Losing It

‘Once you’ve lied about something, lying becomes easy. You keep lying to cover your tracks. The lie grows. It becomes huge. Savage. Hungry.’

Gabbie likes her life just the way it is. She has a cool best friend and parents she can tell anything, and she’s just met the perfect guy.

But there are some things you can’t control. When her best friend starts to go off the rails, Gabbie finds it harder and harder to share the truth with her parents. Her family is changing, and that may become the biggest problem of all . . .

Losing Itย  was shortlisted for the Young Adult Fiction Prize in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, 2006.

Click here to read the first chapter of Losing It

Published by Scholastic Press 2006.


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  1. Just finished reading Losing It after really enjoying GriEVE. What great books. Think I might use them with my class. Can’t wait until the next Lizzie Wilcock books are published! Thanks for providing us with such inspiring reads. Jane

    • Hello Jane
      Do you still have Grieve and Losing it?
      I cant find any in stock would be willing to buy my daughter
      some second hand ones….
      If you still own them I would be happy to purchase them from you.

      Newcastle Australia..

      • Hi Lisa
        I have some copies of both Losing and Grieve in boxes in my house. I keep them for when I do library and school visits. You can purchase them off me directly if you would like, I can give you details in a private email. So let me know if you are interested.


      • I’ve been looking everywhere for this book, was one of my favourites as a teenager, would love to find a copy somewhere

      • Hi Lauren
        I am thrilled that this was one of your favourites. I purchased the last few copies of Losing It a few years ago and I sell them for $12 each. Plus postage. Please rely to my email address for details of how to purchase. lizzie_wilcock@yahoo.com.au

        I hope to hear from you soon


      • HI Lauren
        Please excuse my lateness at replying. I work full time as a Primary School teacher so I donโ€™t check my blog very often. Thanks for loving Losing It. It is now out of print, but thankfully I purchased the last remaining copies of it which I sell to my fans for $12. RRP is $20. I have to add postage, of course, so if you reply directly through my email (for your own security of course), with your address, I can work out the postage and packaging costs for you. My email address is lizzie_wilcock@yahoo.com.au

        I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. I have just finished reading 2 of your books, being Grieve & Extinction.
    Can’t wait to read the next book in the Extinction series, they were both so
    exciting. It is so good to have an author who thinks like US. Diane

    • Hi Diane
      Thanks for your comment. Extinction 2 will not disappoint you in the excitement department. Keep an eye on your local bookstore in July for my next novel, “Give Me Four Reasons”, and in August for “Extinction2: The Explosive Conclusion.”


      • Hi Ellyn
        i am thrilled that you are a fan of my first novel. Yes, I have some of the last remaining (brand new) copies of Losing It which I sell for $12. (RRP$ 20). The postage costs are the same around Australia, I believe, and this book is just under 500 grams, making it about $8-12 to post. Let me know if you would like to proceed with purchasing this, and I will send you my bank account details.
        warm regards


  3. Losing It and GriEVE are the sort of YA books that I love – after reading both I sent them to my favourite 14 year old, saying: ‘You’ve got to read these,’ and she texted back saying she’d already read them and how both books were on her top five list. You know you’ve hit a good book when the characters stick to the inside of you as if you’ve met them. Eve and Gabbie talk to the reader – not just while you’re holding the book in your hand, but for months afterwards. Can’t wait to read the Extinction series.
    Julie G

    • Hi Julie
      Thanks for recommending my books to your favourite 14 year old and for loving them yourself. The Extinction Series is very different, but I am attracting a whole new fan base – boys! It’s so good to know I’ve hit the mark with my target audience, boys and girls.

  4. Lovin’ yr books Lizzie! Even my teenage sons liked Extinction and screamed out when they saw it as a prize on a pm kids TV show …. telling all their friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep them coming!!

    • Hi Lost it long ago
      Sounds like you’ve still got it if you’re loving my books. Thanks for your comment. It’s a buzz every time I see Extinction as a prize on Kitchen Whizz. I think, “Is that my book?” I have very supportive publishers.

  5. Hey im stasza, I am in grade 8 this year. My mum found Losing it at my old primary schools carnival and i really like the book i wish there was a series of them. I have became very attached to Gabbie and wont to no what happend to Zoe and about gabbie and Zak.

    • It just does not feel complet it fells like there should be 2 more chapters or if there was more books folowing after it.

    • Hi Stasza
      A lot of people have made the same comment, and I originally had an extra chapter that explained how things ended up with everyone, but my publishers thought that Gabbie’s story was the main one and that the book should end at that point. I’ll try to find the extra chapter on my old computer and upload it, if possible to my website. I’m glad you liked the book. Gabbie is a great character that many teenage girls can relate to.

      • HI
        Thanks for writing the books i will have to buy another book of yours. U r a fantastic writer thanks for writing back.


  6. i loved losing it and then i couldnt wait for u to write another book and then i red grieve and it was sooooo good i recomended both to my friends and sister and they loved them to i was woundering if any of your new books where like them

    • Hi Jess
      Thanks for being a fan. My new series, Extinction (two books) are an adventure series for age 10+, so very different from Losing It and Grieve. But they are awesome, if I must say so myself. Give Me Four Reasons is similar to Losing It and Grieve, as it is about a young girl and her problems. It’s aimed at 10+ too, but adults and teenagers have been raving about it. Let me know what you think.

  7. Hi Lizzie, I never usually read books but I was able to finish Losing it in 2 days! I really enjoyed it but umm I was a bit confused about the ending and I was wondering if you have uploaded the next two chapters you were suppose to publish because I am very interested in what happened to everyone else, thank you xxx

    • Hi Alice
      Thanks for writing to me. That is incredible that you ask about the final chapters this week. You see I was doing a clean up of my desk and my hard drive on Monday and I tossed out and deleted all the early versions of my novels! Silly me, I now realise. My publishers didn’t include the final chapters because they thought Gabbie’s story was the main one and it was best to have it end with the scene where she finally tells the truth to her parents. I agreed with them, because I like books to leave me thinking and drawing my own conclusions about the characters and their futures. So the ending, in a nutshell, was Uncle Darryl is charged by the police, Zoe survives her attempted suicide and her parents finally divorce, Gabbie tells Zak about all her lies but he forgives her. I am sure you would have figured that out for yourself anyway. Let me know if there is anything wlse you want to know.

  8. heyy Lizzie
    i read losing it about two years ago and well i loved it! it was an amazing book and is one of my favourites! im in year 9 now and i just found your book grieve hahah i stumbled upon it accidentally hahah. when i finished losing it i relised my art theory teacher fit the description of the uncle peprfectly and i have not been able to make eye contact with him ever again, i can’t even look at him hahahahaha well anyway You’re an amazing writer and i loved this book! โค

    • Hi Sirjan
      Ooh, that’s creepy about your art theory teacher, but don’t jump to conclusions. He might be a perfectly normal guy. lol. At least I hope he is if he’s a teacher. Let me know what you think of Grieve. Year 9 is a good age to be reading it.

      • hey Lizzie
        hahaha i’m sure he’s a normal guy but he just creeps me out hahaha well i finished grieve and it was GREAT! you’re simply amazing.

    • Hi Laylah
      Good on you for sharing your books with your Mum. I’m glad you both loved it. I always hope that my stories have enough in them to appeal to adults as well. Are you in high school. Laylah, or just about to go?

  9. hey ๐Ÿ™‚ losing it is one of my most favourite books ever and i just wanted to let you know how much i love it and your writing you are a marvelous author please contine the wonderful writing ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Monique
      I love your name. My middle name is actually Monica. Thanks for loving Losing It. Check out the other books I’ve written. I’m sure you would like Grieve as well, but you can only get it at libraries now as it is out of print. Plus I have a few boxes under my bed that I sell at writer’s workshops and festivals. You might like the Extinction series too, and Give me Four Reasons.

  10. Hi Lizzie

    I’m a big fan of your book ‘Losing It’ and ‘griEVE’ your books along with a few other authors have inspired me to write my own books.
    I was just wondering if there is a sequel to either of those books.

    — G

    • Hi Grace. Wow! Thanks for being a fan of my Young Adult novels. I rarely get fan mail from readers of those, because I only set up this site a year ago. Unfortunately there is no sequel to either of those books. Eve got her happy ending, and Gabbie’s was implied. How is your writing going? Are you doing YA issue based fiction? I look forward to finding one of yours in a bookshop (or ebook shop) one day.

      • My writing is going well I started one in December last year and am currently nearing the end of the 3rd chapter. My friends have read it and say that it’s good, and yes it is a young adult fiction novel. What I didnt mention before is that I read all the time! And I am only 13. Mum won’t buy books anymore as I read to quickly I finished your ‘losing it’ in 3 hours, and griEVE in 3 and a half hours.

        I was wondering if you have any tips on writing books as I am struggling to find time between dancing, homework and exercise. On weekends I barely leave my room because I am glued to the computer working on my book. Any advice???

  11. Hi Grace.
    You’re only 13! My advice is to write when you feel inspired, and spend the rest of your time enjoying your other pursuits. Don’t glue your self to your computer. The best stories come from people with life experiences, so get out there and enjoy life, and while you’re enjoying it, the best ideas and directions for your novel will come to you. I always go out and run/walk/swim atc when I am stuck at a point in my novel. The fresh air and the exercise does wonders for idea-generating. Good luck

  12. I just finished reading give me 4 reasons I could not put it down it was fantastic I love the wording and the characters I love how they get. Mixed up I finished it in 2 days it was a 5 out of 5
    Love lots Erin
    I’m just about to read losing it too

    • Hi Erin
      Thanks for your amazing review! Can I get you to write a comment on the back of the novel if it makes it into reprint?? I hope you enjoy Losing It. It’s a bit darker, and more of a mature read, but I’m sure you’re ready for it. Let me know what you think!

  13. Hey Mrs Beck!
    It’s Clare from NLPS 1/2W and art! I read Losing It when I started high school and it is the best book I have ever read! I have read it twice and it was amazing; I loved it.
    I also bought griEVE but haven’t finished it yet. I really like it so far.

    • Hi Clare
      Great to hear from you. I am so glad that you are taking the time to read your old teacher’s earlier novels. Losing It is very special to me. It was released in the year that I had you in 1/2 W (2006), so I probably talked about it a bit, but not too much as it was definitely not appropriate for you to read way back then. High school is the right time. What made you read it? Where did you get a copy? Library? And where did you get Grieve from? If you bought it, I would be interested to know where from, as I thought it was out of print and that there were no more copies available except the ones I purchased that are in boxes in my spare room.
      I hope you are loving high school. I rarely see Connor at school as I don’t have him for art anymore, so I can’t ask him about you. Please drop in and see me (and Mrs Scully) sometime. We love to see our ex-pupils.


  14. Hey Mrs Beck,
    Yeah, I’m glad I read it this year, I would have been pretty confused if I read it in 2006! I bought Losing It in 2006 when you were a Angus and Robertson at Westfield Kotara signing books. You signed mine ‘NOT TO BE READ UNTIL YOU’RE IN HIGH SCHOOL’ so I waited six years to read it! I was so eager to read Losing It after waiting so long! I bought Grieve from an online store called Mighty Ape after absolutely loving Losing It. I finished Grieve a few days after I sent you the last message, it was really good. Both books made me realise how fortunate I am compared to Gabbie and Eve.
    I am really enjoying high school (well pretty much all the days without sport and PE) but the bad thing about it is all the assignments and homework! I have made lots of new friends. Yeah, Conor told me that you were teaching Year 5 this year! They are very lucky to have you as a teacher.

    • Hi Emily
      Thanks for loving Losing It. It is one of my favourites too. I would have loved to have written a follow up but my publishers thought the story was finished. So sadly, Gabbie and Zak and Zoe will just have to live on in our imaginations.


      • just finished reading losing it as a school project and love the book. i’d like to see another book not similar but as interesting as this. i recieved the top mark in the class and have really enjoyed the first chapter book i have ever read. i know it sounds crazy, but most of them arent interesting!

      • Hi Charlene
        Losing It was your first chapter book? Wow, you really chose a meaty one for your first, but I am so glad you enjoyed it and got the top mark. Can I ask who recommended it or was it on a class reading list?


    • Hi Emily
      Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for loving Losing It. It is a great story, if I do say so myself. Although none of what happens to Gabbie or Zoe ever happened to me, I have taught girls who were in similar situations and thatโ€™s why I wrote the book. I would have loved to write a sequel, and I did originally have an epilogue that told what happened next, but my publishers felt it was stronger if it just ended where it did, leaving the reader to take a breath and think about all that had happened. ANyway, in my epilogue, Zak and Gabbie stayed together, Gabbie and her brother forgive each other and play happy families again. Zoe and Whitney tolerate each other but never become friends. Zoe and Gabbie stay friends and become closer because they have now both learned the importance of telling the truth, not keeping secrets, and being able to rely on their best friend in times of trouble. Darryl gets charged with attempted rape and spends some time in gaol.
      So no second book, but perhaps you should find a copy of Grieve in a library. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

    • Hi Charlene
      Sorry for my late reply. You probably needed this information for a school assignment. Anyway, the themes are the importance of honesty, friendship, family, friends. The issues are domestic violence, child sexual assault and related innappropriate behaviours, teenage alcohol abuse, first love, etc. That’s alot to squeeze into one book, but I hope the humour stops it all from getting too hard core.


  15. The story is so amazing! I loved it! I was hooked from the beginning. I wish there was a sequel, or at least another chapter or two. About what happens to Darryl, how Zoe turns out, if Zak and Gabbie stay together, if Gabbie and Adam ever meet eye to eye, if the relationship with Gabbie and her parents stays the same. If Zoe and Whitney will become friends, if Zoe and Gabbie stay friends. Those are probably the main cliff hangers, for now I’ll keep spreading the amazingness of this book. Thanks so much for writing this, and I suspected what Darryl did (I’ve read too much fanfiction, its good to have a break from it, which ends up with rape. ITS NOT MY FAULT! anywayz) and I would have done what Gabbie did, me and Gabbie are alot alike. Please don’t mind my rantings.

    • Hi Julez
      Thanks for loving Losing It. It is a great story, if I do say so myself. Although none of what happens to Gabbie or Zoe ever happened to me, I have taught girls who were in similar situations and that’s why I wrote the book. I would have loved to write a sequel, and I did originally have an epilogue that told what happened next, but my publishers felt it was stronger if it just ended where it did, leaving the reader to take a breath and think about all that had happened. ANyway, in my epilogue, Zak and Gabbie stayed together, Gabbie and her brother forgive each other and play happy families again. Zoe and Whitney tolerate each other but never become friends. Zoe and Gabbie stay friends and become closer because they have now both learned the importance of telling the truth, not keeping secrets, and being able to rely on their best friend in times of trouble. Darryl gets charged with attempted rape and spends some time in gaol.
      Keep spreading the good word about Losing It!!!
      Merry Christmas


      • I have been spreading the word to my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay, I like your ending! Merry Christmas to you too and I hope you keep writing ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Hey, I was just wondering if you have a second book of losing it, I really enjoyed losing it.

    • Hi Courtney
      No, there’s no second book of Losing it, but I really wanted to continue Gabbie’s story – explore her relationship with Zak, watch Zoe’s recovery, see Uncle Darryl be prosecuted. My publishers thought a stand alone book would work best and readers could come to their own conclusions about what happens to the characters. But thanks for loving it. Best book ever? That’s some high praise!


  17. Hi Lizzie,
    So I just finished Losing It and I enjoyed it just as much as GriEVE. I honestly think you’re one of the best writer’s ever, and every book you write is just so moving and powerful, it takes my breath away. I was really sad when I finished Losing It because it was such a good read and I really want to know what happened to the characters after the book finished! What’s even better though is that I remember telling my Mum about your books and how moved both GriEVE and Losing It made me feel, and as an early birthday present, she went to the bookshop and bought me another one of your books called Extinction! I’m really looking forward to reading it, the plot looks so exciting and I love science fiction just as much as I love angsty/realistic teen novels! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Hi Juniper
      I knew you would love Losing It. I really wanted to write a follow up so I could say what happened to my characters, but my publishers decided against it. I originally had an epilogue that did this briefly but my editor thought the ending would be more powerful if it ended where it does now, and left readers to make their own conclusions. But basically my intentions were that Gabbie and Zak would have a wonderful relationship, Zoe would be ok and her parents would split up, thus relieving her of the pain of her situation with domestic violence. Uncle Darryl would be changed with atttemped rape of a minor. Whitney, Gabbie, Zoe and all the girls would form one awesome friendship group and live happily ever after, or as happy as you can be as a teenager at high school.
      That’s so great that your Mum bought you Extinction: The Day The World Ended. It finishes on a cliff hanger, so she will need to also get Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. These books are for a younger audience, and don’t really deal with any emotional issues, except the pressure and angst of having to save the world from Extinction. Let me know what you think of them.
      I hope school has improved for you, Juniper. I have not visited your blog as I have been madly finishing my new novel before my publishers start snapping their fingers and sending reminders. Enjoy the upcoming school holidays. I know I will.


  18. I read Losing it for the first time about 7 years ago and it has still stuck with me. It still is one of my favourite books, mostly because of the very believable character development. Thank you so much for writing such amazing stories.

    • Hi Melinda
      What a lovely comment. Thank you. Losing It is very special to me as it was my first novel and I still get it out occasionally to read it. I do love the characters, especially Gabbie, Whitney and Zak. And even Gabbie’s dad is pretty cool. So thankyou for writing to me.

    • Hi Jemma
      Unfortunately there is no sequel, but I really wanted one so could wrap up the other storylines like Zoe, and the Gabbie/Zak relationship, but my editors felt it was better to leave the reader to draw their own conclusions after the main storyline was resolved.
      But thanks for writing to me. Try my book, GriEVE, if you liked Losing It. It should be available in a library somewhere.

  19. Lizzie!
    Your book ‘Losing It’ really had me intrigued! For class at school, we’re encouraged to keep a reading journal. I’m not keen on reading books, as i find it difficult to become interested in books, but after reading Losing it, I’ve begun reading more. I loved the plot of the novel and your style of writing. Being not the most imaginative person, I’d really love to hear how the Gabbie/Zak relationship works out, from the author herself.
    I’ll definitely have to look out for your book, GriEVE. Just a quick thank you for writing such an amazing book!

    • Hi Emily
      Thanks for loving Losing It. I really enjoyed writing that one, as it was my first and I was under no pressure so I could really take my time and explore my characters. Although I didn’t write a follow up to Losing It, the future for the characters went something like this: Zak forgave Gabbie for her lies and they had a wonderful first love – exploring all the highs and lows of new romances – the jealousies, the betrayals, the intimacy, the misunderstandings, and the power f forgiveness. Gabbie and Zoe became best buddies again, and Zoe became a crusader for family peace and to end family violence. Uncle Darryl was charged and convicted for attempted rape of Gabbie. The friendship between Gabbie and Whitney opened up to include Zoe (but not Erica). So that’s it in a nutshell. Thanks for taking me back to those days. Check out Grieve. You’ll only find it in libraries as it is now out of print. I hope you like it. It’s dark and harrowing, but includes a lovely romance.
      warm regards


  20. can you please give a description of the main characters, I loved the book and am doing my assignment on this but im as a little confused as to how you would best describe each character

    • Hi Chelsea. I am thrilled that you chose Losing It for your assignment. I would love to help you. Do you want physical descriptions or personality descriptions? I wrote Losing It in 2006 so I hope I can remember the essence of each character. And which main characters do you need help with? Gabbie, Zoe, Whitney, Mum, Dad, Zak, Uncle Darryl????

      kind regards


      • a bit of both , mainly personality for gabbie, zak, zoe and daryl. thankyou very much!

      • Hi Chelsea
        The physical descriptions and the personality ones you should get from the book, but I am happy to help. I would describe Gabbie as naรฏve and family-minded. She is just beginning to get interested in boys and has never really thought about her own attractiveness before until Whitney points it out to her. She is not too concerned or worldly about fashion and boys, but many of her friends are. She is happy to sing daggy karaoke in the garage with her family. Zoe is her best friend who chose her at the start of high school because of her unpretentiousness. Zoe is drawn to Gabbie’s ideal family life because of the turmoil her own is in. Because of Gabbie’s seemingly prefect family, Zoe can not confide in Gabbie about the horrors she is living every day with her parents. Zoe is unconventional, kick-ass and non-conforming. But she is vulnerable as well, and shaving her head was her way of crying out for help. Zak has been hurt by lies (his own) so therefore values honesty and kindness in people. He witnesses this in Gabbie down at the skatepark when they first meet so he is drawn to her. Gabbie seems uncomplicated and natural and this is what he wants. He also enjoys watching her squirm at the expense of his jokes, so he has a sense of humour and trickery about him. Unlike other teenage boys, he plays by the rules and respects his father, having learned from his own lies the harm that can happen. Darry is an idiot. Not very bright, and not very handsome, he misinterprets Gabbie’s affection for him as an uncle and turns it into something sinister and evil. He knows what he is doing is wrong, but he is cunning enough to think he can outwit a teenage girl and get away with it by calling her a liar and playing on her vulnerability with her parent over the whole lying episode. He grooms Gabbie right from the start for no reason other than his own perverse pleasure and his misguided belief that she returns his affection. He is probably suffering some sort of mental breakdown following the split from his wife but this is no excuse for his behaviour.
        There, I think you will get great marks for your assignment. Let me know how it all goes.
        warm wishes

    • Hi Jas
      The setting of Losing It was Newcastle – a real place in NSW and the town that I live in. Gabbie lives in a regular house not too far from the beach. The elements of the setting are sprinkled throughout the novel. There are a lot of beach scenes, even though it is winter, as I love to spend my time at the beach in all seasons. The lake where she goes with Uncle Darryl is SMith’s Lake, which is on the Lake’s Way road on the way to Foster. My parents used to live there so I know the area really well. I chose a real place to set the novel in to show that sexual abuse is a real thing that happens to real kids in real places. I hope this helps.

  21. Your book is amazing! I absolutely love the element of suspence and am hoping to read more of your novels- Gabbie is such a relatable character, I feel as if most of the book is about me, haha. It definitely deserves more recognition. I’ve chosen your book as my oral topic (I know an oral isn’t much recognition) and I hope to find some more of your fans, although I have a few questions.

    -What’s YOUR favourite part of the book/story?

    -What message were you hoping to spread?

    -How did you come up with such an amazing plot line?

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, it means the world. I don’t expect you to answer all three questions- I’d be honored if you answered one.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Sofia
      Thanks for loving “Losing It”. It is indeed my favourite novel and even I can still relate to Gabbie and the dramas she goes through. My favourite parts of the book are the romance scenes when Gabbie first meets Zak at the skatepark and then they sit together in English, and later science. I love the PE dance scene, and of course their first kiss at the party. These are my favourite scenes because I could reinvent the teenage years I wish I’d had. You see I never had a boyfriend until I was 17 as I was so shy and awkward and lacking in confidence.
      The message I am hoping to give to teenagers is that sexual abuse can happen anywhere with anyone and you need to be aware of the signs along the way to prevent it getting g out of hand like it did with Gabbie and Uncle Darryl. The whole message of the book (with Gabbie, Zak, and Zoe) is the importance of maintaining strong relationships and truthful communications with parents and friends, rather than bottling everything up inside.
      The plotline just grew from a tiny seed once I knew what my message was going to be. This was a book that took me on its journey and I loved the ride!
      I hope this helps, Sofia. Please let me know how you g with this oral task. I am thrilled that kids are choosing my books to read at school.
      warm regards


      • Thank you so much for replying! I’m definitely looking forward to enorporating your answers into my oral! Hopefully I can get a few of my classmates to read and enjoy your novel as much as I did-


  22. Is there a book after Losing it? I love the book, so full and intresting, please email me back if there is or if you will make one! Thanks, Shirley.

  23. I read losing it when I was in school a few years ago and I remember it being one of the first books I couldn’t put down.
    I’ve been searching for it every since. Is there anywhere I can purchase it?

    • Hi Imogen
      I apologise for not responding sooner, but it is that mad time of the year when I am marking school work and writing reports. I teach Year 5 at a school in Newcastle. I am so glad that “Losing It” is one of your favourite books. It was my first and I am very proud of it. If you want to purchase a copy, it is available through online bookstores like Booktopia or any other Australian ones. I have written 6 books, but if you loved “Losing It” I would recommend you read โ€œgriEVEโ€. Itโ€™s a YA chick lit story filled with romance, friendship problems, and a deeper issue. Check it out. You should be able to get it in a library. Let me know what you think.
      warm regards

  24. Hi Lizzie,
    Just like to say i am a big fan of you. I do not read books as often but i found Losing It in the library one day and decided to read it. I have not only read it once but four times. I really hope you will be writing more book like that. I do like the story but i did like the way you wrote it and how you described things in the book. Please write some more books.


    • Hi Natahlia
      You have a lovely name. Thank you for loving my book Losing It and for taking the time to find my website and let me know. You may also like my second book, Grieve. Libraries should have a copy. It is also about a teenage girl and her problems.

      warm regards

  25. I read this book when I was in Australia years ago. I was thinking about it the other day and how much I enjoyed it. Well turns out I can’t get it anywhere in Canada. This was so beyond disappointing to me. I loved that book.

    • Hi Kelsey
      You are from my second favourite country in the world (Australia is my fav of course). I lived in Vancouver for 14 months as part of a teacher exchange program. I absolutely loved the beauty of Canada, as I got to travel around a fair bit in my school holidays. The people were so friendly and very much like Aussies. I really hope to get back there one day. Losing It can’t be bought in bookshops but you might be able to pick up a copy from Booktopia.com.au if they have any in stock. Good luck. If not, I have some copies myself which I could sell.

      warm regards


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