Losing It ISBN 978-1-85604-844-4

Reviews can give us a pat on the back that we’ve done well, or a wake-up call that we’ve somehow missed the mark. The reviews I pay most attention to are those written by my target audience – teenagers. Here’s a sample. . .

‘In an assured first novel, Wilcock presents with acute insight ‘good girl’ Gabbie moving reluctantly from the certainties of childhood within her daggy but ‘perfect’ family to a far less idealistic, more mature understanding of her world, and dealing with events she cn’t control. Told in fresh and vivid adolescent cadences and vernacular, the narrative inititally focuses on the vagaries of family life, Year Eight, friendship and first love. Gradually it shifts to darker territory as Gabbie has to deal with adult perfidy, abuse, her own frailties and the small but important moral choices that define us. Simultaneously frank and confronting, funny and uplifting, Losing It both captures with clarity, and speaks to 14-year-old sensibilities.’ Judges, Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

‘In her debut novel, Australian author Wilcock has successfully captured the troubles of teenage life. Set in Newcastle, the novel follows the development and discoveries of 14-year-old Gabbie Martyn. Unlike her friends, Gabbie is down to earth about boys, sex and growing up. Her mum talks to her regularly about safe sex and her live-in uncle watches R-rated movies with her. Gabbie, who is athletic and witty, soon realises though that dealing with boys is not that simple, especially when it comes to intimacy. A teacher as well as first-time author, Wilcock has a witty and perceptive style that will appeal to hard-to-please teens.’ Olivia Collings, The Sun Herald

‘Gabbie Martyn is an everyday girl coming to terms with a number of recent changes in her life – her first crush on a boy, the freedom of unsupervised parties and conflict with her parents. Added to all this confusion is a much darker threat in the form of her over-zealous uncle, who’s just moved into the family home. How will Gabbie cope with everything that’s thrown her way and the tragedies that await her? An amazing debut novel.’ Girlfriend Magazine

‘Losing It is a fabulous teen issues novel. It is about a fourteen-year old girl, Gabbie, who is afraid of growing up and becoming a young adult. She likes life the way it is. She has a close family, a nice best friend and she can tell her mum anything. This all changes when Gabbie’s uncle moves in, her best friend gets arrested and she falls in love. Gabbie does not know how to handle these dramatic changes in her life and she doesn’t know if they are for better or for worse. Losing It  is  fantastic novel. I cried when Gabbie cried, I laughed when she laughed and I got angry when she was angry. Losing It  is an awesome read that I couldn’t put down until I had finished. I would rate Losing It a 9 1/2 out of 10 and recommend it to all teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 16. ‘ Madi, Year 9, Canberra

‘Losing It is a knockout debut novel from Lizzie Wilcock.’ Pam Macintyre, Viewpoint Magazine

‘This is a debut novel by another Australian author who joins the growing list of young adult writers who dare to address disturbing issues, this time that of physical and sexual abuse. 4 stars.’ Anastasia Gonis, Good Reading Magazine


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    • Hi Cath
      Thanks for your comment. “Give Me Four Reasons” is next, released tomorrow!!!!! And in August comes “Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.” Hope you enjoy them.

  1. Wow Lizzie, what a wonderful book !!! This story covers so many heartfelt experiences for me and I am so very glad to be able to pass it on to my soon to be teenage daughter. Where were you when I was growing up.
    You are a fabulous teen writer and from Australia….makes it all the better !!!
    Well done to you !!!!

  2. Another great novel, Lizzie! Both my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one…now we have to go and get the others that we have missed and read them! keep them coming is all I can say at this point!

  3. ‘Losing It’ was a great read, Gabbie is a typical Aussie teenager with all her trials and tribulations. My eldest daughter and my 2 nieces also thoroughly enjoyed your book!
    I have just finished reading ‘Extinction’ to my Yr4-6 class which they were mesmerised with and are eagerly awaiting the conclusion!

    • Hi Jacinda
      Thanks for your comment. I am very proud of Losing It, and of all my books. Your class will love Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion. I just receieved my first advance copy in the post this morning and it looks fantastic!

  4. Thank you so much for a great novel. ‘Losing It’ was such a fantastic read. I have passed it onto my cousin, who has been lending it out to all her friends. It has been so popular! Apparently each book you have written has been highly sought after by them all!

    Congratulations and please keep those great books coming.

    • Hi Jo
      I’m glad you loved Losing It. I’ll do my best to keep more boooks coming. “Give Me Four Reasons” was released last Friday, and “Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion” will be out in August. How’s that for a start!

  5. Great book from a great australian author that appeals to mums and their daughters, and aunts and their nieces!! My niece is going to have a great collection of Lizzie´s books when she hits the teenage years:) Plus my english students in spain are loving them:) Keep them coming Lizzie!! I can think of more than four reasons to get reading this fabulous authors books!

    • Hi Amanda
      Thanks for your comment. Your English students in Spain are loving them? Wow! You must be a real fan. Perhaps I could do a school visit to Spain??? How cool would that be? Show your kids my website. I’d love to hear from them too.
      Lizzie the Aussie Author

  6. Oh, I so loved reading “Losing It”…it transported me instantly back to my own days in high school! The tumultuous feelings that accompany the teenage years were captured wonderfully by Lizzie, and the plot kept me unable to put the book down. I would highly recommend it to teen readers, (and their parents). I liked this book so much I sent it on to a friend who is a high school teacher, and she really enjoyed it, too.

  7. Hi Lizzie, Just wanted to let you know I loved reading ‘losing it’ and am looking forward to reading your other novels as soon as possible!

    • Thanks Lauren
      I am very proud of “Losing It” and it will always be special to me as it was my first. I hope you enjoy my other novels just as much! Let me know what you think!

  8. Is there going to be a sequel to this book? I would love to read it! I can’t stop thinking about the book! What happened to Zoe? What about Gabbie and Zak? What about her family? What about ALL her lies??

    • Hi Natalie
      Unfortunately there is not going to be a sequel to Losing It. I really wanted one but my publishers thought it worked best this way, leaving things up to the reader to think about for themselves. I’m glad you like the book. Thanks for your comment.


  9. can you please give a description of the main characters, I loved the book and am doing my assignment on this but im as a little confused as to how you would best describe each character

  10. Hey Mrs Beck it is me Ahmad. I got into Merewether high school and my mum got a job. I can’t wait to come. Hope everything thing is alright in NLPS. See you soon!!!
    Kind regards
    your students
    Ahmad Talal

  11. Hi lizzie. I remember reading your book “losing it” in year ten at school (8 years ago). I really loved it and this year decided to go buy a copy… The problem is I can’t find a copy 😦 any where you know I can buy one from? 🙂

    • Hi Amanda
      Thanks for loving Losing It and for taking the time to find my website/blog. When my publishers told me that Losing It was out of print, I bought the last remaining copies off them (yes, authors have to buy their own books). So I have copies that I sell. The postage to send one book is $7.45. RRP is about $20, but I am willing to sell Losing It for $12.55, making the cost to you an even $20. If you would like a copy sent to you, please contact me on my personal/private email address and I will give you further details. lizzie_wilcock@yahoo.com.au


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