ISBN 978-1-74169-016-3Reviews can be like a pat on the back, letting us know we’ve done a good job, or a wake up call, telling us we’ve missed our mark. Here is a small selection of mine . . .

‘Eve, at thirteen, is cocooned in a circle of family love, and is especially close to her mother, Lily. But Lily disappears one day. The secretive silence that surrounds her disappearance becomes a stalking monster for Eve and she falls apart. Her father withdraws, first into indifference and beer through his inability to cope, then, too soon, into a new marriage that has no room for Eve. She finds a disturbing and macabre way of coping with her loss. She also finds Summer. Finally, a friend! And they have so many things in common. Summer teaches Eve to be daring and unpredictable. But then Summer, too, disappears. Eve finds escapes in dreams where she is reunited with her mother; dreams that dangerously extend themselves into her daily life, causing Eve to turn further inward and spiral down into darkness with only one option for salvation. This is an intriguing, disturbingyet totally absorbing story from the author of Losing It. It addresses loss, change, self-harm and hope. 5 stars.’ Anastasia Gonis, Good Reading Magazine

NSW Premier's Literary Awards

‘Eve’s life is falling apart. Her beloved but bipolar mother is suddenly taken from her and her ‘absent’ father is only there in a physical sense. Her maternal aunt, whom Eve is sent briefly to live with, is from a different age, and of course Eve shows up on the school bullies’ radar. The one bright spot in Eve’s life is her blossoming friendship with the rebellious Summer, but even this is not as it seems. It is the arrival of a new stepmother, Deborah, and her subsequent move to Deborah’s family dairy farm in Kurrabrook that precipitates Eve’s descent into madness. Unable to deal with her life and the bully at her new school, Tommy, Eve resorts to self-harm in an attempt to feel something other than emotional pain. Sometimes before we begin the journey back, we have to first hit rock bottom. Eve runs away from Kurrabrook believing she has hit rock bottom, when in fact she still has further to go. She doesn’t realise it, but Eve is about to face the family secret. Her heart stopper. Although this is at times a harrowing novel, it is also about the redemptive power of family, friends and hope. Lizzie Wilcock’s griEVE is both compelling and haunting and a reminder that we all live on the knife’s edge.’ Judges, Ethel Turner Prize, NSW Premier’s Literary Awards

‘A powerful and confronting novel for mature readers.’ Jo Goodman, Magpies Magazine


Lizzie congratulating James Roy, winner of the Ethel Turner Prize

NSW Premier's Literary Awards. Me snapped with my fabulous editor, Ana, for Sydney Confidential




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  1. Hi.
    I just wanted to say that my daughter really loves your books. She’s read 3 now. I picked up Grieve one day and I really enjoyed it in itself, but it also helped me to understand my teenage daughter better.
    Thankyou for writing such great books.

    • Hi James
      Thank you for your comment. I really love hearing that my books have been enjoyed, but it’s especially meaningful for me when parents take the time to reply. I am so glad that Grieve was able to help you understand your daughter. Teenage girls are complex beings. I am nervous about the day my own daughter reaches that age. I only hope that there are authors out there still writing the realistic stories that help teenagers understand themselves and that they are not alone in whatever they are going through. Hopefully I will still be one of those authors delivering the goods.

  2. Hi
    I have just read your book “Grieve” and just couldn’t put it down. Boy was I bleary eyed the next day!! The themes are confronting and at times shocking but are dealt with in a believable and sensitive manner. Your book was compelling reading. I love your style and look forward to reading another of your books soon.

  3. i just finished reading grIEVE and loved it!
    it was much more different from your first book losing it, but it opened my eyes to some of the issues teens have to deal with. your writing always seems to pull me into the main character and its like im going through everything Eve is. I even cried!
    im currently in the middle of reading Extinction and cant wait to finish,

    Your Fan Fiona. =D

    • Hi Fiona
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like my books. I will endeavour to keep delivering the type of stories that pull you into the main character and their lives. Watch this site for updates.

  4. Loved your book and how it deals with a very sensitive subject. It has been a great tool for me to open up a dialogue about the subject with my teenage daughter. Thank you.

  5. Hey Lizzie!
    The best thing I like about reading, is finding a book that is completely absorbing and can bring out my emotions – be it joy or sadness. Grieve is definitely one of these books! I found myself totally enthralled and wondering what had happened to Eve’s mother. Not only that, I had to have a box of tissues on hand as the tears flowed. Well done my girl! Looking forward to reading more of your books and discovering what emotions they will evoke in me!

  6. I loved GriEVE as an adult reader. There are not many books aimed at teens that deal with the difficult emotions that accompany death – our society as a whole doesn’t deal with it well, either. GriEVE was a very realistic tale that kept me turning the pages to see where the protagonist would go. I liked it so much that I forwarded my copy to a friend who is a high school teacher, and I would highly recommend it to parents of teens and teen readers.

    • Hi Ginnie
      Thank you so much for your comment. It really means a lot to me when adults enjoy my books as well. I hope mothers and their daughters or fathers and their daughters can take something from griEVE if ever they are in a similar situation.

  7. Hi
    I have just read losing it and I’m obsessed with it.I found losing it at a book fair and I just wish you made into a movie,if you ever do I would watch it over and over again . losing it is my new favourite book.
    I’m making all my friends read it. I’m hoping to buy more of your books to read .Thank you for the best book ever

    • Hi Ngikula
      You have such a lovely name. What is your cultural background and what does your name mean? I am always looking for unusual names to use in my future novels. Thanks for loving Losing It. It was my first book and so it is very special to me. I would love it to be made into a movie. A few years ago I had already picked the music for the soundtrack. Thanks for encouraging all of your friends to read it. If they are teenagers, then they would love my second novel, griEVE. You can read about it on my website. Libraries may have it, but it is now out of print so you can’t buy it in stores. Let me know if you can’t find it anywhere. My other books should all still be available in libraries or to buy online. Thanks for being my newest fan.

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