Another shortlisting for Thirst

Thirst has been shortlisted for the Environment Award for Children’s Literature! Once again I am in fine company. A huge thank you to my publishers, Scholastic, for believing in this story, and The Wilderness Society for creating this award (and choosing my book!)



Great Christmas news for me from the land up near Santa Claus! Mthirst 2y novel, Thirst, is now to be published in Sweden, Norway and Finland. I guess adventure stories about kids trying to survive in hot, dry, dusty red deserts are like stories set on Mars for the Scandinavians.

But I get it and love them for it! The stark difference between the dry outback of Australia and the lush Canadian wilderness in Gary Paulssen’s novel series, Hatchet, is what inspired me to write Thirst. We all love to escape to somewhere different from our homes when we read. That’s part of the adventure.

I am so excited to soon be reaching a new audience in a place that is over 15 000 kilometres away. Hello to my future fans at the top of the world!

Thank you to all of my friends and fans in Australia and around the world. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and 2016 is filled with friends, fun and fabulous fiction.




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    • Hi Alicia
      Thanks for finding my website and for taking the time to look over it. And thanks for loving my book. I am really proud of Extinction 1 and 2. “Give Me Four Reasons” will be released in bookshops in July, so I’ll start talking about that one, and maybe reading parts of it in Art in Term 2.


      • I’ve never heard about you talking about Give me For reasons, is that the one about the Big Bad Brother?

      • Hey, cool, I didn’t know there was going to another one. I want to get the first book then I want to read the next one coming in June.
        You haven’t really said anything about there being 3 books to the series. But thats even better. MORE BOOKS!!!!

      • Hi Abby
        There are only two books in the Extinction Series. But the other book, that actually comes out in July, is not part of the series. It is a book on its own about a girl starting high school and struggling to find where she fits in with her new friends and old friends. You will love it!! You might even give it an A+!

      • Hi um I have read both of them lizzie and i am also guessing that your favourite number is 2 i love all of your books because i have read them they are majestic.

      • Hi Shonelle
        I am so sorry I did not reply sooner, but I am a school teacher and it is that crazy time of the year with writing reports and organising leadership elections, etc. etc. Thanks for saying my books are majestic. I don’t think anyone has ever used that word before. I might see if my publishers can put it on the cover of my next novel, with your name as a reviewer. Now that would be cool! No, my favourite number is not 2. Guess again. What is the number that keeps coming up in Extinction? And thanks for saying I am pretty. It must have been a good photo you saw.

      • Oh My goodness i’ve almost finished Extinction 2! Its a fantastic book! i love it. such a beautiful twist in it! i like douglas and jax and annie the most.. ‘Hey, ajax go clean out the toilet!’

      • Hi Jaimee
        I guess you have finished Extinction 2 now. How did you like the ending? I love re-reading this book to my daughter and I love all of the characters, especially Annie. Thanks for writing to me.

        Lizzie xx

      • Hi lizzie wilcock im working on a project about you and i need to research about you and you books is any interresting facts about you that i couldy kindly use for my report

      • Hi Ben
        I am so flattered that you are doing a project about me. I am not sure what “interesting” facts means, but here’s a random list off the top of my head.
        I am a primary school teacher and every year I guide my Year 5 students through the process of writing their own novels. Some of my students have produced works in excess of 30 000 words!
        I was inspired to write by my Year 9 English teacher. who told me I had a “talent” and should consider writing. I didn’t do anything about this until I was in my 30s.
        My first paycheck for published writing came from a story I submitted to the NSW School Magazine in 2002. It was a retake on the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale, called The Three Silly Girls Gruff.
        I am one of 9 children and grew up in Fairfield, Sydney and moved to a dairy farm near Scone, NSW, when I was 10. I know how to milk cows, drive a tractor, bale hay and put out an irrigation pipeline.
        I was DUX of my Year 12 class at Scone High School.
        I prefer to read Young Adult fiction. My favourite authors at the moment are Aussie Claire Zorn (The Sky So Heavy, The Protected, One Would Think The Deep), Jandy Nelson (The Sky is Everywhere, I’ll Give You The Sun), Margaret Wild (The Vanishing Moment)
        I have a 9 year old daughter who hates reading and writing, but loves it when I read to her. Our favourites are the Narnia series, anything by Roald Dahl, and David Walliams.
        My hobbies are camping, swimming, photography, walking and reading. I have lived and taught in Canada and Singapore. My favourite place in the world is Merewether Beach in Newcastle, which is 900 metres from my house.
        My favourite novel that I have written is Thirst. I love the heat, the quest for survival, the growing friendship between Karanda and Solomon. I plan to travel to Germany and Scandinavia when Thirst is published there next year.
        My first two novels, Losing It and Grieve, were written by hand in school exercise books, mostly whilst out camping or fishing with my husband.
        I finally decided to write a novel because I wondered whether my Year 9 English teacher was right about my talent. Each novel has taken me about 12 months to write. I wish I could write more often, but I work full time. I have no formal training in writing but I believe if you read a lot, then that is the key to success as a writer.
        My pet hates are spelling errors on signs, menus, any published document, and people who are always late for meetings/appointments/soccer matches but turn up with a take-away coffee in their hands.
        Okay, enough of my ranting. Let me know if you want something more specific.
        No, I don’t have a new book on the way. Where could I find the time?

        warm regards


      • I don’t care if you didn’t answer sooner i just care about talking to an amazing author amd how good you and your books are you are my favourite author

    • Thank you and is your favourite number 8 it is also awesome that you work for two jobs that you’re an author and a school teacher that is why i find you amd your books amazing

      • Hi Shishi
        Yes, my favourite number is 8. You are very clever. I am sorry that I have not replied sooner. You know that I am a teacher and at this time of the year I have been flat out writing school reports for my Year 5 class. 32 kids! I also went on school camp with Year 5 which was brilliant but exhausting, so I hope you will forgive me for not replying sooner. Thanks for saying I am your favourite author. How many of my books have you read? I hope you have read Thirst and Extinction 1 and 2. Give Me Four Reasons can still be purchased at online bookstores very cheaply. Perhaps a Christmas present from Santa for you??? Put it on your list. You will love it.

        Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Give me four reasons is the best book I have ever read and I will definitely recommend it to everyone!!!! Thanks so much Lizzy for an amazing book !!

      • Hi Lily
        I am so glad you loved Give Me Four Reasons, and I must apologise for not replying to you sooner. GMFR is a book dear to my heart, as all of the characters are based on actual children at the school I teach, but they are all in high school now. I hope their experiences were not as traumatic as Paige’s. And I hope your schooling is going a lot smoother than hers too.

        war regards


    • hi Lizzie i was wondering if you can give me some info of your life because i’m doing a biography on you and it will be great thanks

      PS: please right more elemental books and please do me as the boy (Isaac) for air if you d
      Isaac XD

  1. Extinction was written so well and I really enjoyed it. I am now awaiting eagerly for book 2. Only a few more months to go!

  2. wow! extinction 1. seems so great even though i haven’t read it i hope i get it soon and i can’t wait for the others to come out. i love your books!!!

    • Hi Jazzy Girl
      Thanks for checking out the book trailer and my website. Yes, get your hands on the book soon. It is in the school library too. You might be interested in the Art competition I am organising, seeing how you are so great at Art. Details next week.

  3. dear lizzie, pleease write more books like grieve and losing it. they are my favorite books and i read them over and over and never get bored!

    • Hi Ilana
      What a beautiful name you have! Thanks for liking Losing It and griEVE. Yes, the Extinction series is a bit different from these, but they are still great books. Try them. My new one which comes out in July is called “Give Me Four Reasons” and it is similar to Losing It and Grieve in that it is social realism – about real people doing real things. You might like it. Where are you from Ilana?

  4. Hi!!!! you r so cool! lizzie wilcock i order you to write more books 😉 *joking* but still plz plz plz write more books!!!! i read extinction and it was so good that i stayed up all night finishing it. okay okay i admit that when my friend got it for my birthday i was kinda sad becuase i’d never heard of you before and i thought your book would be boring – although i love books its really hard to get me onto a book but when i do find an affliction for one i dont stop till i devour it 🙂 (at least that’s what my mom says ^_^) – but when i finally started reading i really really liked it!!! so plz plz plz wrrite more books like extinction cuze your book is like one of the only good books (that i havent read before) ive read in like 3 days (im a really really really good reader and i love books so much that i finish them too fast and then i get bored if you ask anyone at my school they’ll so “ohhh her? yeah she read 1003 books in six months!!!! ” that is sightly annoying) so plz write more
    Vixen Alias – out!

    • Hi Vixen
      I am so glad you loved Extinction. Part 2 is out in August so that’s not too long to wait. I have another one coming out in July, “Give Me Four Reasons” but it is different from Extinction. It is about real people in the real world doing real things. If you are an avid reader, then I think you might enjoy it too. A change of pace, definitely, but a great read. Check it out.

    • Hi Sophie
      Thanks for all your comments. I would so looove for Extinction to be made into a movie, but that is in the hands of my publishers and any movie production companies that they approach. And as far as I know, they usually choose their own directors, etc, because I have no experience with that side of things. As for E2 being available at Target, I’m not sure. Online stores seem to be your best bet these days.

  5. LIZ! that book trailor was super scary….hope you’re tops. Looks like you’re on fire! getting Extinction this weekend…Skip will love it (so will I)

    • Hi Gerry
      Hey, thanks for your comment and support! Did you know that I mentioned Surf Ache on my blog at the beginning of the school holidays? If you go to my home page and scroll down to the third or fourth blog entry called “Great Holiday Reading”, you’ll see it mentioned. I don’t think I’ve seen you to tell you that I thought it was fantastic. I really loved your story, the characters, your style and the whole Newcastle surf thing. I hope it did well and continues to do well for you. We have it in our school library. What are you working on now? Lizzie
      P.S. Let me know what you and Skip think of Extinction.

  6. Hay Lizzie, I live in Newcastle NSW and I have read both the extinction books but I was wondering if you cold tell me if Ghost Crab Cove is a real place.

    • Hi Joseph
      I live in Newcastle too, but I guess you found that out from my website. I live near the beach so almost all of my novels have kids who live near the beach. Ghost Crab Cove is not a real place, but it is a great name for one, don’t you think? If you’re interested in coming to a writing workshop run by me these holidays, I am doing one at Toronto Library on Friday, January 20th. Check out the library website for details.

  7. Hey at school we had to choose a role model to write about and I picked you can you tell me what Losing it is about and if you want you can say something to the kids at school PS I’m from Shelley and ur awesome

    • Hey Crayzluv
      Wow, you picked me as a role model! I haven’t been a good one in replying to your message, though. Sorry about that. i am teaching full time now, and I have been sooo busy. Too busy to even think about writing another novel, but hopefully I will get organised with my class soon and have some spare time at night to write. There are so many ideas going around in my head. I want to write so many more books for my fans like you. Hello to all those fantastic kids at Shelley Public School. You all made me feel so welcome and you really loved reading.


  8. Oh My Goodness I love both Extinction books!!!
    I have read them both so many times and I have never read another book like it!!!

    Thankyou So Much!

  9. Hi Lizzie, I tried to find your email but nothing came up so I hope you can see this. My name is Juniper, I’m fourteen, and I just wanted to say I love your book GriEVE. It’s such a raw, powerful novel and had me in tears throughout the whole thing. I’ve also struggled with self injury and depression, and I could really connect with Eve. Eve has been a better friend to me than anyone else. All the choices she made – everything she felt, I could understand. Her rebellious behaviour, her cutting to cope with the emotional stress she had to deal with, her need for control and balance, the neglect and bullying – I understand it all. When I was reading your book, I felt like I was Eve and I guess maybe there is a little bit of Eve in all of us. We are very alike, down to the fact we both have very sarcastic, witty, and self-destructive personalities. I just wanted to say thank you for writing GriEVE, it helped me understand myself and my self harm a lot better. I also had one question – was Summer a real person? Or was she just a figment of Eve’s imagination? Someone Eve created? I’ve been wondering this and the more I read (I’ve read your book 4 times now), the more it stars to make sense. I could be wrong though. I haven’t read any other of your books but I hope to see more from you from the future.
    Thank you so much. x

    • Hi Juniper
      Wow. What a powerful letter. I had tears as I was reading it. You must have had a very hard time recently. I am so sorry to hear that and whilst I don’t know the cause, I can only imagine the pain and confusion you were going through and how you must have felt so alone. I am so glad that reading griEVE gave you some solace and comfort. Whilst I did not experience all of the things that Eve did, for the most part her story is my own personal story of the confusion and isolation I felt following my own mother’s death when I was nine. I did not self harm, but I did do many of the other things in order to express my frustrations with my situation. Summer was not a real person. In Eve’s lonely and fragile state she created Summer, almost like an imaginary friend. Summer represented Eve’s mother as a chid, and you may have picked up on some similar habits that Lily (Eve’s mother) and Summer shared. Eve used Summer almost as an excuse for all of her acting out behaviour when she lived in the city – shoplifting, smoking, etc. Eve felt so alone, and without anyone to guide her.
      Thank you for your message. You may enjoy my first book, “Losing It” too. It is also for young adults and deals with the very sensitive issue of sexual abuse. BY the way, you write so well. You express yourself very succinctly and beautifully. Many teenagers write in the shorthand code used in text and email messages. Perhaps you have a future as a writer. Many of the best stories come from an author’s personal experiences . . .


      • Hi Lizzie,
        Thank you so much. It really means a lot for you to say those kind things to me. I really am interested in writing, and I would very much like to write for a living when I’m older. I went to the bookshop today and tried to find your book “Losing It” but they didn’t have it. They tried to order it in but they said it was out of print, but it’s okay because they called another bookshop which had it, and they’re holding it for me. I can’t wait to read it! And also, thank you for checking out my blog. I’m really, really happy that you liked my poetry and such. I am so sorry about your mother, but I’m sure she is very proud of you and the beautiful stories that you write. And again, thank you so much. I’m getting better every day, and it means a lot for you to say these things. You are a wonderful person!

    • Hi Juniper
      I just wanted to let you know that I visited your blog and spent quite a bit of time reading about your ordeals at school, and your poetry. I tried to leave a comment but I couldn’t. What I want to reiterate here is how beautifully you write – poignant, lyrical, heartfelt, brutally honest. Your personal journey has the makings of an amazing novel. I don’t say this to trivialise your pain, but to give you hope for a brighter future – one filled with love and success and recognition of your amazing writing talents. I am in awe of your ability to express yourself so succinctly, and so beautifully. You are so young, yet you have experienced enough pain to last a life time. Perhaps there is a reason for this in the grand scheme of things, and that is to bring your talent to the world. Who knows . . .?

      I really hope you are having a good week. I want to read that those scars are healing. You are right about the girl who proudly showed off her tiny little white scars. She and the myriad of others like her who dabble in self-harming because they think it is cool and will give them some attention trivialise the seriousness of self-harming and self-harmers. I think you are handling the cruel comments at school in a very mature and brave way. Chin up, Juniper. Remember that there are many people in your life who love and care for you. Your grandma . . . the person who left the rose on her doorstep . . . Even if there’s only two people, that’s a truly wonderful gift to be cherished.


  10. Dear Lizzie, thankyou for publishing Give me four reasons. I really enjoyed the book and liked how you presented all the characters. We read it at school as part of a group for literacy circles and the whole group liked it. I would like to ask you out of the books you have published which one is your favourite?
    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Ella. Berwick Fields Primary school.

    • Hi Ella
      Thanks for writing to me. I am so glad your group enjoyed GMFR. It’s hard to say which book out of the 5 I’ve published is my favourite because they all are special to me for different reasons. My first, Losing It, is special because it was my first. My second, GriEVE is special because it is the story that had been in my head since I was about ten years old and is very personal to me. The Extinction Series is special because it is so different from my other books in that it is adventure/speculative fiction and the storyline was so complicated and allowed me to really delve into the depths of my imagination. And GMFR is so special because I really love my characters and I had such an amazing rapport with my editor who helped it become the great book that it is.
      So I haven’t really answered your question, but I am so glad that you asked it. I love it when my fans ask interesting questions.


  11. Dear Ms Wilcock,
    My name is Bea Cassidy and I run – a blog for all things beauty, fashion, reviews and creative writing, but a place where people can truly discover themselves.
    I have just begun a new segment known as ‘The Hive’, where I talk about what I am currently loving and as someone who read ‘Losing It’ and adored it, I would simply love to interview you for the debut edition of The Hive.
    Please may you reply to this comment and or email me at, so that we can discuss this further, if you would be interested in being featured.
    I really connected with and loved ‘Losing It’ and feel that it would be very relatable for many people, particularly teens who are finding themselves and finding out who they truly are.
    Kind Regards,
    Bea Cassidy

  12. I really love Extinction 1 and 2. My new school doesn’t have the second in the library which I’m angry about (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!). I haven’t seen any others of your books but when I do I’m going to read them. BTW Amaris Archer isn’t my real name. Also, a question: Is twin psychosis a real thing? I’m too lazy to look it up. Byez

    • Hi Amaris Archer
      You are indeed mysterious and have chosen a very memorable name for yourself. It would make a great name for a heroine of a novel. Thanks for loving Extinction 1 and 2. I have a new book that just came out called “Thirst”. Maybe your library has a copy. Twin psychosis is totally made up. The key is to make it sound believable by using big words and making those words come out of a scientists or doctor’s mouth. I would love to know more about the story you are writing, set in a small Aussie town. . . .

      kind regards

  13. Hey Liz Imogen n I (mother,Kim) just finished Thirst. What a story. Neither of us could put the book down. Please write the sequel we need to know what happened next. Truly a brilliantly written story, weaving the characters past stories into it at the same time as informing us about the Australian desert. Thankyou

    • Hi Kim and Imogen
      Thanks for loving Thirst. I had so much fun writing it and exploring my character’s pasts. Many are asking for a sequel, so I may have to see if my publishers are keen. Fingers crossed!

      warm regards


      • hi Lizzie i love your books by the way i am making a biography of you and i need more info on your life if you can that would be great

        PS: please make a new elemental type book it would be great if you called the air type boy Isaac for me thanks


  14. HI Lizzie i love your books. I am doing a biography on you so please give me some usefull info on your life

    Ps: please make some elemental books and it would be great if you named the air type boy Isaac after me.

    Isaac xxx

  15. HI Lizzie i love your books im doing a biography on you and if you could give me some inportant info on your life it would be great

    PS: can you plz write more elemental i love the character Annie


  16. Hi Lizzie,

    I work at a high school library in WA and your book ‘Extinction’ is very popular amongst our students – so popular in fact that it is starting to look a little worse for wear! I have looked around everywhere online for a replacement copy but it seems that the book is now out of print. Could you please tell me where I can purchase a new copy or whether it will be re-published any time soon? I’m worried that our copy will fall apart if it’s borrowed even one more time!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Patrycia
      I am thrilled that Extinction is popular. Yes, sadly it is now out of print, but I have purchased the last remaining copies, which I sell to interested people. Do you also need Extinction 2? I sell both for $12 each, plus postage and packaging. Contact me on my private email and let me know the school address so I can calculate postage and give you my bank account details.

  17. Hello Lizzie! For a while I’ve been wanting to purchase your book Extinction, until I found out it was out of print and no longer being sold. After coming across your website, I saw your recent post in which someone wanted to purchase it and you had some remaining copies for anyone interested. I emailed you about a week ago but there was no response, so I am hoping to be able to contact you via your website. I absolutely loved the book and really want to purchase one off you, if you still have some available. Thank you!

    • Hi Anna
      I don’t often check my website, so I am sorry if I did not reply to your email. Yes, I have some copies of Extinction 1 and 2 that I purchased before they went of out of print. Contact me on me private email and I will give you the details of costing. You will have to let me know your address so I can work out the postage costs. I am thrilled that some people still love my books.

      warm regards,

  18. Hi Lizzie,
    I’ve tried to contact you twice now about purchasing Extinction but I still haven’t received a reply. Is there another way I can contact you, or would it be easier for you to contact me? So so sorry to bother you again about this, I’m just eager to have this book.
    Thank you, and again, I apologise for being a nag!

  19. Hi Lizzie
    I’m doing a school project and I have to do your biography I wanted to know did you want to be anything other than an author?

    • Hi Anna
      Like most kids, I went through a whole lot of career options. I wanted to be a vet, but after doing work experience with a country vet when I was in Year 10, I almost fainted when I had to hold a dog whilst it’s plaster cast was cut off its leg. I wanted to be a lawyer, because I love TV court room dramas, but I have a fear of public speaking. I wanted to be a dancer in broadway musicals, but I have no dance training. I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t get the marks needed. I am a Primary School teacher, which helps me understand my audience for my work as a childrens/YA author.

  20. Hi Lizzie,

    I hope this message finds you well. I read your book ‘Losing It’ many years ago when I began high school, and I remember reading it several times in year 8 because I loved it that much. I’m a couple of weeks away from graduating, and as an odd token to myself, I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of tracking down and purchasing every book I’ve ever read throughout school and remember loving. I thought it would be nice to have a collection of all the books that have ever had an impact on me and inspired me to pursue writing and theatre at University. I’ve been trying to source Losing It and I believe it may be unpublished? It seems to be out of stock everywhere I look. I noticed in the comments above you’ve mentioned that you sell copies of your books from your home. I was wondering if I may be able to purchase a copy of Losing It from you? If this is not possible – which I totally understand if it isn’t! – I wondering if there’s anywhere else that may possibly stock it? I am based in Adelaide, South Australia. Thank you!

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