ISBN 978-1-74169-016-3griEVE is based on a dream I had as a child. My mother had died the year before and I had a dream that she wasn’t dead, she was in a mental hospital. When I awoke, I was so confused as to what was the truth. I thought it would make an interesting novel to explore a story about a girl who suffers this confusion, for various reasons, and then chooses to believe the less-painful version of events.

The rest of griEVE is fiction, but I did draw heavily on places that I had grown up in. I grew up in Fairfield, which I called Fairlane in the novel. My house was a deceased estate when we bought it and it did come with an old Salonela upright gramophone and about three hundred gramophone records. I have the gramophone now, and the records. It still works! The gramophone record that Eve plays is one that I chose from the collection – ‘Why?’ by Nat King Cole. I did get copyright permission from the daughter of the songwriter to use the lyrics.

Like Eve’s, my childhood house was located near a paddock that contained sewage treatment pools. My brother used to ride his mini bike around the paddock, but I was too scared to ride.

My Primary School was called ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’, but in the book I changed the name to ‘Our Lady of Peace’. Our Lady Peace is the name of a Canadian rock band that I fell in love with on my year of teacher exchange in Vancouver.

The dairy farm that Eve moves to at Kurrabrook is based on the dairy farm my family moved to at Parkville, near Scone in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

The poem on pg 210 by Luke Friskers, written in Eve’s English class on her first day at Kurrabrook High, was actually a poem I wrote in Year Seven. I didn’t have it written down, but for some reason I can still recite that poem from memory. For obvious reason, I did not become a poet!

All the names of my main characters, from Losing It and griEVE, are names I liked and considered naming my children after one day – Gabbie, Zoe, Zak, Eve, Summer, Thomasina, Sebastian. During the editing process of griEVE I was pregnant with my first (and only) child. If a girl, my child was going to be called Summer Eve. I reconsidered when I realised that I would be naming her after two very troubled young girls. We chose Isla Josephine instead.


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    • Hi Keely
      Grieve is a powerful novel about grief and mentall illness. It is my favourite novel because the lead character is like me in a lot of ways and has shared a few similar experiences. I also set the novel in both of my hometowns, but I changed the names. The novel is fiction, but based on a dream had when I was about ten. But yes, wait until year 8 to read it.

  1. Hey Lizzie
    i’m amber the kid that asked you where I would be able to get a copy of grieve. What will I have to do again?
    If you reply cam you do via email

    • Hi Amber
      I sent you a reply via email as you suggested. I’m just making sure you got it. I think I may have accidentally sent it to wordpress. Let me know if you got it and what you would like to do about buying a copy of Grieve.

  2. Hi Lizzie

    I read grieve and fell in love I feel some of the same confusion as eve does and reading this book I could relate to

    • Hi Poppy J
      I don’t get many comments on griEVE these days so it was lovely to read yours. I hope your life isn’t as bad as Eve’s, but it’s nice to know that my readers can relate to my characters.


  3. i’m finding it hard to remember where you said Eve’s mother is placed, he mental home/ burial place. please help me out (: xx

    • Hi Morgan
      Sorry that it has taken me ages to reply to you. Although Eve knows what really happened to her mother, her grief and the silence from her father and aunt that surrounds her mother “leaving” cause her to fabricate a story in her mind that her mother is in a mental hospital. Believing this is less painful that accepting the truth, which is of course, that her mother committed suicide quite violently on the kitchen floor. A sad story, but also uplifting when Eve comes to terms with this and begins to see a way out of the darkness. Eve’s cutting scenes were very graphic and I wrote them that way because cutting is a serious thing. It hurts, it’s bloody, and it’s preceded by and followed by confusion and a whole range of emotions. I am sorry to hear that you could relate to it so well. I hope that you have found your own way out of the darkness too.

  4. Hi Lizzie ,
    I loved griEVE . I couldn’t stop reading it and I finished it in 3 days . After reading the book I really felt that I knew eve so of course the ending was very upsetting for me . It confuses me why you would chose that ending . Why after eve spends over a year suffering from depression that you would chose to make it worse ? Why does she have to go back to helper abusive step mother and a dad who is never there for her ? Does she ever stop cutting ?
    GriEVE is one of my favourite books and I feel like I can relate to eve in a lot of ways . Luckily I haven’t got things as bad as her but I feel like she could be a real person . My favourite book is the hunger games and I think griEVE was just as good . Thank you for writing such an amazing book .
    From Maya ostrowski
    P.s. Mind my spelling mistakes .

    • Hi Maya
      I apologise for not responding sooner, but it is that mad time of the year when I am marking school work and writing reports. I teach Year 5 at a school in Newcastle. I am so glad that you liked griEVE. Perhaps you didn’t quite understand the ending. Because Eve was suffering from extreme grief and depression, (and in many ways is like her mother and has a very loose grip on reality) she had imagined a lot of the abuse from her stepmother or exaggerated it. The step mother was certainly not blameless, but she had her own issues to deal with, especially the sadness of her parents giving away her young child, and generally not knowing how to be a good mother. The story ends with hope for a better future with Eve, Debra, Dad and Sebastian attempting to create some sort of promising family relationships out of the sadness of their pasts. Does Eve stop cutting? I think she would, given that she now has come to the realisation that her mother committed suicide and now that her father would understand the part he played in her mental breakdown by not talking to her and not allowing her to grieve. I hope this clears things up a bit for you.
      warm regards

  5. Hi Lizzie.
    I read GriEVE back when i was in highschool, i loved it so much i borrowed it from the library all the time. Ever since i left school ive tried to find a copy of it to buy. But have had no luck. Is there any way i can get a copy?
    Thankyou. Again i love your books x

    • Hi Lauren
      Thanks for loving GriEVE (and spelling it correctly!). This book is out of print now and the only copies available are the ones I bought from the company. I will try to arrange to get some form of payment system on my site and then I could let you purchase one.
      Happy New Year

      kind regards


    • Hi Lauren
      Thanks for loving GriEVE. I have had many requests for people to be able to get a copy. The only copies are the ones I bought from my publisher when I found out it was going out of print. I will soon be setting up a payment system on my website where readers like you can purchase the books and I can package them off to you. I will let you know directly when I have this established. Thanks for loving my books. It means a lot to me when people say that.

      warm regards

  6. Hey Lizzie,

    I bought Losing it and GriEVE at a young age (when I was 11 perhaps) and have always loved these books. Although, I think, at the time I bought them I did not understand most of the concepts and true events happening in GriEVE. However, with age I have begun to understand and sadly, relate to these books. I only just today realised I should google your explination of the novel to see if I actually knew what happened.

    Coming to my point, thank you for providing such an interesting viewpoint on life. These books started my love of books from the very beginning, and since I’m 18 now I still enjoy reading Losing it and GriEVE. Apologies for the lengthy paragraph, but I feel after all this time I need to write something like this.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Clare
      Thanks for taking the time to find my website and tell me about your experiences reading my novels. I am saddened that you are now able to relate to GriEVE and Losing It. I hope you will be able to work through (and read through) your problems and come out the other side a strong woman. I wrote these two novels to help girls understand that there are others out there who may be experiencing similar pain. Although they are both harrowing novels in parts, they are novels full of hope and sometimes I reread them myself. So thank you for reading, loving and keeping these novels on your bookshelf. Have a wonderful 2015, Clare.

      warm regards

  7. Hi Lizzie

    I am in love with your book Grieve! It’s so beautifully written and it’s possibly my favourite book of all time. I have read the book maybe about 12 times since I first fell in love with it in 2011. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere anymore. I’ve looked in all the book shops and all the libraries and I couldn’t find an e book version of it either 😦 (Im from New Zealand) I was just wondering why no libraries or book shops supply it anymore , as well as your book losing it. It makes me so sad that I may not ever be able to read it again! I just want to say thank you so much for writing it because I just love it.


    • Hi Molly.
      Thanks for loving my books. Both are now out of print but I have some copies that I bought myself. I will soon have internet banking set up where readers can purchase a book and I can mail it out to them. I will let you know details soon.
      warm regards


  8. I loved reading this book in high school, and would love to own a copy too, email me when that is available 🙂

    • Hi Ashleigh
      I am so bad at technology that I will have to get my husband to set up internet banking for me and then you could purchase a copy of Grieve. Thanks for loving it in high school. The fact that you want a copy is a huge thrill for me. I will let you know when I have set up this banking thingy.

      warm regards


      • Hi, Just remembered about wanting to get this book, are there still some available?

  9. Hey Lizzie,
    A friend of mine recently lent me her copy of griEVE, which I finished today. I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading this book, I just couldn’t put it down! I would love to own my own copy of the book so I can re-read it over, and over again. Could you please email me on how I will be able to purchase a copy? Thank you so much!

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