online now, or order it through your local bookstore.


    • Hi Jessica
      Ah, a New Zealand fan! I think you might be my first. Thanks for loving Extinction. Have you read the second one too? If not, you must. Let me know what you think.


  81. Hey Lizzie,
    It’s Sophie. Remember me? I’m so sorry it’s taken me ages to messaging you. I’ve been so busy with High School now and all of my new friends. I’m in year 8 now, it’s getting pretty busy. How was your Easter? How is that book going that you told me about a while ago?
    Well guess what, I may only be young but I have started writing mini books of my own. I don’t think I’m ready to publish them just yet though!
    From Sophie 🙂

  82. Hi I’m just asking if there will be a movie coming out any time soon. I’m in year 5 and we have been reading extinction. It is the best book I’ve read so far.

    • Hi Hunter
      I would dearly love for my Extinction books to be made into a movie. I think the scenes would be awesome, with special effects as the kids use their powers. Unfortunately there are no plans in the pipeline for them to be made into a movie. But who knows? It just takes one movie producer to see the potential. So fingers crossed that it may happen one day. And you can help by watching the youtube book trailer which can find by going to youtube and typing in “LIzzie Wilcock Extinction Series”. The more hits it get the more a movie producer is likely to sit up and take notice. Thanks for loving my books. By the way, tell your teacher that he/she has awesome taste. Tell them to check this website for the teachers notes I posted. They have all the chapter questions and activities and worksheet that I wrote to accompany the novel if done as a teaching unit. What school are you from?
      warm regards

  83. I go to CROMER public school I love you books I would rate extinction 2 second on my list after extinction 1 out of the top 1000 books!

  84. To Lizzie,
    I love love love your books my teacher read both to the class they are so great it was this year to i’m only in grade 5 but by far they are the best books on the planet!!!
    From your BIGGEST fan Georgia

    • Hi Georgia
      Tell your teacher that she or he rocks! Terrific choice for year 5. I teach Year 5 in NSW and I am currently reading Extinction 1 with my class. We will finish it this week and I get excited when I see their faces in the final chapter with the cliff hanger – Annie in the jaws of a lioness. I am so proud of this series and when I get messages like yours I feel even prouder. Thanks Georgia.

      warm regards

  85. Hey Lizzie,
    Am I not seeing your comments or are you not replying? I’m a bit worried if I can’t see them or you can’t see my replys. I posted one in April this year. Did you see it? If you replied, I can’t see it. Maybe we could email eachother instead?

    Please reply.

    • Hi Sophie
      How are you? Sorry I have not been answering every email but I have had a deadline for my new book. How is school going for you? ave you read any amazing books lately? I have just finished A Ring Through Time by Felicity Pullman. It is historical fiction, partly set in the present day and partly set in the convict era on Norfolk Island. I loved it. Check it out.

      love Lizzie

      • Hey Lizzie,
        I’m quite well, and yourself? School is so hectic right now for me!! We just finshed semester exams and my homework pile is as big as a haystack but other than that, things are going great. I checked out that book you suggested, sounds interesting, maybe I’ll read it sometime. How’s your life and your new book coming along??

        From Sophie

      • Hi Sophie
        School holidays again. How are yours going? I have just finished the second edit of my new novel, Thirst, and tomorrow and I am off to the Gold Coast to check out the theme parks with my husband and six year old daughter. How’s that haystack of homework going? I hope you are getting through it and finding some time to read some great books. I have been reading some absolute rubbish lately, but to my daughter I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I read them as a kid but it is so nice to revisit them and share the magic with Isla.


  86. Thanks for writing the book. its in that one category that keeps drawing me back to find out what happens next. its the second series that i really enjoy and I’m in year 6. I read both books in 4 days. Is there any more books that you have written like this and might suggest for me to read. if not can you please write some more like that. thanks

    P.S you write great books

    • Hi James
      Thanks for loving the Extinction Series. I can’t believe it took you only 4 days to read both books. At least your parents weren’t yelling at you to get off the computer! I have a book called Thirst coming out next year. It is not science fiction/fantasy, but it is an adventure story set in the Australian outback. I’ll post a blog when it has a release date. It will be available as an ebook too.

      warm regards


  87. Hi Lizzie,
    I love your Extinction series! Believe it or not… I read the second book three times! I hope you can start a new series related to science fiction/fantasy, that would be great! Thanks!

    • Hi Ashleigh
      I can’t believe you read the second book three times. Now that is a true fan! I have a new book coming out next year called Thirst. It is not science fiction/fantasy. It is a survival story set in the outback about two runaway foster kids. I think you would love it, even if it is not science fiction. Thanks for you post.


    • Hi Asheleigh
      I am not sure if I replied to you message before. If I didn’t, then I am truly sorry. If I did, then HI! I hope you have found a new series to keep you going. I have heard that the Veronica Roth series is awesome.

      Merry Christmas


  88. Hi Lizzie,

    Will there be a movie based on Extinction 1 and 2 and also I love your books!!! I have read book 1 at school and I am reading book 2 now. Your books make me just want to keep reading and want to know whats happens next.


    • Hi Nathan
      Oh how I wish there would be movie based on my Extinction series. I think the scenes in the desert and Antarctica and on the raft to Tasmania would be so awesome. There are no plans yet, but sometimes all it takes is for enough people to watch the book trailer and send it to their friends so that it goes viral. Then movie makers sit up and take notice. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your support.


  89. Hi Lizzie,

    my son loves your Extinction Book. He read it in primary school. He is now in year 7, but would like to read it again. I purchased the book on Dymock’s website, but got money refunded, as they say, the book is not available to them. Today I bought Extinction 2. The Explosive Conclusion (Bookworld), but still would like to buy Extinction Book 1. Please advise where can I get it from.


    Ela Vidovic

    • Hi Ela
      I am so glad that your son loves my books. Extinction 1 (I think) is now out of print and unless there is huge demand, the publishers will not be doing a second print run. I was not even aware of this myself, and I only have one pristine copy myself. I will enquire if my publishers will be doing another print run and I will let you know.

      warm regards


    • Hi Ela
      I remember that you wanted to purchase a copy of my novel, Extinction 1. I was looking at getting paypal on my website but I have to pay a $25 monthly fee, which is not profitable as I am only selling a handful of copies to people like yourself. The only way I can sell you a copy, is if you deposit money in my bank account and then I post the book to you. Not the ideal situation but I consider myself trustworthy as I am a primary school teacher and mother. I have investigated postage costs in Australia and it would be about $ 7 postage, depending on where in Australia you live. I usually sell Extinction for $15. That would mean that you would have to pay me $22. Please let me know if you would still like to purchase a copy of Extinction 1. If so, I will send you my bank account details.

      kind regards

      Lizzie Wilcock

  90. Hi Mrs Wilcock,

    I am a year 9 student from Australia and I love your book Extinction- The day the world ended. I decided to read your book because we got given a book trailer assignment. Were we could pick what ever book we want and make a book trailer. I am not much of a reader but this book has been a interesting book that i have been committed to read. I love the book it gives me a real sense of mystery, adventure and survival. it has been the best novel I’ve read. Thanks. Can’t wait to read Extinction 2.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Bec
      Thanks for all your kind words about my book. I hope you have read Extinction 2 by now. It is even more exciting. What program did you use to make a book trailer? I’m interested because I am a teacher and I would like to give that project to my kids. I used to use stupeflix but now we can’t access it through the NSW department of education website.
      I hope you enjoy your upcoming school holidays and find some good books to read. Being in Year 9, you might enjoy my first two novels, Losing It and Grieve. You should be able to find them in your local library, or you can still buy Losing It online. Grieve is out of print. Let me know what you think.
      Merry Christmas

      Love Lizzie

  91. Hi my name is owen im 12 years old.Is there going to be a movie of extinction because i have read both books twice over and i would love to see it. I felt really connect to the book i felt like it really happened and the world ends we all die. I loved the part where annie created a lightning storm to get mac out of class so she could take him to octopus eddy

    • Hi Owen
      Happy New Year! Thanks for your messages. I feel so honoured to be your new favourite author, especially beating Emily Rhodda. Now that’s not easy. Annie and Mac were great characters and I think lots of kids could relate to their antics, but no one has ever mentioned a favourite scene before. That one where Annie created the thunderstorm is also one of my favourites. I can see how well that would look in a movie, with really cool special effects. If only . . . .

  92. Hey Lizzie my name is Sam I just finished reading your first book the other day and am reading the 2nd one now. I really need to know if there is a movie (or show) coming out based on your books because if their is I’d love to see them and how the director as used your books Please write back


    • Hi Sam
      Wow, that is a really long name but I love it! How cool would an Extinction Movie be? Can you imagine the special effects as the kids use their powers! It would be difficult to find 8 kids who look alike, but I guess a good hair and makeup department could take care of that!
      So if you know of any movie producers, tell them about my books.!


    • Hi Caitlin
      Thanks for your comment. How cool would an Extinction Movie be? Can you imagine the special effects as the kids use their powers! It would be difficult to find 8 kids who look alike, but I guess a good hair and makeup department could take care of that!
      So if you know of any movie producers, tell them about my books.!

  93. I came across your Extinction book trailer searching for another one on YouTube. I love books like extinction no matter what age range they are written for. I especially love preteen and young adult novels because I can share them with my ten year old son. Reading is not his thing and I’m having a hard time finding books for him to read that peak his interest. I haven’t read your books yet but I think Xander will like them if I can only get him to sit still long enough to read them.

  94. Hi my name is Sue and I am in year 5. For homework we had to read books and on the list I saw ‘Extinction series’. I thought it sounded interesting so I read it and it was awesome!!!!!! I have 2 questions.
    1. Is ‘Extinction’ going to be made into a movie because I think all the special effects will be really really really cool!!
    2. Also are you going to make a third book or have you written any other books because I would do anything to read them. Pleeeeeeeaaaaassse can you write ‘Extinction 3’ or something similar because I am out of books to read.
    I think extinction 1 and 2 were really cool. It was the best series I have read so far in the 10 years I have lived!! I love the adventure in the book!!

    • Hi Sue
      Thanks for loving my Extinction series. Your first question is the one I get asked the most. To get a book made into a movie is difficult if you are a financially poor person like myself. I don’t have the money to make things like movies happen. Movie producers get sent tens of thousands of books and scripts every day. They decide somehow what they like for a movie. They usually choose the novels that have sold millions of copies (American and English novels), so Extinction is not up there in that category as it was only released in Australia. I really would like to see it become a movie, and it might one day, just not at the moment.
      To answer your second question, I DO have a new book coming out in February next year. It is called “Thirst” and it a survival story about two runaways in the Australian desert. Look out for it!


  95. I have just finished your amazing books extinction 1 and 2, my breath was taken away and I am now reading the first book again. I love your book Extinction, please write another book! I love the depth and how I cant put the book down, it took me 1 day to read number one and two, that’s how hooked I was into your writing, please write another series 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine
      Thanks for loving my Extinction series. I have just finished reading the first one with my Year 5 class and they loved it too. Did you know that tomorrow is the day that the world ends? September 21st, at around 8:30 am. So be careful and watch for the flash!
      I DO have a new book coming out in February next year. It is called “Thirst” and it a survival story about two runaways in the Australian desert. Look out for it!


      • Hi lizzie, I was extremely pleased with the book extinction no 1. It was like the best book I have ever read. Cant wait to get the second book. I would like to say that it would be awesome to make these books into a movie. It would be a massive hit!!!

      • Hi Melaney
        Thanks for loving Extinction. The second book is awesome and I agree that it would make an awesome movie. Your dad doesn’t happen to be a movie producer by any chance???
        The idea began when my husband and I were camping in a national park on the NSW north coast. We went for a long walk along the beach on Easter Sunday. It was a glorious day, but after 8 hours of being on the beach we realised we had not seen a single person. Sounds like the opening chapters with Annie and Mac. So the idea came from that and grew into the series. I’m glad you liked it.
        kind regards

  96. Hi Lizzie,
    One of the best books I’ve read for years and I’ve strted the second and I’m up to the part where they are collecting the purest water on earth these books are full of suprises that wants us to read on and on. Hopefully more of these action adventures come as I believe it would have been great if you kept going with the extinction series. Love your work and thanks for the great read as I am now convincing my friends at school to read it.

    • Hi Aaron
      I apologise for not responding sooner, but it is that mad time of the year when I am marking school work and writing reports. I teach Year 5 at a school in Newcastle. That’s so cool that you love Extinction and that you are trying to get your friends at school to read it. I love to hear that one of my books has excited someone so much that they recommend it to their friends. Extinction 2 was so much fun to write as I really felt I was travelling the world with the kids and living their lives. Let me know how you like the ending. It’s truly explosive!
      warm regards


  97. Very hard to get a copy of the book “The day the world ended (Extinction # 1)” any ideas as to where I can get one for my son for Christmas?

    • Hi Penny
      I must have missed your email in my Christmas rush. I have just checked every online store and there are none available. I think it may be out of print but my publishers usually notify me if this is the case. I will be in contact with them and see what’s going on. I hope you found another great book series for your son for Christmas.

      kind regards


      • Hi Lizzie, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, every book store & on-line store said the same, ‘out of print’ if there’s any way I can get one even if it’s 2nd hand, that would be a bonus. He has read the book by borrowing it from his school library, but wants a copy of his own, so he can re-read it. He has the 2nd one also, so always good to have the set. Not a problem re: Christmas, I got him another set of books he likes & he was still happy, just keeps asking re: this one. So if any copies come about, please let me know.

      • Hi Penny
        I have copies of Extinction that I bought from my publisher to sell when I conduct writing workshops. I will soon be setting up a payment system on my website where readers like you can purchase the books and I can package them off to you. I will let you know directly when I have this established. Thanks to your son for loving my books. It means a lot to me when people say that.

        warm regards

  98. Hi I am mitchell
    Lizzie I would like to say thank you for making my car trips and my life happy when ever I am board I would just play video games but the extinction book is better then any video games I have read both book 3 times even though I know what happens I still love it And I was wondering if you would try and make this book a movie because that would be my life’s dream

    Thank you Lizzie wilcock

  99. Hi Lizzie, Thank you so much for taking the time to sort out a copy for Daniel. Yes, please let me know as soon as you’re ready with the payment details & I’ll organise payment to you promptly.

    • Hi Penny
      I remember that you wanted to purchase a copy of my novels, Extinction 1 & 2 for your son, Daniel. I was looking at getting paypal on my website but I have to pay a $25 monthly fee, which is not profitable as I am only selling a handful of copies to people like yourself. The only way I can sell you any of my books, is if you deposit money in my bank account and then I post the book(s) to you. Not the ideal method, but I consider myself trustworthy as I am a primary school teacher and mother. I have investigated postage costs in Australia and it would be about $10 postage, depending on where in Australia you live. I usually sell Extinction 1 and 2 for $15 each, but I will let you purchase both for $25. That would mean that you would have to pay me $35. Please let me know if you would still like to purchase my books. If so, I will send you my bank account details.

      kind regards

      Lizzie Wilcock

  100. Hi lizzie my name is Sophia I am 12 years old and right now nothing has really gone right in my life seems like it has just been disaster after disaster but when my friend showed me the extinction book in our school library I instantly became hooked on this book and every time I read this book it felt like nothing really mattered as if I was in my own little world it was like a life line for me and a really enjoyed it even though I have read hraps of other novels this was the only one I really felt a connection to andI think you should really look into getting it turned into movie I think that that would be a real success anyway thank you for writing extinction it really did help me and look forward to any other books that you have written

    • Hi Sophia
      I am so sorry to hear that your life has been troubled, but I am glad that my Extinction series was able to ease some of your pain. That’s what a good book can do – more so than a movie – whisk you away to another place and time. Did you feel a connection to any of the characters in particular, or was your connection to the dilemma they found themselves in and, in comparison, it made your own problems seemed small? Check out my new book that came out this month. It’s called Thirst and I posted an entry on my blog last month.


  101. Hello Lizzie!

    Don’t know if you remember me but I posted to your website a few years ago and haven’t spoken for ages! I remember I used to be pretty keen on you replying to my messages then because I was such a big fan! Of course I’ve changed since then and won’t beg you to reply like the little fan girl I used to be! How’s your writing going? I’ve managed to read Grieve and Give Me Four Reasons since I last spoke to you. Grieve was a very dark, intriguing book with a great story behind it, and GMFR was a beautiful story, I loved them both!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    From Sophie 🙂

    • Hi Sophie
      Of course I remember you. I used to love our email messages. How old are you now? Obviously old enough to read GriEVE which I recommend for 14 plus. I am still plodding away with my writing and school teaching and being a mum. I had a new book published last month called “Thirst” andthat is very exciting. What are you reading at the moment? My favourite book in recent years is “The Sky is Everywhere” by Jandy Nelson ( I think. I have loaned my copy out so I can’t remember the Author’s surname). Recommend a good read to me, Sophie.

      • Hey Lizzie,
        Nice to hear from you again! I’m almost finished year 10 now, so I’ve read a lot more books during my high schooling. One I’m currently reading is called “Sweet Damage” by Rebecca James. Very creepy but exciting book, would definitely recommend to any adult. I’m excited to read your new book, I’ve got my mum to get it for me for Christmas this year so can’t wait! I’m sure it will be as good as all your other ones!

        Talk soon 🙂
        From Sophie.

  102. Hi Lizzie.
    My name is Kobi Slaats and I think your extinction series is the best series I have ever read. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. You are my biggest fan and I wish you luck for any books you are planning. You are such an inspiration to me. I love reading and writing and I hope I will become like you one day. Your the best. Kobi

    • Hi Kobi
      Wow! Thanks for the huge wrap. Best ever series is pretty high praise. And edge of the seat is just like in the movies. I do love my Extinction series. I just read it to my 8 year old daughter and I got to relive all of the excitement and adventure myself. I hope you fulfil your dream of becoming a writer one day. The key is to keep reading everything you can lay your hands on, and then decide on the type of book you want to write. Write something you are passionate about, and then your readers will be passionate about your work too. Good luck with it all. Hey, check out my new book, “Thirst”. I hope you will like it too.


  103. Hi lizzie
    I will definitely read thirst. I read thirst’s blurb and I am really interested in reading it. I hope all is going well with your children.can I ask you what book you are planning next or one you are working on because I want to read more of your action packed books. I definitely prefer reading books other than watching movies. Thank you for your tips. I will definitely take that in consideration. I didn’t really introduce myself before so I am in year 6 and I play baseball and I also read whenever I can. At school whenever have free time I sit down and read your amazing books. I can’t believe I’m speaking to you.

  104. Hi Lizzie Wilcock, my name is milan and i am in year 8, from Nz my friend was reading your book Extinction and told me to read the backside of the book after i read the summary only one thing popped in my head “I am so going to read that book, read through it, it was amazing I am suddenly a fan of yours

    • Hi Milan
      I am so thrilled to have a fan in NZ! Let me know what you think of Extinction 2. Extinction 2 is the best one of this series as it is faster paced and the children time travel and portal travel to so many different places on their mission. They don’t get to NZ, but maybe I should write a book where I include your beautiful country. There are also huge surprises and twists and turns. I hope you enjoy it.


      • I have read Extinction 2, sad how it ended, so do they just continues on with their normal lives?
        Cant believe their were adopted. thanks what is a another book that you would recommend that is thilling

      • Hi Milan
        Good question – do Annie and Mac just continue with their normal lives? Well, I think their lives would be irrevocably changed because they now know they are adopted and that their real parents, Beathan and Zoe, live in New York. They also have their siblings around the world, and they have experienced such an amazing adventure, that I think their lives will be forever changed. But I guess as normal kids they go back to school and do normal things. Perhaps Annie and Mac get Aidan Mead’s novel turned into a movie, starring them. Life is only as normal as you make it.
        Try my new novel, Thirst. It’s a survival story set in the Australian desert.
        Let me know what you think.

        Love Lizzie

  105. Hi lizzie,
    Hi I loved your book. I hope you can give me more information about the second book. The first book sounded really exciting and thrilling so I am looking to reading Extinction 2. Thank you for providing the books so we can read them for entertainment. 🙂

    • Hi Teresa
      Extinction 2 is the best one of this series as it is faster paced and the children timetravel and portal travel to so many different places on their mission. There are huge surprises and twists and turns. I hope you enjoy it.


  106. Hi Lizzie
    I was just wondering could you please tell me why my teacher should read this book to my class. The task is to write a persuasive letter saying why my teacher should read it, so it would be really nice if you could help. Please get back to me A.S.A.P. It’s ok if you can’t help I was just wondering. Well that’s it. Talk later. 😉😀

    • Hi Kobi
      Your teacher should totally read this book to the class. Here are the main reason why:1. It’s an Australian book, written by an Aussie author with Australian characters and settings (even though the town has a fictitious name). 2. This book covers so many genres that kids love. There’s adventure, science fiction, time travel, super powers, humour, and contemporary issues. 3. Towards the end of Part 1 the characters start to travel to various places around the world, so therefore it is educational. 4. There is a great set of teacher’s notes on my word press site that teachers can use, so therefore all the planning work has been done for the busy teacher. 5. Kids absolutely love this book. I have had so many hits on my website from parents of reluctant readers and from reluctant readers themselves telling me that this book has hooked them into reading. 6. Students can learn a lot from this story about figurative language devices, as it contains many examples of similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, enjambment, imagery, hyperbole, alliteration, etc. 7. There is a book trailer that you can access through youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6WA6pOn5Ls to encourage and motivate students. 8. This book is written by a primary school teacher who has done it with her Year 5 class for the last three years and they loved it. 9. The author promises to answer all comments left on her website. and . . . . .10. It is an absolutely brilliant book!

      Hope this helps, Kobi. Let me know how you go.

  107. Hi Lizzie
    My teacher would absolutely love to read Extinction. She asked me if we had it in the School Library and unbelievably today at library I found it, so she is going to read it to the class. Thank you so much for helping me. Highly appreciated. If this is ok may I ask, are you planning another book if so could you please tell me. I’d really like to read another amazing book of yours. I hope all is going well with your children. I’m just wondering, who would you go to if you wanted to make tis book a movie because this book would make a great movie.
    From Kobi

    • Hi Kobi
      I am glad your teacher is going to read Extinction. Is she going to read it to the class? She probably wants to check it our first to see if it is suitable, or if she enjoys it. I have just ahd a book published in May this year called “Thirst”. It’s a survival story set in the Australiam desert. Check it out. If Extinction was to be made into a movie, I would like a big name Hollywood producer to do it. Someone with a big budget for special effects. I think some Aussies could play the roles of Annie and Mac, some Brits for Rhea and Douglas, and so on. Do you have any connections in the business, Kobi?

      • I absolutely love acting. it is my favourite subject and i love the beach. my parents say i will be a great comedian when i grow up.

  108. Oh my gosh I loooooovvvve this book, I don’t know if book 2 is out yet or not so I’m trying to read it super slow so I don’t finish it quickly like I normally would!! Sooooo many cliffhanger! Love it love it love it!!! Anyways my classroom got a bunch of book from a nearby school that closed down and in reading groups (I’m in grade 6) I forgot my book and I was looking through the shelves and I saw the writing (I don’t really read titles cuz I’m very judgemental about books because I am picky about what I like, but it’s stood out to me and I’m like the day the world ended??? Cool how interesting will that be?!? And started to read I have to admit I was iffy at the start but as I read on it just got better and better. Anyway I was wondering what Aussie bookstores sell this series because I am DESPERATE to buy them… I wanna steal this book lol. Anyways I LOVE ur work and please, keep me coming I want like a 8 book series here, you could totally do that. I believe in you Hun.
    Amelia (Millie) xox

    • Wow Millie,
      I am guessing that you liked Extinction 1. I don’t think I have ever had a comment so full of emotion and raw energy like yours before! How amazing that you just stumbled across my book and loved it so much to send me a message. I am so flattered. Part 2 is called Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. You won’t find it in any book stores anymore, but it might be in your local library or you could buy it on an online bookstore site like Booktopia. Extinction 2 races along and has no slow bits like I must admit Extinction 1 has. Let me know what you think, Millie. No stealing, please. Promise me. But then again . .. . I think you have just given me an idea for a new novel.

      love Lizzir

      • Dang that’s a bummer, I seriously want to read it, I’ll try online because I am DESPERATE to know what happens… What other novels have you written? I would looooove to read other books you have written. I’m seriously fussy but you have crept towards the top of my Fave Authors list!MUST READ MORE LIZZIE WILCOCK. Lol I sound like a weirdo but that’s how I feel.

    • Hi Millie
      Did you end up buying the Extinction Series? If not I can sell them to you. I was looking at getting paypal on my website but I have to pay a $25 monthly fee, which is not profitable as I am only selling a handful of copies to people like yourself. The only way I can sell you any of my books, is if you deposit money in my bank account and then I post the book to you. Not the ideal set up, but I am a primary school teacher and I consider myself extremely trust worthy. I have investigated postage costs in Australia and it would be about $10 postage, depending on where in Australia you live. I usually sell Extinction 1 and 2 for $15 each, but I will let you have both for $25. That would mean that you would have to pay me $35. Please let me know if you would still like to purchase these books. If so, I will send you my bank account details.

      kind regards

      Lizzie Wilcock

  109. Dear Lizzie,
    I really love this book because it is so adventurous and I even made a summary of it in school.
    Can you make any other adventurous books?

    • Hi Cheska
      I love your name! Can I use it in a book? Thanks for loving Extinction. I hope you were able to read Extinction 2 as well. I have written another book that you may like. It was released in May and is called “Thirst”. It is more of a real-life adventure story. Check it out. Thanks for your message.
      Love Lizzie

  110. hay lizzie love your book i thing it,s one of the best books i have ever read. my name is Maurice.i am 12 years old.hope i get to read any more books you write.
    by Maurice.

  111. hay lizzie my name is Maurice i love your book.i hope i get to read more.
    i also done a speech at school.i am 12 years old.i also thing that extinction was the best book i ever read.

    • Hi Maurice
      Ah, a New Zealander! Thanks for loving Extinction. I hope you have also read Extinction 2 as it is a thrill ride. I would have loved to hear your speech about Extinction. I hope you got a really good mark. Let me know what you think of Extinction 2.

      love Lizzie

  112. Hi Lizzie,
    My name is Katekyn and I’m in year 6. I loved your extinction series so much that the word love is n understatement. I read the whole series in 6 days. Anyway, I would love if you wrote like maybe a final little snippet about Annie and Mac after extinction day and maybe some insight on the others characters too. I know this is a huge favour to ask, but I bet all the other fans would enjoy it too.

    • Hi Katelyn
      Thanks for loving my Extinction series. Six days to read two novels is a huge feat! Well done. I love to devour books too, but then a few months later I like to go back and reread them and I usually pick up on little things I missed the first time in my rush to get to the end. I love the ending of Extinction – how Annie and Mac are in their underwater cave, just like in the beginning of the first book. The letter from their “real parents,” which was written in the new version of the past, explains so much, but does leave the reader guessing. I like to end a novel that way. I personally hate it when an author assumes his/her readers are not intelligent enough to work things out for themselves. I like to leave the reader thinking and wondering. So I won’t write an additional ending. But I think that the octuplets, and Beathan and Zoey, would keep in close contact. Perhaps even get together often to remember their shared adventures. What a huge sacrifice that Beathan and Zoey made for the good of mankind, to give their children up for adoption so that they could save the human race in the future. It is actually quite mind-blowing, the whole time traveling thing and how you can change the present by changing the past. I had so much fun writing the series. Thanks for loving it.

  113. Hi lizzie
    I absolutely loved reading your extinction series, very soon I am going to start reading the rest of your books. You have such an amazing imagination.

    please reply!!!!


    • Hi Hannah
      Thanks for loving my Extinction Series. I still think it would make the most awesome movie. I really loved writing that series and using my imagination. There were no limits, like there is in reality fiction. I am sorry that I have not replied sooner. I am a teacher and at this time of the year I have been flat out writing school reports for my Year 5 class. 32 kids! I also went on school camp with Year 5 which was brilliant but exhausting, so I hope you will forgive me for not replying sooner. If you are going to start reading the rest of my books, you can get Give Me Four Reasons at online bookstores very cheaply. Thirst is also a fantastic summer read. Perhaps a Christmas present from Santa for you??? Put them on your list. You will love them.
      Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  114. Hey Lizzie, i’m from Perth! I’m going into grade 7, and I read this book last year and its one of my favorite books! I’m happy i found your web page, because I’ve been looking for what happened at the end of the book, and its kind of hard to look up and i would like to ask some quesitons. Firstly, will you be writing a 3rd book? And secondly, i remember getting up to the part where annie and mac are surrounded by animals in the park but i cant remember what happens after that, and in the ending. Could you tell me what happens, and if there were any clues that i missed?

    Thanks a heap!!

    From Jake

    • Hi Jake
      Thanks for taking the time to find my website and make a comment and thanks for loving Extinction. I won’t be writing a third book, but have you read the second one? Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion explains everything that happens to Annie and Mac (and the world) after they are surrounded by anials in the park in South Africa. I won’t spoil it for you, but you have to read Part 2. Let me know if you like it.
      Happy Reading

      Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxx

      • Hi Lizzie, thanks for the reply! I’m very excited to read the 2nd book and I’m annie is still alive. But what did happen to her at the end of the 1st book, thats the part thats bugging me because i can’t remember!

        Thanks so much!


      • Hi Jake
        I won’t tell you if Annie is still alive for book 2, but at the end of Book 1, the 6 kids were rendered unconscious by Dick Van Houd, marinated in sheeps blood, then left to be mauled to death by the lions in the park in South Africa. Rhea and Douglas were not unconscious, so they were able to keep the lionesses at bay by using their power over wind, but they began to tire and Annie was grabbed and carried off by a lioness. . . .
        Get reading part 2 and let me know if you love it. I am sure you will.

        Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  115. Thank you so much for the reply it means a a lot from such a cool author!! How did the liones carry her away if it wasn’t by the neck which would of hurt her?

    • Hi Jake
      The lioness carried Annie by biting the back of her shorts. I think you need to go back and read the book, Jake. It was a very important part of the story. Have a nice weekend.


  116. Hi Lizzie!

    I cant beleive i forgot! Seems like that would give a wedgie hahaahah. Im gonna have to check my school library again to see if they have both the books. Thanks so much for the help lizzie, youre books are the best around!


  117. Hi lizzie,

    The extinction series you have written are my favourite books they are the best books ever written keep up the good work.


    • Hi Ryan
      It’s great to find a new fan. And it’s good t know that my books are still being borrowed from libraries, as I don’t think they are available to purchase anymore. I love the Extinction series, and I am working on a novel that is packed with excitement and danger and travel, just like this one.
      What state are you from, Ryan? I always like to know where my fans are from. I am from Newcastle, NSW.

  118. Hi Lizzie,
    I love your books! Especially the Extinction series, they are amazing!! I only found out about them last year when I found them in my school library. Sadly, I can’t borrow them anymore because I’m in high school now (I moved schools) 😦 As soon as I read the blurb I was sucked in I hope you keep on writing books as exciting as the extinction series.

    Thanks so much and I hope you get this message!

    • Hi Anika
      What a lovely name you have. Thanks for loving my books. I hope you find them in your high school library. They might have copies of my first two novels which were for high school kids, mainly girls. Losing It and GriEVE are the titles. Let me know if you like them. Have a wonderful school holiday!
      warm regards


  119. Hello, my name is Eloise and I’m in year 6 my teacher is currently reading the book and I am just in aw its AMAZING p.s my teachers name is Simone Thomas you may know her she does talk about you a lot while reading it .

    • Hi Eloise
      You have an awesome teacher in Miss Thomas. I am currently reading Extinction to my Year 5 class and they are loving it too. I get to tell them funny little things that I remember as I was writing each scene. It makes it really special for them. Your teacher can probably tell you a lot about me, too. Like the fact that I am a normal person, but I have a wild imagination. That’s all it takes to be a writer.
      I hope you have enjoyed your holiday, Eloise. Say hi to Miss Thomas for me.


  120. HI Lizzie i love your books. I am doing a biography on you so please give me some usefull info on your life

    Ps: please make some elemental books and it would be great if you named the air type boy Isaac after me.

    Isaac xxx

    • Hi Isaac
      I am so totally flattered that you are doing a bio on me. You can find info about all my books on this site or my facebook page. As for useful info on my life you can check out the “More About Lizzie Wilcock” tab on this blog site. To give you updated info . . . I am still teaching Primary School and I love it. I currently teach Year 5 and I dedicated Thirst to my students – past, present and future. They inspire me because they are so into reading, and I often ask them what sort of books they would like to read that haven’t yet been written. That’s a hard question to answer, and I have never actually used any of their ideas. I have dozens of ideas for new novels, but limited time to write a new one. I teach Full time – 5 days a week and I do a lot of school work in the evenings and on the weekend. Each year I set my students the task of writing a mini-novel and we work through it together, lesson by lesson, giving info and tasks on creating characters, settings, how to plot, how to pace, how to have cliff hanger chapters, etc. Each student has a writing buddy who works with them and helps edit and proof read their work, and vice versa. My students rise to this challenge and printing out their mini novels (just using Microsoft Publisher) is a huge moment for them all. I shake each child’s hand and say “Congratulations. You are now a published author”.
      We celebrate the publication of these novels with a “Book Launch” where parents are invited up to school and each student reads a short section from their novel. I think this make my students really now that their efforts have been valued and rewarded. In years to come I would be thrilled to walk into a bookstore and see books on the shelf written by any of my former students.
      One interesting fact in my life is that my only child – an almost ten-year old daughter – hates reading and writing. She never reads by herself for pleasure, and as for writing . . . well, a passion for reading and skills in writing go hand in hand.
      So let me know how your school task goes, Isaac. I hope you get a good mark.
      warm regards


  121. HI LIZZIE. I am the biggest fan of all your books and I really hope you reply to this. I really love both the books and I really want you to make another one. possibly when the octuplets children have to save the sun or something like that. it would be super cool I really want to meet you and you are my favourite author


    • Hi Mehak
      Thanks for writing to me and for loving my Extinction series. You have some amazing ideas for the next series. Perhaps you should be a writer one day! I would love to meet all my fans. Do you know that I am Year 5 teachers and about 30 students every year have me as their writing teacher? They consider themselves very lucky. I love writing novels for children and teenagers. What other books do you love, Mehak?


    • Hi Nia
      Thanks so much for writing to me and for loving my Extinction Series. You must be a big fan to have read them twice. Who was you favourite character? Mine is Annie, of course.


  122. Hi, I read this book in grade 6 and I love it so so much. I’m now in Grade 10 and want to read it again but can’t seem to find it. Where can I purchase it in Australia?

    • Hi Emily
      Thanks for loving Extinction 1 and for remembering it 4 years later. That thrills me. I hope you also read Extinction 2. Extinction 1 is now out of print, but you can probably find it at your local or school library. If you can’t, I have a few copies left that I sell for $12 plus postage, which is about $9 depending on where you live. If you are interested, send me another message and I will give you my private email address. I also have Extinction 2 for sale. Let me know if you want them.
      warm regards


  123. Hi Lizzie,

    I have read your novel ‘Thirst’ and I loved it 🙂 You are an amazing author 🙂 Have you been writing any other novels??

    • Hi Jasmine
      Thanks for loving ‘Thirst’. I have written 5 other novels, which are all detailed on my wordpress site. Check out ‘Extinction: The Day the World Ended’ and Extinction 2. I hope you love them as much as Thirst. Let me know what you think.


      • Hi Lizzie,

        I have read Extinction: The Day the World Ended and Extinction 2 many times, they are two of my favourite novels :). Annie and Mac are my two favourite characters.

  124. Hi Lizzie,

    I am trying to source some more copies of The Day the World Ended, as it is such a popular book in our school library we need to replace our well-read editions.
    We have tried numerous places, even trying for second hand to no avail.
    Could you be of help?

    Many Thanks,

    Stephanie Taylor
    Drouin Secondary College Library

    • Hi Stephanie
      I am thrilled to know that Extinction: The Day The World Ended is so popular at your school. I recently had the same request from a school in Western Australia. Extinction is out of print and I have purchased the last remaining copies. I sell them for $15 each. I also have copies of Part 2 Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion for sale. Please contact me for further details on lizzie_wilcock@yahoo.com.au


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