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griEVE is the title of Lizzie Wilcock’s second novel. griEVE’s lead character, Eve deals with issues of mental illness, self-harm, grief and love.

Lizzie Wilcock’s New Book


Here it is! Finally! My new book, The Day The World Ended– Part One in the two-book Extinction Series. Sorry for the long delay between books, but having a baby (and the sleepless nights that followed for the next three and a half years and are still occuring) has slowed me down. The ideas and the passion for writing are definitely alive, unfortunately when I get the time for writing, my body just wants to sleep.

Somehow I must have managed to do some writing because I have three novels coming out in 2011. This one, The Day The World Ended is different from my first two novels – Losing It and griEVE. It’s an adventure story with kicks and twists and travel to exotic places – in the present and in the past. The book is not due for release until  March 2011. Here’s the blurb from the back of the book to whet your appetite.

‘The world is going to end of September 21st. We know this because we’ve seen it. We were there.’

Mac and Annie Sword are the only survivors when humanity is wiped out, or so they think. A mysterious website reveals they are not alone – and that they have the ability to undo the mass-extinction. But there is someone who will do anything to stop them . . .

A thrilling new series from acclaimed author Lizzie Wilcock.