Here are some photos of my fans at their recent Book Week character parade. I am chuffed that these kids chose to come as characters from my books – Extinction and Give Me Four Reasons. The parents who made the cool t-shirts for their three sons and their partners are absolute gems. Thanks Jason and Anna. Check out the infinity symbols on their wrists too.

The three sets of twins from Extinction: The Day The World

Joshua and Chloe came as Mac and Annie, the Australian twins with the Water Element Power.

Campbell and Lucinda came as Jax and Kyla, the South African twins with the Fire Element Power.
Sophia and Flynn came as Rhea and Douglas, the English twins with power over Wind and Air.
Jordan came as Jax – the South African boy with power over fire, a photographic memory and high I.Q.
Keely and Angela came as Paige and Elfi from “Give Me Four Reasons.” Keely is carrying a white Chistmas bear, just like the one that Paige receives from her friends at her pool party on the last day of school.
So thanks, guys. You really made my day!

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  1. have you noticed that there are a lot more extintion characters… THATS BECAUSE EXTINTION ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lizzie are you make a movie of Extinction? Who would you pick to be the characters? I’d love to be Annie or would you pick the people in the above photos?

    • Hi Sophie
      There was no winner at the book week parade, but I’m sure if I were judging it I’d give the prize to all of the kids who came dressed as characters from my books. There’s no word from my publishers about a movie deal yet. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, send the trailer to all your friends and get them to view it. Let’s make it go viral!!!!!

    • Hi Marika
      Those Austraveler boys are great, aren’t they? I have taught all of them at some stage. This year I have Campbell in my Year 5 class. He told me all about you. I hope you liked Extinction.


  3. Dear Lizzie,
    I really enjoyed your book ‘Give Me Four Reasons’. I liked how when she didn’t come home and when she was found and came home all her friends became a group together. I also liked how she made a friend at Bloodstone Beach and then missed her when she left. This is probably the best book I’ve read and the most quickest I’ve read a book.
    Thank you for writing a book like this.
    From Amy Mountford

    • Hi Amy
      I am so glad you enjoyed “Give Me Four Reasons”. I am really proud of that book and I think Paige and SHelley are my two favourite characters out of all my novels. Your mum probably told you that I am a teacher, and this book was based on some students I taught, and some of the issues I thought they might face as they moved off to high school. Stories are all around us, and there are so many great books out there. I hope you find many more to excite you. Perhaps you might like to borrow my “Extinction” books (2) from your school or local library. They are adventure/time travel books. I am currently reading a great series called “Slave Girl”by ALexa Moses. It is about a 12 year old girl who accidentally time travels back to ancient Egypt. You might like it too.

    • Hi Caleb
      Thanks for your messages. No, unfortunately there is no movie of Extinction planned, but if you know of any movie producers or directors, then please tell them about my book and I promise you will get to play a part in the movie. Honest! I love your ideas for Extinction 3. Maybe you should write your own stories as you have such a great imagination. To adapt a book into a movie, often someone else experienced in script writing does that. I could imagine things would have to be trimmed down quite a bit, as happens when all books are made into movies, but I would hope that the essence of the story, and the humour and emotion, stay. I should have included a NZ place in the book for the kids to travel to. Maybe in my next book . . .

      kind regards


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