Can you be yourself when everything changes?

A mix-up . . .

A wrong impression . . .

A complete new set of rules . . .

Paige has been best friends with Elfi and Rochelle ever since she can remember. On the last day of the school year they make a vow to stay friends forever. But when Paige gets back to school after the summer, she accidentally falls in with the popular crowd and things start to get complicated. Can Paige stay true to her old friends when her new friends don’t like them? And can she stay true to herself when she isn’t sure who she is anymore?

GIVE ME FOUR REASONS is a powerful new novel by Lizzie Wilcock, the acclaimed author of Losing It.

Published by LITTLE HARE  July 2011


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  1. This book seems really good and I cannot wait to read it. I’m glad you are writing more books because I love the books that you write. The story line of Give Me Four Reasons seems really interesting and powerful. I can’t wait for July!

  2. Hi Camembert
    I really love the story of “Give Me Four Reasons.” It is different from the Extinction series because it is “social realism”. That means it’s about real people doing real things in the real world. I actually based the primary school in the beginning of the story on NLPS. I’m sure you will see the similarities.

  3. I read the book and i finished it in like 5 days it was sooooooooooo gooooooodddd…….i am starting high school next year and i was going thought the same thing but in year 7 snd the book really helped me out with what i should do..:)

    • Hi Dominique
      What a beautiful name. Maybe I’ll use it in my next book??? Hey, thanks for liking “Give Me Four Reasons”. I’m glad it helped you, cause that was one of my main reasons for writing it. As a school teacher I see kids going off to the big world of high school at the end of each year and I always wonder how they’ll cope. Sounds like you’ve done OK.

    • Are my photos of you girls on the school website??? Sorry. I didn’t erase them from the school camera. Oops. They are now on my website under the tab “Fan Photos” at the top of the page.
      You girls look brilliant!

  4. Hi Lizzie! 😛
    I’ve just read give me four reasons and doing a book review on it at school. It was a really good novel and it was quite funny in the middle when they arrive at Bloodstone beach and where all the weird fortune tellers and mind readers are. It reminds me of when i am going to graduate this year of year 6! I want to have a water fight too! 😀

    I love the title page! It’s really creative! And I loved the book so much, I spent ages to explain the whole story to my mum because i was so excited that i have finished it! 🙂

    ED Jane

    • Hi Jane
      Wow! You are a prolific reader! The favourite part of GMFR for me was the time when Paige was at Bloodstone Beach. She had a great friendship with Shelley, and things hadn’t got out of control yet. The psychic fair was based on one I’ve actually been to (i was just a guest at a caravan park and the place was packed with the Psychics. Amazing and colourful.
      The Year 6 breakup day stuff is similar to that of the school where I teach. And the last day is ALWAYS the hottest of the year!
      Good luck with being allowed to have a water fight. My students aren’t actually, but that’s why fiction is so great – you can dream of how the perfect day would go.

      • wow 🙂 dejavu
        🙂 thanks lizzie 🙂

        My friends are currently reading the book
        so i hope they like it.
        i really like fiction novels!!!

      • Hi Jane
        Thanks for recommending GMFR to your friends. I hope they like it as much as you did. I loove fiction. My ideal job would be as a fiction reviewer, so I could just read all day. Being a writer is fun, too, because I control the story and the characters and what happens to them. And you can always make the ending turn out the way you want it – it’s different in real life, unfortunately.

  5. Hi Lizzie,

    My friend had bought the book and she has been lending it to me! And so far I am amazed at the stunning book I hold in my hand every night!

    From Katarina

    PS: I have requested all your books to Blacktown Library yesterday! Now everyone in Blacktown will enjoy your heart pounding books!

      • Hi Kat.
        You love your books, don’t you, and you’re very loyal to your favourite authors. Thanks for requesting my books at the libraries. So, you live in Sydney’s West?? I grew up in Fairfield, and later began my teaching career at schools out that way. I am actually doing an author visit at Shelley Public School in Blacktown in November. I think you must be in high school, though, if you’re reading griEVE.

  6. Hello Lizzie,
    I do love my books ever since I read Extinction: The Day The World Ended. Grieve is my total favourite, though. But I really do not like Deborah… :p Yes, I do live in Sydney’s West, quite peaceful but I wish there wasn’t so much rubbish. Yeah, I am in High School but my school life isn’t as tough as it is to Eve. I’m a bit shocked that she steals, though… 😦

  7. heyy lizzie,
    i really loved give me four reasons. it was soooooo GREAT and i could really relate to it because i had some friend problems this year

    P.S im doing a book review on it this trme so i cant wait to tell my class all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Lizzie,
    I Have Your Book And It’s Amazing! How Do You Get A Good Idea For That Kind Of Book? I’d Love To Know Because I Want To Be An Author When I’m Older! Please Reply! I Would Love To Here You Feedback.

    • Hi Josie
      Thanks for liking “Give Me Four Reasons.” I got the idea for that book when I watching the Year 6 kids at my school (I’m a teacher) on the last day of the year. As they were all hugging and saying they’d always be friends, it made me wonder if that really happens. High School is such a big change, and if you throw in a family crisis too, then things can really go crazy. The idea grew from there and the characters were actually based on some of the kids that I taught. Ideas for writing are right in front of your nose. Hope you achieve your dream of being an author, Josie.

  9. Hey Lizzie.. Again,
    I Might Make This A Regular Thing Writing To You Becasue I Love Your Feedback. So I Was Wondering I Recently Re-Read Your Book And How Does It Get Better Every Time You Read It? Well I Hope I Hear Back From You. Bye ❤

    • Hi Josie
      I find that many books get better when you read them a second time because you pick up on the clues the author has given early on that help solve the mystery. These are clues you miss the first time because you didn’t realise that they were important. And a lot of little jokes start to make sense too. Plus, sometimes you are so involved in the story on the first reading that you rush through it, not taking the time to really think about the story and the characters and you miss the beauty of the language used and character nuances and other subtle stuff like that. But you know what, Josie? Some books are terrible the first time you read them and they just get worse on a second reading. So the book has to be one you love to begin with. Cheers.

  10. Dear Lizzie,
    Thankyou So Much For Answering My Little Questions And Actually Answering Them. Would You Mind If I Made This A Regular Thing? Because I Like Actually Talking To You. Your My Heroe. Along With Other Legendary Authors Which You Will Agree With Me. On That Note WhoIs You Favourite Author? I Just Wanted To Ask A Real Author Who They Idolise. Well I Have To Go.
    From Josie ;D

    • Hi Josie
      I am always happy to answer a fan’s questions. I am still in awe of the fact that I have “fans”. Even though Losing It came out in 2006, it is only this year that I got my website going, so I never really had fan mail before. I don’t have a favourite author. I try to read very widely and give them all a chance. I have favourite books and series but I never re-read something because there is so much stuff out there that I want to read and there is only so much time I have for reading. My favourites this year have been “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”, “Holes” by Louis Sachar, “Conspiracy 365” by Gabrielle Lord, “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield, and “The Phoenix Files” by Chris Morphew. I mainly read childrens and young adult books because I can just grab them from the school library where I teach. Lizzie

  11. Hey Lizzie Once Again,
    Well I Have Favourite Books Too I Have I Lost My Mobile At The Mall, Wendy Harmer, Give Me Four Reasons, You, Deltora Quest, Emily Rodda, The Rondo Series, Emily Rodda And Heaps More But I Probleyy Cant Think Of Them. Well I Have To Go Now. Bye

    • Hi Josie
      I went to see Wendy Harmer at the Sydney Writer’s festival last year. SHe talked about her book. She was so funny. I’ll have to read it, since you list it as one of your favourites. I like to know who my author competition is!

  12. dear lizzie i really love your book i’ve read it 10 times it’s literally my fave book and everyone at school tells the teacher on me for reading your book waaaaaay to much i hope you write more books like this and would be soooooooo cool to have a give me four reasons book number 2 please write back ASAP thx

    • Hi Charley
      Thanks for your comment. Give Me Four Reasons is a great book (If I do say so myself!!). I really loved working on it and the story came so easily to me. I don’t think there will be a number two, but I did consider it. I thought that Sideny’s story would be interesting – how she is the Starshine Toothpaste girl, but she’s not as rich or happy as people think she is. I gave lots of hints about this, but never really explored it in Give Me Four Reasons. I also thought that the “friendship” between Jed and Paige would make a good book. First love and all that and perhaps some jealousy from Elfi and Rochelle because Jed is their friend too.
      Yes, please write to me regularly, Charley, but forgive me as it sometimes it takes me a few days to find the time to reply. Especially at this crazy time of year.

  13. Hey Lizzie,
    Yeah Wendy Harmer Is Awesome Along With You. I Met Her Once At An Author Review In Sydney! Her Book I Lost My Mobile At The Mall Is Amazing! Its Such A Girly Book And I Love How I Can Relate To It All. I Cant Believe How Adults Can Relate That Much To Kids Just Through A Book, I Guess You Guys Arn’t That Bad With The 20th Centry! Well I Got To Go! Also Are You Writing Another Book? Please Do And If You Are Can I Help You Name It? It Would Be An Honour If So. Josie

    • Hi Josie (or Squid??)
      How do you get the Squid name?? Do you like eating it, or you have long dangly arms and legs like a squid??
      I have been working on many ideas for books, but I have nothing under contract as yet, which means it will be a couple of years before another Lizzie Wilcock gem hits the shelves. But by then you should be old enough to read “Losing It” and “Grieve.”
      Some adults can relate to kids through books because we used to be kids ourselves. And if you’re in close contact with kids, like Wendy Harmer is with her kids, and me with my students, then you know what they are into and what is important to them, I hope.
      Coming up for names for my books is not my strong point. I can write 70 000 word novels, but when it comes to a simple title, I get tongue ties. So I may need your help in a couple of years, so please keep in touch.

  14. Hey Lizzie!
    Well I Was Thinking Of Afew Book Titles While Typing That Last One.
    Even Though Thinking Up A Title Is Your Weak Point, Just Put Some Names That Come To Your Head About The Topic And It Will Come To You!

    • Hi Josie
      Thanks for the advice. My problem is that when I think of simple names, they are too cliched, or have been used before or are not catchy. So I will definitely call on you when I next have to name a novel.

  15. Hi im charley and i love your book give me four reasons. It is really good and is my favourite book it is really real and sounds very true. Is it true and how do you get your insparation i really want to be an author when i grow up. In free time i write as many stories as possable. please write back

    from Charley

    • Hi Charley
      Thanks for loving my book! I get my inspiration from people and situations all around me, and sometimes from things on the news. The inspiration for Give Me Four Reasons was the Year 6 kids at my school (I am a school teacher). I was watching them on their last day of primary school and I wondered if they keep the same friends when they go off to high school or do things change. I hope you achoeve your dream of becoming an author when you grow up. It really is a great thing to do.

  16. Hey Lizze,
    OMG You Would Really Do That? Cool, This Is Like Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!! You Have Just Made Me The Happiest Girl Ever! Hey I Forgot To Ask Is Your Name Short For Elizabeth Or Is It Just Lizzie?

  17. Hey Lizzie,
    My Email Is Just Well……. An Underwater Fidh I Guess. . . And I Love The Number 144 So It Just Canme Together. It Sounds Silly I Know But Thats All Good. Ok ‘Elizabeth’ Hope You Come To Me For The Book Name.


  18. Hey lizzie
    is finding insparation for books hard to find? Because when i try to write somthing i cant find anything that inspires me to write a story aboutit is really frustrating! will you please give me some tips for insparation i could really use it thanks alot.


    • Hi Charley
      I have this activity I do with my writing groups to help them find inspiration. I have 4 grids. One with characters on it, one with places, one with situations and one with objects. The kids roll two dice and then have to use the grid and write down the character, place, situation and object from each grid that corresponds to their numbers on the dice. They then write a story. It gives bizaare combinations but interesting story ideas. I found these grids on an internet writing site, but you could make your own.
      The best way to get inspiration for a story is to write about something you’re interested in. What if? is a good question to begin with. What if the world ended and I was the only one left? What if I accidentally fell in with the popular crowd at high school? What if the teachers at school began disappearing?
      I hope this helps.

  19. Hey Lizzie,
    My Email Is Just Well……. An Underwater Fish I Guess. . . And I Love The Number 144 So It Just Came Together. It Sounds Silly I Know But Thats All Good. Ok ‘Elizabeth’ Hope You Come To Me For The Book Name.


  20. hey Lizzie,
    thanks for the advice im sure it will help me out BIG time and ill be able to think about somthing soon. I would also like to ask you how you come up with the characters? Do you make a personality and then and name that suites them or what?


    • Hi Charley
      With books like “Give Me Four Reasons” that are character-driven, (ie: the story is about the character and how they develop/change due to things that happen to them), I think of the character first. I needed someone who was unsure of herself, quiet, considerate of others, etc. And her name needed to fit. She couldn’t have had an outrageous.
      With many of my books I choose names that I like. In the Extinction series, the children’s names were chosen for their greek or gaelic origin and their meaning realted to air, fire, earth and water. A lot of thought goes into a name, but the personality comes first and that is based on what is needed for the story.
      P.S. This was a really good question, Charley.

  21. Lizzie,
    I’m Sorry If You Think I’m Wierd. Yeah So Um I Just Like The Number 144 Because Its Even And 12×12 Is 144 (I Love Maths Top Of My Class And At Reading, P.E And Art, Music And Heaps More Subjects) Ok Got To Go. Josie

    • Hi Josie
      Now that explains the 144! You are great at Maths. I knew there must be a reason that led you to choose that number. Soooo, you’re great at Maths and almost all school subjects. You are very lucky. I know nothing about Music but I was pretty good at everything else too.

  22. hi Lizzie,
    thanks, and another question i would like to ask is, Is Juniper Bay a real place? And if it is is it in Australia?


  23. Hry Lizzie,
    thanks for answering. Any way if it was i wish i could go there. I would really like to ask you how long it took you to write this book. With everything all organised such as the characters and things and if it was hard writing your first story?

    thanks Charley

    • Hi Charley
      I love your questions. “Give Me Four Reasons” was written whilst I was in the middle of writing the Extinction Series. Some nights I had to work on Extinction and saving the world, then the next night I would return to Paige’s story. It was fun doing it this way as it kept me fresh and excited about each story. My publishers thought it was a little insane, but I managed to meet all my deadlines. Out of all my five published books, GMFR was the easiest and quickest to write. It took about a year, but I was also working on Extinction, and teaching three days a week and looking after a pre-school daughter, so I wrote at night. I had an amazing and supportive editorial team who gave the best feedback and advice, so I was always keen to improve on my work to make it the best it could be. Hopefully you’ve had a few teachers like that.
      My first book, Losing It, took about a year also, but I wasn’t working on anything else at the time and I didn’t have a daughter. I had a lot more time, but a lot less experience as a writer, so I guess it took much longer in real terms. And it took me a long time to summon up the courage to submit it to a publisher. But I am so glad I did.

  24. Hey Lizzie,
    Thanks and i like your answers so i guess we’re even. Anyway i would like to know how you write it? Did you write on a laptop or by hand or what? And have you ever imagined a movie in your head of the book while your reading it? Because i do that and i understand the book alot better!


  25. To Lizzie,
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.Hope you have a nice day and get lots of presents.

    Charley 🙂

    • Hi Charley
      I had a lovely Christmas, thanks. I got a new car, which is awesome. I actually got it before Christmas, but I’m calling it my Christmas present. My old car was 12 years old and ready to die, so it was time. I hope you gots lots of good books and other presents too.

  26. Dear Lizzie,
    As I Have Not Written To You for Awhile And All I Would Just Like To Say Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To You, And Your Family.And I Have One Question To Ask, When Will Your Next Book Be Out? By The Way I Will Start Talking To You More Often Again.
    Remember ‘Call On Me For Book Titles’

    From Josie =D

    • Hi Josie
      I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year too. Read my latest blog and you’ll know when my next book will be out. So I won’t be alling on you for titles for quite a while but I will definitely keep you in mind.

  27. Hey Lizzie,

    Your book, Give me four reasons is superb!!! Give me four reasons is actually my school english novel and I thought it might be just another boring book that the teachers will make you read! when I saw it on my booklist but I realised I was so wrong when I started to read it. Anyway I’ll get to my Question, Did you write the story from real life experiences or was it your imaginations ?


    • Hi Gemma
      Hey, thanks for your great comments about my book. I didn’t write the story from my own real life experience, but the idea came when I was watching a group of Year 6 kids hug and cry on their last day of primary school. I am a primary school teacher, and I had taught these kids when they were in Year 2, so I was wondering how they’d fare in the big wider world of high school and whether friendships can stay the same. So the first couple of chapters are actually set at my own school (in Newcastle, NSW). The rest of the story just grew from their. The kids were based on some of the kids from my school that year, but not totally. I kind of mixed up their personality traits a bit to make the characters do what I needed them to. Tell your teachers that I am stoked that they included my book on their reading list!!!

  28. Hi Lizzie,
    I havent written to you for a while (guilty) but i was wondering how old you where when you started writing books. Also i was wondering if you are working on another book at the moment?
    Please answer soon.

    Charley. X

    • Hi Charley
      Please don’t feel guilty for not writing to me for a while. I feel guilty because I am not currently working on another book so therefore I am disappointing my fans. The workload back teaching is too great at the moment. I hope to get some time soon. Maybe in the next holidays I will begin one of the many novels that I have planned. I was in my thirties when I started writing my first book. I would have liked to have started sooner, but my job as a teacher takes up a lot of time. But then again, maybe by being a little older I had more life experience and a better grasp of the writing process and that’s why I was lucky enough to get published. Who knows? It certainly doesn’t mean that teenagers can’t write a novel. So if you’re interested, give it a go.


  29. Hi Lizzie,

    Your not disapointing me (your #1 fan!) I understand how busy it is because i have a twin brother and sister who are 2, an annoying 9 year old brother and a crazy life, fun but crazy! I wish i could start to write a novel but im only 10 so im not a great speller and im terrible at grammar. I was wodering because your famous and awesome if you get asked for your autograph at your school and stuff, like shops, banks, stuff like that???

    Charley. X

    • Hi Lizzie
      Its a great novel you wrote about. I love the way you describe the book. I am in year 6 and for my independent novel study I chose to do this book I got alot more then any of you would think out of the book. Underneath I have put the URL of my own blog about the book. For my task I had to create my own blurb and I also had to write 6 questions about the book, each with a page ong answer, I got stuck with this and really had to think about it, but I will never be able to judge or comment on my own work and because the independent novel study is around about to thirds of my grade, when I get my report I will straight away know how it went. I believe GMFR is a touching books and has parts where I think every girl would go through in the change between primary school and high school. I believe if I were in Paige’s position and I went through a life with that much confusion around me or if I were to imagine it, I have a question for you. Where do you get your inspiration from because with a storyline that busy it would not come of the top of my head, have you been through some of those situatins yourself? The thing I liked about the book was that I could easilly weigh it up and make some changes and that would be my life. In the past term I have been through some major friend changes. From the nobody I came from I have moved into one of the popular sort of girls that everyone would dream of but I don’t know if I like it. It is a great book you have created and I am excited to read some different books of yours.

      • Hi Anna
        Wow. You really have studied and understood Give Me Four Reasons. Some of my fans tell me that they read my books in a few hours and I wonder how much they really take in. It sounds like you have read and re-read GMFR and you really “got” it. This is a great compliment to me. It’s fans like you that make me put in the extra bits – the little details that others would just gloss over on a first quick reading. I am so glad that you found it rich and rewarding and that you were able to relate to it so much. That is always my intention. Yes, the storyline was busy. I like books like that, because it is rare that our lives have only one issue to deal with at a time, and if they do, then it’s not worth writing about. My inspiration is the kids I teach and the world around me. Everything is fiction, but I blend a number of believable issues, and believable, interesting characters together to create a story. I really love how you chose my book as your independent novel study. You have inspired me to set such a task for my Year 5 students. So thanks for the activity suggestions. I will check out your blog soon to read your blurb about my book. I hope you get great marks for your work. It sounds like you put a lot of effort and passion into it. Good luck.


    • Hi Charley
      Are you really only 10? You have done an amazing job of reading and loving Extinction and writing to me that I thought you must be at least 12! You have plenty of time to get better at spelling and grammar so DON’T give up on becoming a writer just yet. I think it’s lovely that you think I am famous and awesome. The reality is that kids who love my books may think I’m awesome, but if you’re not into reading then you don’t know or care about authors. Nobody asks for my autograph, unless they are kids or parents buying my books. Nobody recognises me because it’s not my face out there, and that’s fine with me. I’m happy to get messages from my true fans on my website, and it’s for you guys that I will continue to write. So thanks, Charley, for pumping up my ego.

      Lizzie xx

      • Hi Lizzie,

        Yes i am 10. Hehehe, OMG I cant beleive people at your school dont ask for your autograph if I went to your school I would practiacally stalk you. But dont worry about that im not gonna hunt you down or anything. Also I have 1 question, in the book Shelly says to Paige “this will be somthing you can write about at home” what does this mean?

        Charley. X

      • Hi Charley
        Your comment made me laugh. Nobody stalks me. The kids at school know I am a writer and I have signed the books of mine that they’ve bought, but no-one would recognise me down at the bank. Being an author is kind of anonymous – unless your book is an international best seller. No-one knows what you look like and that is fine with me. When Shelly says that comment to Paige, she is continuing to make fun of her name, and that a page is in a book and it has been written, etc, etc. Shelly’s joke about Paige’s (Paige – read it and weep) name was important to repeat, because when Paige repeats it at school assembly to Mrs McKenna, it is the start of people thinking she is braver and different from who she really is. I hope that explains it for you.

  30. Yol Lizzie,

    (OMG that was wierd I was running out of hi’s to say!) Yup that helped heaps. I was wondering would you ever consider making a movie of Give Me Four Reasons? I do that when I read the book I think of it as a movie in my head. If you ever did PLEASE make me Paige!!!!

    luv Charley. X

    • Hi Charley
      You’re the first person who has thought that Give Me Four Reasons would make a good movie. Thanks for thinking this. If you think you would make a good Paige, then you must be like her and that is why you could relate to her and why you enjoyed the book. Is this true? Are you like her in some way? If so, I hope the book has helped you.

      • HI,
        I’m not really like her, but oh well! I always do that with a book When I read I picture every single tiny bit in my head it’s funnier that way as well. Would you please have a Give Me Four Reasons #2. OMG I love that book. I’ve seriously read it 12 times! PLEASE!

        Love Charley xx

      • Hi Charley
        Have you really read GMFR 12 times! I think that must be a record. Although I guess I’ve read it more than that as I was writing and rewriting and editing it. I would love to write a part 2. Unfortunately my publishers (Little Hare) have been taken over by a bigger company and have had to change their focus to just picture books. What could you see happening if there was a part 2??? Would Paige and Jed begin dating?


  31. Hi Lizzie,

    Please tell me how mant times you have read GMFR! I am sooo going to beat you! (Mwhahahahaha-evil genius laugh!) Yes, Jed and Paige would be dating and all of those girls would become friends but, somthing tradjic has to happen-don’t know what yet. Maybe one could die(I’d probally cry). Could you find a new publisher? It’s not fair about the books!

    love Charley. X

    • Hi Charley
      I think I must have read GMFR at least thirty times, in its various stages. But I have only read it once in its final published form. Something tragic??? Yes Charley, you know what a good novel needs. It can’t all be fun and games or there’s no point. Give me some ideas and I’ll speak to a new publisher. Who knows???


  32. Hi Lizzie
    We’ve started to read your books and we really like ithem. We can’t wait to meet you at Jesmond neighbourhood centre. 🙂 We hope you will enjoy the play we are doing based on Give me 4 reasons.
    best wishes from the R2W gang

  33. OMG are you going to be somewhere? Is it in Adelaide! I hope so!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh yayayayayayayayayayayay!


  34. Ha! Your like other authors. Talk to them and them ditch them and your excuse is that “your busy”
    Soooo pathetic!

    • Hi Charley
      Have I neglected to answer one of your messages? I don’t think so. I always respond, but I cannot keep up a daily chat line as I am only checking my messages now every couple of weeks. Yes, authors are busy, as most of them also have full time jobs. Please dont be so harsh on us, Charley. If you write, I will respond. BUT I will not continue a constant chat. It’s great if you write every month or so to say hi and tell me what you have been reading. I’d love to hear about that. ‘So, what have you been reading????

  35. Hi Lizzie,

    Sorry I dunno what happened. One of my friends could of wrote that(I told them about it they dont like reading as much) I didnt I feel realy bad! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!

    Um not much, Cathy Cassidy, erm, this other lady she writes a seires called Totally Lucy, your books, Candy Apple and Poison Apple books.

    How are you? BTW I’ve been meaning to ask what state you live in and what school you teach at? Dont worry as much as Id like to I will not stalk you!

    So sorry about before, Love Charley xx

    • Hi Charlie
      I live in NSW and teach at New Lambton Public School. It’s in Newcastle. I have been reading “Don’t Call Me Ishmael”and “Ïshmael and the Return of the Dugongs”. They are about a nerdy year 9 boy and they are hilarious. They are Aussie books by Michael Gerard Bauer. Check them out. It’s good to read something from a boy’s point of view occasionally.
      I hope school is going well for you. It’s still busy for me, so busy that I have not been writing. Yes, naughty me. My publishers are starting to get worried.


    • Hi Kristina
      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Some good tips about Give Me Four Reasons can be found in the teacher’s notes I wrote. You’ll find them by googling “Give Me Four Reasons Teachers Notes”. It’s a Little Hare Website. I wrote the notes and it tells where I got my inspiration from, my favourite parts of the story, favourite characters, etc. Good luck and thanks for saying my book is amazing.

  36. Hi Lizzie,
    oh that’s sad. I live in Adelaide. We went to NSW for Easter. Maybe one day I’ll see you. My dream (one of them) is to meet you. Do you think maybe one day GMFR could have a second book. I’d love to see what would happen with the girls arrangement, Jed and Paige’s relashionship and Ruben and the mum’s. I cant remember her name so many people at my school like that book it’s always not in! I hope you write another book soon it would be SO AMAZING! You should do a signing in Adelaide some time in the future, that would be so great.

    Love always Charley. X

    • Hi Charley
      I really wanted to write a sequel to GMFR but I had some bad luck with the publishers – Little Hare. Little Hare were taken over by Hardie GRant Egmont and Hardie Grant Egmont didn;t want to keep any of Little Hare’s fiction authors as they already had their own authors, so any chance of a sequel disappeared. But I did really want to write Sidney’s story – the STarshine Girl and how being famous wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. And of course it would have been nice to write the blossoming romance between Jed and Paige.
      Adelaide? You know I have never been to Adelaide, except once when my plane refilled on a trip to Perth, but I hear it is really beautiful. Perhaps I’ll get there one day . . .


  37. Hey Lizzie,

    OMG that totally sux those people or should I say publishers are so…..POOPY!!! That would be so cool. I would LOVE for you to come to Adelaide. You can stay at my house but it’s pretty crazy.
    Tuesday is Soccer, Wednsday is Karate, Thursday is football, Friday Mum has work and Sundays are Footie and Soccer. Anyway can you find a different publisher or is it too hard? I have NO idea. When I write to you I always feel like I have to use punctuation an yada, yada, yada, because you’re an author- so wierd. HEHEHEHE

    Anyway Cya- Charley

    • Hi Charley
      School holidays again. Yeah!!! What are you up to? I have just spent a long weekend in Sydney (went to see Cirque du Soleil) and tomorrow I am driving up to the Gold Coast for my niece’s Naming Day. I have some good news on the writing front – for me anyway, and hopefully for my fans like you. I found out on the last day of term that my publishers love my new idea for a novel and they will be sending me a contract soon! Now I have to write the novel and I am really looking forward to letting my imagination take me wherever it needs to go. This novel is an adventure story, but also a story of two kids who learn a lot of things about life, about each other and about themselves. It is set in Australia, as most of my novels are. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into it. You are the first fan I have told, Charley. I have not even announced it on my blog, so I hope you realise what a great fan you are to me and how much I appreciate your continued support.
      Enjoy your hols.

  38. Lizzie,
    OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG!!!! That is so MAJORLY cool beanz! For the school holidays I’ve been to my nanny’s alot because my mum and dad are getting married on October 20 so there is alot of appointments, sleepovers, stuff. I have absoloutley NO ideas what a Crique du Soleil is!?!? I cant wait to read your new book. Do you think you will continue it on a series or just a book like Give Me Four Reasons??? Enjoy the rest of you holidays not long to go now before school (boo but also yay!)

    Love your #1 Fan Charley xx 🙂

  39. Hey Lizzie,

    I’ve recently read ‘Give Me Four Reasons’ and I honestly LOVED the book.
    I was reading it in class during our library reading session and when I reached the end I started crying. It was so awkward because I couldn’t stop the tears!
    It was a fantastic book, I recommend it to all my friends and one of my friends have started reading your other book (Losing It) and she says it is beautifully written.
    I am currently reading ‘Across the Nightingale Floor’ by Lian Hearn, have you read it before? I am almost finished and will be moving to the second book. After this series I will start reading ‘Losing It’ and I’m excited to read it! Any inspirations to get started on a second book to GMFR?
    Thank you for writing novels!


    • Hi Suriani
      What a beautiful name you have! I may use it in my next novel! Thank you for loving “Give Me Four Reasons”. Even though I wrote the book and edited and rewrote the book so many times, I still cried every time I got to the last chapter. That must have been so awkward for you in class. I remember being embarrassed when I was in Year 4 and our teacher read Charlotte’s Web to us. I cried when Charlotte died, and I was mortified that people would notice because I thought I was one of the “tough” girls.
      Tell your friend who is reading Losing It to let me know what she thinks, via this website.
      I have not read Across The Nightingale floor, but I will look for it. There will be no follow up to GMFR, as the publishing company got taken over by another one and the new company didn’t want any of the current fiction writers to work for them as they had their own crop of writers. Their loss, I say. But I am working on a new novel which will be published by my other publishers – Scholastic. In the mean time, enjoy Losing It and then check out Grieve. Details are on this website.

  40. Hi Lizzie,
    I was telling my friends about this website and that you replied to my comment, I literally reread your comment at least 10 times! It’s awesome how you talk with your readers, so thanks for that.
    My friend says that Losing It is a fantastic book, she told me that the first paragraph is about….uhm, you know what its about! I was finding it in my school library but apparently someone else has borrowed it, so I’d have to wait several weeks until I get my hand on the novel.
    It’s a shame that there won’t be a follow up, it would be great if it was a series.
    My class has recently been working on poems about protesting, surprisingly mine got shortlisted! I wrote mine about ‘gay discriminations’ maybe I could show you some other time.
    Have you written any poems? You should add them to this website if you have!


    • Hi Suriani
      Sorry for my late reply. Term 4 is madness for me as a school teacher. I am so glad I am on holidays now. Time to answer my fanmail and work on my next novel. Did you ever get that copy of Losing It from the library? If so I hope you enjoyed it. COngratulations on your poem being shortlisted. Poetry is not my strong point, but I love reading them and teaching poetry writing to my class. You must be in high school to have written about gay issues. Yes, I’d love you to put your poem in your next post.
      Merry Christmas


  41. Hey Lizzie,
    Sorry I havent wrote for a while. How have you been? Antways I was in class and for english we had to do creative writing, and my teacher thought my story was so good she photocopied it to show her other schools and she is going to show her cousin cos she is an author.

    Love Charley. X

    • Hi Charley
      Yeah!!! School is over and 6 weeks of holidays are here. Term 4 was a mad time for me – assessments, marking, writing school reports. Now that it is over I can take time to answer fan mail and get on with writing my new novel. I am off to a resort up in northern NSW for Christmas with all my family, and then swapping the resort for a week of camping after that. What are you doing, Charley? And by the way, I would love to read your story. Is it possible for you to post it on the website or is it too long?
      Enjoy your holidays and I hope Santa is kind to you, giving you some great books as well as all those teenage gadgets that you guys love.

  42. Hey Lizzie,
    Wooooo-hoooooo! No more school. Im actually kinda cant wait for school to go back(I’m starting a new school) I cant wait to read your new book when its ready! Camping and the resort soung=d really fun! For Christmas Im going to my Nanny and Grandads for lunch and Nanny and Pops for tea. Obviously Christmas starts witha 3:00AM kick off with lots of prezzies. 😀 I wish you could read my story but its 3 pages long! My teacher says I should send it to a magazine(might try DOLLY)
    Have a nice Christmas with your family, and that Santa comes to you to.

    Luv Charley xoxoxox

  43. Hey lizzie,
    Hope you had a great Christmas. Not long to New Years now so Happy New Years, I guess. For Christmas I got a laptop with wi-fi, so now it will be easier to write to you not having to share a compter with my stinky brother. I got two books Alince in Zombielaand by Gena Showalter and The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, do you know there books? I got a bunch of other stuff to. What did you get for Christmas? Did Santa come to your house. He came to mine.

    Love Charley xoxo

    • Hi Charley
      Wow. Santa was good to you. I had a great time withmy family. My main present was a new phone, which I desperately needed since my other one went for a swim at the beach and died, unable to be resuscitated. My daughter got a Furby. Have you seen those? They are these little furry things that respond to their owner. Electronic talking toy, I guess, but very cute, and cheeky. I think I have more fun playing with it than she does. I have just had a week of camping at a lake, visited daily by goannas and kangaroos. And thieving kookaburras who stole our sausages! I managed to get a lot of writing done whilst camping. Something about being close to nature inspires me.
      Happy New Year to you too.
      Love Lizzie xxx

  44. Helllllo.
    I think its funny your old phone went swimming. I have seen furbys, they’re a bit like a fijit friend. Are you excited about going back to school? I am starting a new school as year 6 😀 I was suppose to go to the beach as well with my friend today but ended up getting sick 😦

    Buh-Bye luv Charley xoxox

    • Hi Charley
      My new school year has been a tough adjustment. I was so enjoying working on my novel and now I am so busy with my new class that I have not written anything for a month. Why did you change to a new school? How is it working out for you? Year 6 is a tough year to come in and try to make new friends. Good luck with it though.


  45. Hi Lizzie!

    Sorry for not writing for a while, I was on my holiday to Hong Kong during the summer break. This is Suriani, and this account is for my school blog. I really hope you can have a look at my blog when you’re free, especially my ‘about me’ page.

    Starting Year 9, we have a program called ‘Galileo’ where we don’t take regular classes for a term and instead we work on own skills such as public speaking, leadership, teamwork, first aid and all that. We go on trails and excursions with another class and after that we write reflections on our blogs. So I hope you’d try and check it out.

    I have finished Losing It and I found it really good, your writing style is really unique. After reading your books it makes me feel like my heart is melting, not literally of course. I seem to have lost my poem about gay discrimination, I’d try to have a look for it and I’d post it when I do find it.

    Also have you read the Trylle Triology by Amanda Hockings?
    It’s a cross between romance and fantasy, and I found it really good!
    Happy Reading! (In your case, happy writing!)


    • Hi Suriani
      You are so lucky to have gone to Hong Kong for the holidays. I stayed in NSW the whole time, but I did some travelling to different places within the state. I really like the sound of your Galileo program. Public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills are so important. I will check out your blog after I finish answering my fan mail. it has been piling up and I have been too busy to answer it, so I apologise for the lateness of my reply. I am working on a new novel and that is taking up most of my non-working hours. I am so glad to hear that you liked “Losing It.” As my first published novel it will always be special to me and it seems to find new fans constantly, despite being published in 2006. Yes, I have read the Tryll Trilogy. I liked it. The only part I didn’t like was the ending of the third installment, where the author had the birthday party for the new baby. I found this to be stating the obvious and totally unnnecessary. I like a book to finish on a high, leaving the reader to wonder about what happens next. But that’s just me. Enjoy Year 9.


  46. Hi Lizzie,
    That must suck, nt having eough time to write. Ammm, I changed school, just because that this school was bigger so we do more things; ballroom dancing, SAPSASA, chior, etc. It’s been going good so far. I’ve made new friends bt miss my old friends very much. Year 6 is a bit like year 5 but has more oppirtunities. Um, I was wondering how you come up with some of your stories (other then being a teacher, ‘cos I m so NOT smart enough to become a teacher yet) because I can’t think… Good luck with getting on with your book 🙂 XOX


    • Hi Charley
      Happy Easter. I just wanted to let you know that I am currently writing the final chapter (YES, FINAL CHAPTER) of my new novel titled “Thirst.” I really like the direction it has taken. I hope my publishers do too. I have to email it to them by the end of April. Fingers crossed they don;t want me to do any major changes or rewrites. How has your first term been at your new school?


  47. To Lizzie,

    I would just like to say Happy Easter! I hope you have a great day with your family and that your day is full of happiness and chocolate. That is so great that youre on your final chapter. My new school is going good. I am in chior, SAPSASA, ballroom dance and many more things. I have a bunch of great friends but I really miss my old friends….. Anyway I an having trouble finding somthing to write a story about. I would like to get a story published into a book, but I need it to be long enough. Please help me!!!!

    Love Charley xoxox

    • Hi Emily
      I apologise for not responding sooner, but it is that mad time of the year when I am marking school work and writing reports. I teach Year 5 at a school in Newcastle. I am so glad that Give Me Four Reasons is one of your favourite books. I have written 6 books, and if you loved GMFR I would recommend you read “Losing It” and then “griEVE” but only if you are in high school. Both are YA chick lit stories filled with romance, friendship problems, and deeper issues. Check them out. You should be able to get them in a library. Let me know what you think.
      warm regards

  48. I loved your book so much. I read it about 6 months ago and I read it again recently. A similar thing happened to me when I started high school this year. I love Give me Four Reasons so much. Thanks for writing such an amazing book. I was also wondering do you have any other books similar, with friendship and relationship issues and problems.
    thanks Alysia

    • Hi Alysia
      I hope your start to high school was not as traumatic as Paige’s, but thanks for telling me as I like to think I write stories that people can relate to. I have a new book that was released this month. It is called “Thirst” and it tells the story of two foster kid runaways trying to survive the harsh Australian desert and each other. I hope you like it.


  49. This is my favourite book read it 4 times in the one year I feel as though i can relate to some parts of the book. You are such a great author and am planing to read a lot of your other books. Thank you for producing such a great book for teens to read and connect with.

    • Hi Alanna
      Thanks for loving “Give Me Four Reasons” or GMFR as I call it. It is a story dear to my heart as it is based on some students of mine as they were going off to high school and I wondered how things would work out for them. It is all fiction, but perhaps the reason you can relate to it is because I created authentic characters, just like you. Being a school teacher gives me the edge here. I won’t pretend to say I know how teenagers think, but I am privvy to their conversations, plus I was once a teenager myself. Times and technology may change, but humans and their needs don’t.
      Have you read m latest novel, “Thirst”? I think you might like it.

      Happy Reading

      Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  50. Hi Lizzie, I brought your book when I was in year 7 and I absolutely loved it, I think it was great and I could relate too it because of my transition from primary school to high school just like Paige was hard, I had changed and when I got to school so had my friends and I had to start out again alone make new friends. I’m now in year 12 and I still read your book, I’ve read it some many times that you can just tell its one of my favourites. Thank you for righting such great stuff x.
    Chloe Mae

    • HI Chloe
      Wow! thanks for your message. I’m so glad you could relate to GMFR because that was the reason I wrote it. As a primary school teacher, I had watched my students walk out of that gate on the last day of school and I had wondered about their futures – would they keep the same friendship group at high school, would they change, etc. I love all of the characters in that book because they are based on actual students so to me they are all very special. Thank you for continuing to read the book. I do that too, with my favourites. As you are now in Year 12, you may like to read my first two novels which were written for high school girls – Losing It and griEVE. They should be available in your school library or local library. Both are now out of print, so you can’t buy them. Read the blurbs, and if you are interested, let me know. Good luck with Year 12, Chloe.

      Lizzie xxxxxxxxxx

  51. Hi lizzie!!!
    Ok so i read this book 2 years ago and i loved it. But then i forgot what this book was called but i remembered what the book was about. I got really frustrated because i wanted to read it again. Its an amazing book so glad i know whats it called now so i can go hunting for this book. Thankyou so much for writing this book. It is amazing!!! So excited to read it again for the second time

  52. hello lizzie,
    i am doing an assignment on your book “Give me four reasons” one question was “why did they write the novel you read”
    so my question now is —- why did you write it?
    thank you and i hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Emily
      Great question, I hope I am not too late to help you with your assignment. So . . . why did I write the novel? Well, I am a primary school teacher and at the end of the school year I was watching a group of my Year 6 students as they were crying and hugging and declaring that they would always be friends. I wondered about this. High school can be a chance to reinvent yourself, and with Paige feeling like she’d barely made an impact at Primary school – on peers or teachers – I wanted to explore how a kid can do this (accidentally or with forethought), how long they can maintain the “new” image and what the fallout would be with their former friends. I also have a friend who is a high school counsellor, and she told me that one of the biggest issues that she sees at school is girls not coping as old friendships fail. So with these ideas in mind, I began writing Give Me Four Reasons.
      I hope this helps you, Emily.


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