Losing It

  • Losing It was originally called One Big Lie (and 249 others). I had to change the title when I removed a storyline during the editing process. The deleted storyline was the one big lie that the title alluded to. The novel then went through several titles before I decided on Losing It. The cover design was then done and the manuscript typeset and sent to the printers. Imagine my horror when a book of the same title was released just before mine! Losing It by Anabel Crabbe was a political account of Mark Latham’s and The Australian Labor Party’s loss at the 2005 Federal Election.


  • The teachers in the novel are based on my high school teachers. Their names have been changed. I had not seen any of them since high school, but on the day that I plucked up enough courage to pop my manuscript in the post and send it out (unsolicited) to various publishers, I ran into ‘Mrs Rowley’. Mrs Rowley is Gabbie’s English teacher and she was my English teacher in Years 10, 11 and 12.  I told Mrs Rowley that she featured in my novel. She wished me luck in finding a publisher. Perhaps it was that lucky coincidence that caused Scholastic to sign me up! Mrs Rowley later came to the launch of Losing It.
  • I ran into another teacher from Losing It when I was doing a book signing. ‘Miss Krankston” was my and Gabbie’s P.E teacher. She facilitated Gabbie’s and Zak’s first dance. I told her she was in the novel and she promptly bought a copy!


  • The original version of the novel contained lyrics to the songs that Gabbie and her family sing in their garage and at the talent show. I wasn’t aware that I needed copyright permission to use lyrics. At the last moment I had to remove all lyrics or I may have been sued by the songwriters. Titles may be used, but not actual lyrics.


  • The entire manuscript was written by hand, in numerous exercise books, and mostly whilst sitting in a battered tinny boat whilst my husband fished. My notes were later typed up when I got home.


  • When I was fourteen my right breast was larger than my left one.

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